About Us

Welcome to our Page!

We are two passionate stand-up paddleboarders who love to explore and journey across
the great outdoors, especially on the water. As budding adventurers, we have always
been drawn to the allure of the great outdoors, especially out on the water.

Our names are Bon and Steven, and we have dedicated ourselves to kicking butt the art
of stand-up paddleboarding. With some time on the water, we have had our fair share of
ups and downs with this sport and want to share this with you all along the way.

On this website, we hope to inspire and light a spark with you all to embark on your own
stand-up paddleboarding adventures. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a
curious beginner, we welcome you to join us on our adventures as we share our tips and
learnings along the way. Here you might even find some information that will help you!

From equipment recommendations, tips and tricks and even some destination spotlights,
we will share our experience and knowledge to help you navigate the world of stand-up
paddleboarding with confidence and enthusiasm.

We also believe it’s important to be responsible when we travel and to make sure that we
don’t leave any negative impact behind. We believe in also taking care of the environment
where you can and support projects that protect and preserve the outdoors and waters
that we love.

Stand-up paddleboarding has made our lives in ways better in ways we could never have
imagined. It has taught us to be resilient, have patience (a lot of patience) and instilled in
us a sense of adventure, and provided us with moments of pure joy and peace. Our hope
is that by sharing our experiences and knowledge, we can inspire others to go on their
own amazing journeys and love and take care of nature.

Peace out!

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