Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable SUP Board Review

Aqua Marina is not a new name in the whole inflatable paddle boards scene. However, their new Fusion inflatable stand up paddle board is new. As it is the case with most upcoming products, building trust can be an issue. So, it would only be logical to do a little research before making this purchase.

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, Aqua Marina is literally everywhere. Aqua Marina is the coca cola of inflatable boards; it is familiar, reliable and has an overall reassuring record. Is that enough to trust the FUSION board? My brief answer would be: No. In this article I’ll review the Fusion on its own merits.

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Reputation is definitely a heavy influencer but, just like any other product, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this board will be right for everyone. The reason why there are hundreds of different inflatable paddle boards out there is that there is no generic board that will satisfy everybody equally and that’s why companies keep releasing updated boards every season.

So, let’s talk. You are probably reading this review because you’re interested in this board but haven’t made up your mind just yet. In that case, let me make something clear before you continue reading. This board is good, it will get the job done and you will have a blast using it over and over again. If that is not enough to convince you then let’s talk details.

Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable stand up paddle board review

The Aqua Marina Fusion is 130 inches long and 30 inches wide which is a standard size for inflatable boards, and boards this size have a usual weight limit of 200 lbs max. Nonetheless, that depends primarily on the quality of the materials and the manufacturer’s precision. Speaking of which, this board is undeniably solid since it’s fortified with a double-wall PVC construction which makes it perfect for cruising, peaceful explorations, and even yoga if you’re into that.

This inflatable stand up paddle board features one stainless steel D-ring on the rear which can serve for leashing, or towing (PS: This inflatable SUP board doesn’t support a kayak seat) and 4 D-rings on the nose of the deck connected with an elastic bungee cord which can be used to store anything from sandals to your water bottle.

When it comes to controlling the board, it is supposed to be easier since the FUSION comes with a large slide-In central fin. This large fin, however, can make this board a little more difficult to control and maneuver in shallow water, or strong currents. However, the Aqua Marine Fusion inflatable stand up paddle board is definitely much easier to control on calm water.

Just like every other iSUP produced by Aqua Marina, the company makes sure to equip you with everything you need. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro you can maintain this board easily. Besides the high-pressure pump, the manufacturer includes a collapsible paddle which helps with portability issues, a basic repair kit which I never had to use, and a practical backpack to store or transport the board easily.

Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable stand up paddle board review

One common and very positive feature of inflatable paddle boards, in general, is how practical they are. Most people think that because they are inflatable, they won’t be strong enough but that’s completely wrong.

Not only are these boards rigid but they are also very practical. Inflatable boards make paddle boarding accessible to everybody out there because you won’t need a big garage to store your board nor would you worry about transporting it. You can roll it up, bag it, wear your backpack and take a stroll towards your nearest lake, river or beach.



  • It’s inflatable and I can’t stress enough the practicality of these boards. This board performs just as good as a wooden or fiber-glass board but it has much more to offer for most users.
  • The Aqua Marine Fusion board comes from a reputable manufacturer and that in itself is a deal maker.
  • It’s a reliable board with a very comfortable price tag. It’s one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards typically available for under $500.


  • A few more pounds on the weight limit would have been great. Other than that, I can’t really complain.

Finally, nothing establishes trust better than a 1-year warranty. There is one thing that pushes you to believe in a product and that is when the company trusts in their own product and you cannot say that about every other manufacturer out there. If you want a reliable yet very affordable iSUP, the FUSION would be one of your top options.

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 Looking for an inflatable paddle board can be a little demanding if you don’t know where to look or what to look for. However, it’s summer already and you don’t want to waste more time without a good stand up paddle board to rediscover water activities in a completely different way.

The inflatable standup paddle board we have here is one that comes in a complete package which includes everything you’ll need.

The ZRay X2 inflatable stand up paddle board is a 10’10” feet tall, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick; it’s personally the perfect size that I’d choose every time whether for touring, recreational paddling, or all-around paddling. It’s made of premium PVC double layer construction and military-grade material; it is hard to damage and which also make it a rigid inflatable SUP board.

This iSUP board is featured with an EVA deck pad which helps you avoid slipping off the board while paddling due to its anti-skid and comfortable texture. Additionally, a central carry handle is included on the board’s back which comes really handy when you need to carry around the inflated board.

Speaking of which, the ZRay X2 inflatable SUP board comes with the latest updated hand pump pressure gauge which you can take anywhere with you. It inflates the board up to 15 psi easily, which will turn the 6 inches SUP into a solid and sturdy platform which can take up to 320 lbs and that’s something I think is nearly impossible not to enjoy no matter your size.

In addition to that, this good guy is featured with something I really appreciate as a person who likes to relax in the water and have whatever he needs while doing that; the ZRay X2 comes with 4 D-rings that are connected with a bungee cord so you can attach some cargo to the board. Another D-ring is located on the board’s tail as to attach a safety leash.

