Intey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Intey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is another board that stands out amongst modern-day boards with the convenience of its design and the convenience the board offers. The Intey inflated stand-up paddle board gives room for you and your family to have all the fun needed with its large size. The size and capacity of this board literally would blow your mind; you can easily surf this board with your dog and this too conveniently. Wikipedia informs of a minimum of 10 feet for sup surfing, and this board measures 11 feet long and 33 inches wide, hence it meets the mark. It weighs only 18.7 pounds which makes it light compared to other boards.

With a non-slip Eva foam surface that prevents you from falling or dropping and also cushions your fall when such accidents occur. One thing you would agree is an important thing to consider when you are trying to purchase any stand-up paddleboard considering the nature of the sport. You can be sure you will be balanced and composed on this particular stand-up paddleboard. The non-slip foam surface also serves as a good resting point should you desire to lie down while on your board.

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Another feature you would love about the Intey inflatable stand-up paddleboard is that it comes with a high-pressure valve. The high-pressure valve gives you a guarantee of the stability of the board. Imagine surfing and not having to worry if there isn’t any drop in the pressure as this might lead to a lack of balance which could result in malfunction or accident. Hence, we could also say the high-pressure valve is a kind of safety measure put in place by Intel on their inflatable boards. Furthermore on stability are the fins designed with the board. The triple bottom panel fins are designed on boards to help you maintain stability and control the direction in which you are headed. With the fin, you would easily maneuver your way on the water. The large ones can be removed depending on preference, while the smaller ones cannot be removed.

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Considering the design of the Intey inflatable stand-up paddle board, you would be convinced that all that was on the manufacturer’s mind is getting you the best while making it so convenient for you. The intel inflatable board is foldable, meaning you simply deflate it and fold it in your bag without having to consider the space as it consumes little or no space. The stand-up board is also very easy to inflate and deflate as it takes less than 5 minutes to get this done. This is due to the double-acting pump feature that is incorporated in the design that allows the board to be inflated twice as fast, saving you both your time and energy. Although it is not always advisable to inflate and deflate your stand-up paddle board when moving short distances, this board affords you that luxury. For covering short distances, you could easily carry your board, take a walk to the point and get ready for action.

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The board comes with a high-quality package that includes a paddle, pump, lease, and repair kit. You could be wondering how easy it is packing and unpacking these when going for a trip and this is why a backpack that is easy to carry is offered. The backpack is big enough to contain all these items listed and at the same time easy to carry without making it look bulky or weird in any way.

To cap it all, it offers a year and a half warranty period coupled with a 30-day return opportunity if the board does not meet your expectations. The return process is smooth as they do have good customer service always ready to meet your demands. Click here to check the price of the Intey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. Quite durable which assures you an extended period of use. The board is lightweight so taking it along on trips wouldn’t be a hassle. The Intey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes with a repair kit in the event there’s a need for one. Offers a travel backpack that can fit on the board with every accessory. It offers 18 months limited warranty from the manufacturer with 30 days return to service after the purchase

Any inflatable stand up paddle has one major disadvantage, it can not hold beyond 300lbs.


  1. Includes 18 months warranty
  2. It comes with a repair kit
  3. It is highly durable
  4. It comes with a backpack for easy mobility 
  5. It is lightweight


  1. 320lbs maximum capacity

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Still considering what board to go for? Even with all the features listed, and you are not yet convinced, you have nothing to worry about. You could also go ahead and try the Intey Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board since the manufacturer is sure that the product provides you a return policy. We guarantee you a board that is durable enough to handle your activities as well as value for your money.

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