Ten Toes theJETSETTER Inflatable Touring SUP Review

Ten Toes theJETSETTER ReviewTen Toes is one of the most reputable names in the industry and that has been the case for quite a while now. This company is one of the few whose focus is to make reliable inflatable stand up paddle boards which cover almost all kinds of preferences. Hence why, Ten Toes now has more than 50 different types of inflatable boards available at your disposal.

As generous as that sounds, you must be aware that although every TEN TOES board is a quality board, only a few of them will be compatible with your profile. On that note, to guarantee the best experience, you have to make sure you pick the board which suits you best.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the JETSETTER which is apparently the board that caught your attention and interest.

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First, when it comes to quality TEN TOES are over all some of the sturdiest most rigid inflatable boards in the industry and that cannot be said about many inflatable stand up paddle boards out there. Accordingly, the board at hand is made of military grade PVC material which is then fortified by an industrial double drop stitch construction, making it technically indestructible.

Ten Toes theJETSETTER Inflatable Touring SUP board reviewThat isn’t an over statement, you might throw it down, crash it into rocks or even run it over with a car but it wouldn’t damage the board. When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, size really matters because it can make a whole lot of difference. This TEN TOES is a 14’ long by 30” inches wide giant, making it perfect for SUP touring/racing and smooth swift cruising.

This thing is so big, it can carry 2 adults head to toes which makes it a viable option even for light kayaking.

In fact, the JETSETTER is designed with a kayak + paddle board in mind, hence why it looks like a fusion of both. On the other hand, this board is going to be a little bit more challenging to control in strong currents or waves.

Moreover, this board is 6” thick which is perfect for a board this size, especially if you’re planning on being accompanied. Speaking of which, this board has an astounding weight limit of 250 lbs, meaning you can bring along a guest or a pet without affecting performance at all.

The Ten Toes theJETSETTER is beautifully designed at the level of body shape, colours and branding but there’s a lot more to it than just that.

It comes equipped with a very reliable gripping pad which is meant to make controlling the board and balancing yourself on top of it a lot easier. Also, the anti slippage pad is extremely useful when you need to climb back up on the board after falling into the water.

Ten Toes theJETSETTER Inflatable Touring Paddle Board Review

Another great feature is the 4 stainless steel D-rings that are connected by a bungee cord which serve as a practical cargo holder and 1 bigger D-ring on the back of the deck which is meant to help you secure or tow the board when in need.

One more feature that you can’t really miss is the huge removable nylon fin at the bottom of the board which will help you control the board easily on steady current but not so much on waves.

A significant contribution goes to the package in which any iSUP comes because it can really make the difference between a joyful experience and a troublesome one. Luckily, this board comes in a package that will make maintaining it a piece of cake.

Ten Toes theJETSETTER Inflatable Touring SUP board review

First thing is the 3 PC adjustable aluminium paddle which is a specially made paddle for this board unlike other boards which come with standard cheap paddles.

Second are the 3 removable nylon fins which are very sturdy and durable. Nevertheless, it is advisable to remove the fin in shallow water and strong currents to avoid damaging it.

Additionally, the high pressure hand pump is a must in any iSUP package although it can be a little bit of a bear to pump your board up to 15 PSI regularly.

Last but not least is the generic repair kit which you will hardly ever need if you treat your board well.



  • This board belongs to one of the biggest names in the industry and that means they strive to maintain a good reputation and that’s always an advantage.
  • This board comes in an all inclusive package which will make maintaining this board a lot easier than you would think.
  • The JETSETTER is inflatable which means you can deflate it, roll it up, pack it and you’re ready to go with no need for transportation. Also, through the same process, you can pack this board anywhere unnoticed.


  • The only problem with this board is the hand pump which might be tolerated for the first few times but it gets annoying after a while. Therefore, it’s advisable you get yourself an electric pump if you don’t already have one. You will need it sooner or later.

P.S :

the JETSETTER is designed for experienced paddlers who are more into racing and touring. So, if you’re a beginner, there are a wide range of beginner friendly inflatable stand up paddle boards out there such as:

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