XTERRA 10′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

XTERRA 10 ft Inflatable SUP Board ReviewXTERRA is one of these companies which present their customers with numerous varieties of their products as to suit the largest platform there is, and since standup paddle boarding is on the rise as a friendly sport that attracts many people to try it; you’ll be more than glad to use one of the XTERRA inflatable standup paddle boards.

The XTERRA 10′ Inflatable stand-up paddle boards come in an all-inclusive package which includes every needed item starting with the awesome carry-back bag to the repair kit; and to be honest, there is nothing better than purchasing a complete package like this one, as you’ll find it in 3 different colors: black/pink (4 inches thick/180 lbs), black/red (5.5 inches thick/250 lbs), and red/black (6 inches thick/250 lbs).

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XTERRA 10' Inflatable SUP Boards Review

XTERRA 10 ft Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewFirst things first though; the XTERRA 10′ inflatable SUP boards come in a size that is perfect for anyone, be it a beginner or an advanced paddler; it’s 10 feet tall, 30 inches wide, and 4”, 5.5”, and 6” inches thick depending on which model you choose. It’ll provide you with all the space you need while in the water, as it’ll help you sit or lay comfortably as you take a break, and even if it’s 4 inches thick or 5.5 you’ll be able to experience the same deal of equilibrium like that on the 6 inches thick board thanks to their well-built construction which is made of rigid drop-stitch and double-sided military/industrial reinforcement materials.

Looking at the XTERRA 10′ inflatable SUP board you’ll find that half of its back is covered with an EVA foam deck pad which is great for your feet and knees; it’s soft and comfortable to stand on for long periods of time. Also, another essential aspect about the EVA pad is that it’s anti-slip as to provide you with maximum balance on the board especially while paddling, changing directions, or when trying to speed up.

Included in the package; you’ll find a hand pump with a high pressure gauge which will do a great job inflating the board up to 15 psi; it’s enough to turn it extremely rigid and rock hard, however, it’s always a smart idea to use an electric pump.

XTERRA 10 ft Inflatable SUP Board Review Further, and like the majority of SUP’s out there, the XTERRA comes with a 3 piece black Aluminum paddle which is adjustable as to fit your height perfectly.

Now the black/pink XTERRA board comes with 3 removable fins which makes packing it a piece of cake, while the black/red model (6’ thick) comes with one central removable fin; those fins are meant to make water cruising a smoother and faster process as you’re on board.

Additionally, all of the XTERRA 10′ inflatable SUP boards are featured with 6 rigid stainless steel D-rings, 4 of which are connected with a bungee cord that will enable you to carry and fix anything you’d like to take with you on board while the other 2 D-rings go like this: one is located on the head of the board and the other is on the back as to attach the 10 feet included leash, which reminds me to tell you that the pink board comes with a matching pink leash; how cool is that? I bet the girls will love it.

Furthermore, and to be honest, this is the best part about inflatable paddle boards; the XTERRA Boards come with awesome back bags to pack and store the inflated boards with all of their items, but listen to this; the black/pink (4’ thick) and the black/red (6’ thick) boards come with a roller bag backpack as a bonus item which will make you love taking your board anywhere with you. It’s only getting better; the 6’ thick black/red XTERRA board comes with an additional Hi-Viz Mini dry bag so as the roller bag stay clean and dry.

Finally, all of these boards come with their repair kit in case something bad happened, which I’d promise you that it won’t if you only took good care of your board.



  • The XTERRA 10′ inflatable SUP Boards come in different colors that are quite appealing.
  • They also come with everything you need to handle them.
  • They’re strong, well-built, and meant to last.
  • The carry back bags are amazing since they’re roller back bags.
  • Except for the red/black (6’ thick) 10′ inflatable SUP board, a leash is included so you don’t have to buy one.


  • Those are ideal packages; I couldn’t find something negative about them.

XTERRA 10′ Inflatable SUP Board in Action

XTERRA 10ft Inflatable SUP Board

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