Further, you’ll find that an awesome paddle is included in the package; it’s adjustable so you can fit it to suit your height, it’s light and made of aluminum, and it won’t sink in case it slips from your grip.

As for fins system, the ZRay X2 iSUP board is featured with a central removable fin which is designed to make knifing the water a piece of cake for the board; it’s very thin, finely made, and is easy to slide in and out.

The deflated ZRay X2 iSUP board will turn into something similar to a large rolled up sleeping bag which will fit in the supplied backpack; it’s so practical, comfortable to use, and it’ll save you a great deal of trouble thinking about how to transport or store your board.

If there is anything I should point out about this ZRay X2 inflatable SUP board it shall be the fact that the package does not include a repair kit like other SUPs, however, it’s not that bad if you’re a friendly user who treats his or items with care.




  • The ZRay X2 comes in an all-inclusive package with everything you need to handle it.
  • It’s 10’10” tall which is a size that is perfect for most paddlers (particularly if you’re larger).
  • The fact that it’s 6 inches thick makes it a solid and balanced SUP.
  • The included paddle is adjustable and it floats instead of sinking.
  • A backpack is featured for maximum comfort and portability.


  • There is no repair kit included. You won’t need it if you ask me, as this iSUP board is very well-built.

Are you on the lookout for the best inflatable sup board? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Choosing the best inflatable sup board is a bit of a challenge. Making the wrong choice could cost you time, money and effort especially if you’re a beginner. We’ve figured out a few examples that make up the best inflatable sup boards on the market based on your needs.

We did the research and reviews so you don’t have to. We’ve put together this resource – an all-inclusive guide to help you make an informed decision and more importantly to explain to you the pros and cons of each option.

Now, this guide is for inflatable SUP boards, not solid SUP boards. If you’re looking for a solid stand up paddle board, check out this guide.

Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

The boards listed in the comparison chart below are great for beginners as well as for experienced paddle boarders. These boards can be used for various purposes including flat water paddling, yoga, surfing and more.

Any of these would be great buys. Much of it comes down to personal preference. Like with any product, you can get some really, really nice inflatable boards if you’re willing to spend a bit of cash, but there really are great products in every price range.

This is not by any means a comprehensive list. However, we wanted to give you a few good options. The following boards represent different price points, sizes, and design. With any luck, you’ll find something that better suits your needs and fits within your budget.

If we missed an inflatable stand up paddle board you love, let us know in the comments!

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10 Best Inflatable SUP Boards

1. Tower Adventurer 9’10” Inflatable SUP


Tower Adventurer is one of the best value inflatable SUP boards on the market. I personally think it’s the best, all things considered. Most importantly, it’s very well engineered and would a great investment for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge on the most expensive inflatable stand up paddle boards out there. Tower adventurer is one of the best boards that you can usually get for under $700.

We have already reviewed Tower Adventurer on this site before and it showed a very good set of advantages and only minor disadvantages. Furthermore, when so many people recommend it, you cannot simply ignore the fact that it is actually quite good. Vital factors + lots of excellent customer reviews have convinced me that this board is really the best inflatable SUP board out there.

2. Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board with Pump and 3 Piece Adjustable Travel Paddle

Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle 10ft inflatable standup paddleboard is another reasonably priced board. It comes with all the accessories necessary for a smooth SUP”ing cruise, including a 3-piece adjustable travel paddle, high-pressure pump that inflates to 15 PSI and a removable travel fins.

On its own, the Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is very well-made, and “Isle Surf & SUP” didn’t skimp on anything to cut costs.

Isle 10ft inflatable standup paddleboard is built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. That said, you won’t need to worry about dings or damage. Run it over with your vehicle, throw it on off the roof or ram it into the rocks or pier; Its military grade material is nearly impossible to damage.

3. Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard 

Reviewing Solstice Bali inflatable stand up paddle board

We’re going to ask you to trust us on this one. A lot of guides out there say to not go cheap on the board. However, we think this one for around $400-$500 is really a bargain.

If you’re on a budget and looking for a decent inflatable stand up paddleboard that comes with a pump and carry bag, then Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddleboard is your best choice. It’s one of the cheapest inflatable SUP board on the market (that’s decent quality).

If you decided to go with an inflatable stand up paddle board, we highly recommend buying it online. This will help avoid a hefty price tag that can easily go up towards $900 or so in a local store. And on top of everything else, you’ll usually get free shipping.

4. Isle Tandem 15 ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board – Holds 5 – 7 Paddlers in Style

Reviewing Isle Tandem 15 ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you’re on the lookout for a multi-person inflatable stand up paddle board, then “Isle Tandem 15 ft” is your best bet. And assuming you’ve got the cash the throw around, it’s one of the highest quality multi-person inflatable SUP on the market.

Obviously, this inflatable SUP board costs an arm and a leg. And if you want to go balls-to-the-wall and actually purchase one of these giant inflatable SUP boards, you’ll be looking at around a $1,500 price tag.

