Aqua Marina Breeze 9′ 9″ Inflatable SUP Review

Aqua Marina Breeze 9' 9If you are here reading this, it means that you’re willing to hit the water, and hit it with style. The Aqua Marina presents you with the newest version of their SPK1; “The Breeze”, and if you ask me, stand up paddle boarding seem to be a great water sport when you want to both workout and relax.

I’m not a spiritual person or anything, but I just always relate the water to fun, relaxation, and meditation because it usually pushes me to contemplate about this whole universe, and with an inflatable board like this one you’ll enjoy a greater experience.

First let me tell you that this inflatable board comes in a complete package with everything you need to handle it. Second, in my opinion, the Aqua Marina Breeze stand up paddle board is of a perfect size and size matters a lot; it’s 9′ 9″ which is great for beginners who are into recreational paddling, however, it won’t fail you if you needed more fun. Also, it is 30 inches wide which means you can always lay comfortably on top of it, and like most inflatable paddle boards in the same size, the Breeze is 4 inches thick with an all-round design that I can’t help but admire.

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Those qualities put together make this board pretty good for almost anything; you can try some moves if you are an advanced paddler and enjoy a little bit of surfing, and even if you are not advanced in this whole thing of paddling, the Breeze is made with an anti-slip pad that has a honeycomb groove design which prevents slipping off the board and boosts stability.

This anti-slip pad covers nearly the whole board, which reminds me to tell you that with a traction pad this large you can always take your kid or your dog with you on board while you cruse the water. Furthermore, this stand up paddle board comes with a grab handle at the middle which is extremely useful whether you needed to carry the inflated board, or get back on top of it when you’re in the water.

Aqua Marina Breeze 9 ft 9 inches Stand Up Paddle Board ReviewThe Breeze stand paddle board is made to take up to 209 pounds; I’m barely 140 pounds, and I can always carry my favorite snacks on board in addition to my water equipment thanks to the 4 D-rings that are connected with a bungee cord on the board’s head.

aqua marina 9ft breeze inflatable stand up paddle board reviewThe board’s tail also comes with 3 additional D-rings in case you wanted to attach a kayak seat or a safety leash. Moreover, the Breeze is made of a double-wall drop stich PVC construction which makes it very suitable for exploring trips or surfing as I mentioned before, yet, the Breeze’s package does not include a repair kit which was a bit weird, consequently, the best thing to do is to treat your inflatable board with care like I do, and hope to never need the repair kit.

Additionally, the hand pump included in the package does a good job inflating the board; however, since I prefer to use an electric pump I don’t think I’ll need it. Further, the paddle breaks into 2 pieces, it is adjustable, and it is made of aluminum which makes it quite durable. Still, I advise you to always go easy on your tools if you really want them to last.

One more thing is the fins; the Breeze is furnished with 3 fins that are directed to make the surfing experience a smoother one; one fin is a slide-in central to enhance portability, and the other 2 side fins are fixed.

Speaking of portability, stand up inflatable paddle boards are largely praised because first, you can carry them with you anywhere without worrying about the storage issues, second, because they’re simply convenient for almost anything and anyone; though I have no idea how do people practice yoga on top of inflatable boards, watching my girlfriend trying it on the Breeze was pretty awesome, and third you can always choose, from the variety of colors and designs, the one that fits you most; the Breeze stand up paddle board was my spirit color.

Now back to portability; this stand up paddle board comes with a back bag to fit the deflated board in it after you roll it up; it’s comfortable to carry and it looks really fine. It has never been easier that it is now; inflatable stand up paddle boards like the Aqua Marina Breeze are made to make it easy for you and cheer you up.



  • The Aqua Marina Breeze has this great size that is suitable for everyone.
  • It comes with a back bag to carry it with you anywhere.
  • It looks really good in this color, especially with the large black anti-slip pad.


  • The Breeze comes without a repair it.
  • The back bag fits only for the deflated board, means you’ll have to carry the paddle and the hand pump.

Insider’s Tip

Don’t rush it when any inflatable board is deflating; that way folding the board should be really easy.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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