Aqua Marina SPK-2 Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

Aqua Marina would easily rank amongst the top 5 Stand up paddle board manufacturers out there and for more reasons than I can list in this review.

Aqua Marina SPK-2 Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

This brand has accumulated a solid reputation in the field thanks to the colorful collection it has placed at our disposal; that way, you can make sure that you’ll get the right inflatable stand up paddle board for you.

As generic as that may sound, the most important thing about making this purchase is to make sure that you’re getting the board that will match your profile.

Today, we have one of the brands latest creations and this one might just be one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards we’ve ever reviewed at this price range.

When it comes to quality, this board is pretty reliable; it might not be the best quality but it will not disappoint. The body is based off military/industrial grade material which is arguably indestructible. Thus, this board is great for professional paddlers but it’s even more suitable for beginners who are prone to bump and crash the board often.

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Aqua Marine SPK-2 Inflatable SUP Board Review

When it comes to paddle boards, size does matter because it will shape so many aspects in your experience with the board. The Aqua Marine SPK-2 is 10′ 10″ long which makes it excellent for both steady/calm water cruising and wild surfing. Most inflatable SUP boards out there are either too large which makes them strictly useful for meditation, SUP yoga, touring/racing or too small which brings them closer to surf boards than anything else. However, this board is designed with a beginner in mind, thus the idea behind the design is to allow you to experience as much with this board as possible. Moreover, the body is 30″ wide and 4″ thick which is capable of handling up to 250 lbs without sinking in. Hence, this board can easily bear an adult plus a pet or two kids at the same time.

The basic features of the Aqua Marine SPK-2 are one more reason to put this board on your purchase list. Starting with the design, this Aqua is sharp and that is due to the unisex/attractive colour, the round shape which gives it that authentic surf board feeling, and the overall flawless craftsmanship. 50% of the surface is taken by a foamy gripping pad which will be of great help when it comes to maintaining balance but also when you will try to climb back up on top of the board.

Aqua Marina SPK-2 d-rings bungee cord

Additionally, the nose of the SPK-2 holds four stainless steel D-rings that are connected by a bungee cord which serves as a cargo holder for anything from your shoes to your paddle or coolers. Also, there are two more D-rings at the waist of the board that are meant to enable installing a kayak seat (kayak seat and paddle are not included).

Last but definitely not least are the three specially designed fins that are shaped dynamically to make sailing this giant a lot easier, especially in slow currents and flat water.

Aqua Marina SPK-2 Review

One of the main features, which I feel like I must emphasize, is that this board is inflatable and that forcefully makes it much more useful and practical than a standard hard board. Inflatable boards in general allow you to deflate, roll them up and pack them in a tiny bag which you can then carry on your back to the nearest water body. That is by no means possible with a hard paddle board which requires special transportation means every time you need to take it out but that’s not all.

Also, before you make the purchase think about storage space. With Aqua Marine SPK-2, you will no more need to worry about making room in your garage to store your board because it will literally fit anywhere.

Moving on, another reason that makes this board great for beginners is the comprehensive package that it comes in. This Aqua comes with a back carry bag which will make your life a lot easier, a high pressure hand pump which is great but it can be a little bit challenging to pump beyond 10 psi (perfect psi for this board is 15) and a generic repair kit which you’ll hardly ever need unless you’re trying to intentionally break your board. Accordingly, this board basically comes with everything you will need to maintain it and that can’t be said for all inflatable stand up paddle boards out there.



  • The price tag on the Aqua Marina spk 2 is a considerable advantage compared to more expensive board at a lower quality.
  • The size and quality of this board is perfect for beginners but also very doable for professional paddlers which makes it a suitable option for almost everybody.
  • The comprehensive package will make living with this board a lot better and guarantee you get a memorable pain free experience.


  • This isn’t the best quality inflatable stand up paddle board, so don’t expect it to last for decades. However, it will entertain you for years.
  • The hand pump is a little bit of a bear because you might not mind it the first seven times but after that you’ll wish you had an electric pump instead. So, my advice to you is to get one.

Aqua Marina SPK-2 Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board in Action

Aqua Marina SPK-2 Review

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