Aqua Marina FLOW 9’9″ Yoga inflatable SUP Board Review

Aqua Marina FLOW inflatable SUP Board ReviewThe Aqua Marina is back, but this time, it’s here with the unusual inflatable stand up paddle board “the Flow” which is made for yoga addicts, yes; this board is designed specially for yoga activities, as it’ll serve you just right when you want to paddle around and chill.

The Flow is a 9.9 feet inflatable board which is quite the perfect size for almost any activity, and with a width of 32 inches you’ll get all the space you need to practice your yoga moves and positions. Also, the Flow is 6 inches thick when it’s inflated which means it’ll be very stable and rigid in the water.

As you can see in the pictures, this board is pink/white/black which imposes the impression that it’s made for girls; so if you’re a guy you might like to recommend/get the Flow for your girlfriend, sister, or any female yoga player who needs it.

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This board’s back is all covered with an EVA pad which is amazing for yoga; it’ll help you avoid any possible slippage while on the board, as it’ll strengthen your balance and posture. Additionally, with the diamond groove design given to the EVA pad you’ll feel very comfortable whether standing, kneeling, or sitting on the Flow.

Now just to make one thing clear; being designed mainly for yoga, it does not mean that this board will not do well for other things; on contrary, the Flow does a great job on other activities like recreational paddling, short distance touring, and chilling.

Aqua Marina FLOW inflatable SUP Board Review

For what was mentioned shortly ahead, the Flow comes with a 3 piece adjustable aluminum paddle so you can paddle around and find your spot to start your yoga session, and since it’s adjustable that means more portability and storage facilitation.

Further, this board comes with a hand pump pressure gauge which will enable you to pump it up to the recommended 15 PSI, and as far as I am concerned, you are here reading this because you’re a yoga person, therefore, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t mind a little workout using the hand pump instead of an electric one.

Aqua Marina Flow inflatable SUP Board ReviewMoreover, the Aqua Marina Flow comes with 3 thin removable fins that you can detach when you’re done with the board and ready to deflate it and pack it up; which, in my opinion, is great because it makes packing it way easier.

In terms of durability and resistance; the Flow is built with PVC material and drop-stitch construction which makes it hard rock when inflated. Also, this board is made to take up to 205 lbs, thus, if you’re a light weighted person you’ll always get to take whatever cargo with you on board.

Speaking of which, the Flow comes with 5 strong D-rings that have a lot to offer; one D-ring is located at the end of the board as to attach a leash to it if desired, while the other 4, and this is my favorite part, are connected with a bungee cord which will enable you to carry and fix any items or tools you’d like to take with you to the board while you play yoga or just paddle for fun.

To wrap it up, no one can deny that the best thing about inflatable standup paddle boards is their extreme portability options; the Flow comes with a bag which will enable you to pack and store the deflated board, the paddle, and the hand pump all together so quickly and easily, thus, you’ll always be able to move around with your board and practice yoga all you need.



  • The Aqua Marina Flow comes with everything you need for an inflatable SUP including the carry bag and the repair kit.
  • It’s almost 10 feet tall and 32 inches wide which makes it the best choice for yoga exercises.
  • The back of the Flow is completely covered with an EVA anti-slip texture for maximum stability and balance.
  • The paddle, the included bungee cord, and 3 removable fins make it more than just a yoga board because you’ll be able to experience more activities and take whatever you need with you on board.


  • The Aqua Marina Flow is not available in other different colors as to suit different users and tastes.

Aqua Marina FLOW 9’9″ Yoga inflatable SUP Board in Action

Aqua Marina FLOW inflatable sup board Review

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