Aqua Marina Fusion 10ft 10in Inflatable SUP Review

Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable SUP Board Review

Aqua Marina is not a new name in the whole inflatable paddle boards scene. However, their new Fusion inflatable stand up paddle board is new. As it is the case with most upcoming products, building trust can be an issue. So, it would only be logical to do a little research before making this purchase.

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, Aqua Marina is literally everywhere. Aqua Marina is the coca cola of inflatable boards; it is familiar, reliable and has an overall reassuring record. Is that enough to trust the FUSION board? My brief answer would be: No. In this article I’ll review the Fusion on its own merits.

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Reputation is definitely a heavy influencer but, just like any other product, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this board will be right for everyone. The reason why there are hundreds of different inflatable paddle boards out there is that there is no generic board that will satisfy everybody equally and that’s why companies keep releasing updated boards every season.

So, let’s talk. You are probably reading this review because you’re interested in this board but haven’t made up your mind just yet. In that case, let me make something clear before you continue reading. This board is good, it will get the job done and you will have a blast using it over and over again. If that is not enough to convince you then let’s talk details.

Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable stand up paddle board review

The Aqua Marina Fusion is 130 inches long and 30 inches wide which is a standard size for inflatable boards, and boards this size have a usual weight limit of 200 lbs max. Nonetheless, that depends primarily on the quality of the materials and the manufacturer’s precision. Speaking of which, this board is undeniably solid since it’s fortified with a double-wall PVC construction which makes it perfect for cruising, peaceful explorations, and even yoga if you’re into that.

This inflatable stand up paddle board features one stainless steel D-ring on the rear which can serve for leashing, or towing (PS: This inflatable SUP board doesn’t support a kayak seat) and 4 D-rings on the nose of the deck connected with an elastic bungee cord which can be used to store anything from sandals to your water bottle.

When it comes to controlling the board, it is supposed to be easier since the FUSION comes with a large slide-In central fin. This large fin, however, can make this board a little more difficult to control and maneuver in shallow water, or strong currents. However, the Aqua Marine Fusion inflatable stand up paddle board is definitely much easier to control on calm water.

Just like every other iSUP produced by Aqua Marina, the company makes sure to equip you with everything you need. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro you can maintain this board easily. Besides the high-pressure pump, the manufacturer includes a collapsible paddle which helps with portability issues, a basic repair kit which I never had to use, and a practical backpack to store or transport the board easily.

Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable stand up paddle board review

One common and very positive feature of inflatable paddle boards, in general, is how practical they are. Most people think that because they are inflatable, they won’t be strong enough but that’s completely wrong.

Not only are these boards rigid but they are also very practical. Inflatable boards make paddle boarding accessible to everybody out there because you won’t need a big garage to store your board nor would you worry about transporting it. You can roll it up, bag it, wear your backpack and take a stroll towards your nearest lake, river or beach.



  • It’s inflatable and I can’t stress enough the practicality of these boards. This board performs just as good as a wooden or fiber-glass board but it has much more to offer for most users.
  • The Aqua Marine Fusion board comes from a reputable manufacturer and that in itself is a deal maker.
  • It’s a reliable board with a very comfortable price tag. It’s one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards typically available for under $500.


  • A few more pounds on the weight limit would have been great. Other than that, I can’t really complain.

Finally, nothing establishes trust better than a 1-year warranty. There is one thing that pushes you to believe in a product and that is when the company trusts in their own product and you cannot say that about every other manufacturer out there. If you want a reliable yet very affordable iSUP, the FUSION would be one of your top options.

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