Vilano Navigator 10′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Vilano Navigator 10' inflatable stand up paddle board reviewIf you’re looking for a friendly sport that will guarantee you loads of fun and relaxation at the same time for the spring or summer; stand up paddle-boarding should be an awesome option to consider because it’s the sport of the season.

There are various modes of stand up paddling, including flat water paddling for recreation, fun, fitness, or sightseeing, racing on lakes, surfing on ocean waves, paddling in river rapids, SUP Yoga, and even fishing sometimes. There is just so much to do with an inflatable paddle board.

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What we have here is the Vilano Navigator inflatable paddle board; it’s a big guy if you ask me; with a length of 10 feet and a width of 31 inches this board is capable of carrying more than just one paddler, however, it should be amazing to have all that space for yourself to paddle comfortably and to carry whatever you need with you on board especially when it’s well pumped up. When fully inflated, the Vilano Navigator can be as rigid as a regular, rigid paddle board. It’s 6 inches thick, and since it’s made of military grade materials consisting of ultra-durable PVC/Korean drop stitch construction; the Navigator will remain strong and keep you company for quite a while.

Personally, I was never a fan of regular hard paddle boards; I might watch people surfing on them but I’ve never gotten the feeling that I need one, however, when I first saw those inflatable paddle boards I just couldn’t hold myself form getting one; simply because they’re extremely portable and they have so much to offer.

Vilano Navigator 10' inflatable stand up paddle board review 5This board for example comes in 3 different colors so that you get to choose whichever meets you taste: (Blue / Grey, Grey / Orange, White / Blue). Also, almost two thirds of the Navigator’s back are covered with a diamond groove traction which adds up greatly to your balance while standing on top of it because it reduces the chances of any possible slippage, as you’ll find a hand grip right in the middle of the board which will help you carry it around or get back on top of it while in the water.

Moreover, the Vilano Navigator comes with a 3-piece Aluminum paddle that adds up to the portability of the board; it’s easily adjusted to fit the paddler’s length, however, if you’re a newbie you’d like a lighter paddle. In addition to that you’ll find a removable slide-in fin so that you can easily remove it and pack your board.

Vilano Navigator ReviewNow before talking about how easy it is to deflate the Vilano Navigator you need to know about the 4 D-rings that are located at the end of the board which are connected with a bungee cord, while another 3 D-rings are at the front deck.

Those D-rings are amazing for when you really need to take something with you on board; you can easily fix your tools, a meal-box, a cooler, your shoe, the paddle or anything to those bungee cords and you’re ready to hit the water with everything you need. It’s my favorite part to be honest; it’s just great to be able to take your snack with you on board, lay back after you’ve paddled enough to take a break, enjoy the sun and then eat your favorite snack.

Further, you’ll find a pump with an integrated pressure gauge to inflate your board; it’s easy to use, and it can pump it up to 18 psi, however, 12-15 psi should be enough if you’re not that heavy.

Now when you need to deflate it you’ll be happy that to look at all the air coming out of it smoothly until it’s all flat in no time. The Vilano Navigator comes with a back bag to pack it in and carry it with you anywhere you go; you only have to detach the removable fin, fold it up like a sleeping bag and then, along with the paddle, fit it in the bag and ride to the nearest beach, river, or lake… you just name it.



  • The Vilano navigator is a very good inflatable stand up paddle board for flat waters, lakes, or slow rivers.
  • The Vilano navigator comes in an all-inclusive package with everything you need to handle it including the repair kit if ever needed.
  • It is 6 inches thick which makes it very stable and sturdy.
  • It comes with a back bag to make it extremely portable.
  • The size of 10 feet is perfect for all the different activities you’d like to try.


  • The paddle is a little heavy for beginners; a light one would be better.
  • You’ll need to separately buy a leash if like using one.
  • If you’re considering doing yoga on this inflatable stand up paddle board, you might find it a bit narrow for some yoga poses.

Vilano Navigator 10′ Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board In Action

Vilano Navigator inflatable stand up paddle board review 3Vilano Navigator 10' inflatable stand up paddle board review 2Vilano Navigator 10' inflatable stand up paddle board review



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