But the Isle Tandem 15 ft can support up to 7 paddlers, totaling 1,000 pounds. It’s a package deal that comes with four paddles, fins, pump, and carry handles, and it’s backed up with 2 years warranty.

5. Red Paddle Co 10’6″ Ride Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Red Paddle Co 10 6 Ride Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

This is one of the most badass, crazy, luxurious inflatable stand up paddleboard on the market. It’s built and designed from the ground up to give the absolute SUP”ing experience possible to all-around riders. It is also extremely stable even in mild choppy conditions. And that’s what we love most about them.

Red Paddle Co-developed three different sizes of this board for different weight paddlers. These boards make the Ride lineup. With that said, now you can pick up the board that better fits your desired usage and body weight.

6. Isle 10 ft 4 inch Women’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle 10 ft 4 inch Women’s Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Isle Surf & SUP is one of our most-reviewed inflatable stand up paddle board brands. They’re a company known for their long tradition of making great inflatable SUP for various purposes. We have come across a ton of you who have tried and loved “Isle Surf & SUP” inflatable boards.

This inflatable board seems a bit expensive, especially for those of you just starting out SUP”ing. However, you get a lot of bang for your buck here. It comes with a pump and an adjustable 3 piece travel paddle that breaks down for easy traveling and adjusts to varying rider heights.

Isle 10 ft 4 inch is the best inflatable SUP for women on the market. It features a foot-friendly foam on the deck and is quite easy to maneuver. The board feels very rigid when you blow it up, you can barely tell it’s an inflatable

If you’re looking for an inflatable SUP board that floats very nicely and does well on flat water (e.g. lakes/ rivers), but is also able to handle small chop/ surf when cruising in the ocean on vacations, then this is a good choice.

As for the cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I would say that the board may be more limited in resale value because it is built and designed for women.

7. Vilano Journey 10′ Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board Kit – Board, Pump, Paddle & Bag

Vilano Journey 10 Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board Review

The Vilano Journey 10′ Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board is probably the cheapest pick of the lot. At around $400, it’s not outrageous. If your budget can’t stretch to the other expensive options we’ve reviewed at, then the Vilano Journey 10′ is for you. This board made our list for its combination of price and quality; it’s also just really popular.

If you’re budget-minded and looking for a decent, reasonably priced inflatable stand up paddle board that comes with a pump, a backpack carry bag, and an adjustable paddle, then look no further than the “Vilano Journey 10′ Paddleboard”.

The Vilano Journey 10′ is made of high-grade PVC material using Korean Drop-Stitch construction for maximum durability. To put it plainly, it’s made to last. The board measures 10′ long by 31″ wide, and it can support up to 200lbs.

8. Isle 7 ft 6-inch Kids iSUP with Pump and 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle

Isle 7 ft 6 inch Kids iSUP with Pump and 3 Piece Adjustable Paddle

We have reviewed various “Isle Surf & SUP” inflatable boards on this site before, and the story hasn’t changed. Isle Surf & SUP produces a quality product for a reasonable price.

This inflatable stand up paddle board is built and designed specifically for kids. This board is for younger kids weighing between 30-120 pounds. When fully inflated, the board measures 7’6″ x 28″ x 6″ and weighs 16 pounds.

Isle Surf & SUP inflatable boards are well-known for their durability and resistance to abrasions, tears, and scuffs. They’re backed up and covered from any workmanship or material defect for a period of 2 years.

9. Vilano Voyager 11′ (6″ Thick) Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Vilano Voyager 11 6 Thick Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddle Board Package

The brother of the Vilano Journey 10′, the main difference between that board and this is its size. It’s 11 ft long, 31 inches wide, 6 inches thick. It’s the perfect board for touring, fitness and all around fun in the water. The Vilano Voyager 11′ comes with an 8-inch fin that tracks quite well in various water conditions. It features a comfortable diamond groove deck pad and it has 7 metal D rings and bungee that can hold cargo, a leash, a cooler or even a kayak seat/backrest.

If you’re on a tight budget and looking for the best inflatable SUP on the market that usually fits within $400 – $500 price range, then the Vilano Voyager 11′ is for you. The board weighs only 24.6 lbs, yet can hold up to 300 lbs total weight.

10. Ten Toes iSUP Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP, theWEEKENDER (10’x30”x6”)

Ten Toes the Weekender Inflatable Standup Paddleboard SUP

This is another cheap option for those of you who are budget-minded. It’s a decent inflatable stand up paddle board. It is available in four different color options: green, blue, grey and black.

I was lucky enough to get to try out this very versatile 10’ weekender ISUP and it impressed me with how easy and convenient every aspect of it is. I mean,  It’s easy to inflate, easy to carry, easy to paddle and convenient to take absolutely anywhere.

The size and shape of the Weekender make it more stable and easier to balance on particularly on flat water, which means it’s a good choice for yoga.

The Weekender board is made of military-grade PVC and put together with drop-stitch technology. It’s built and designed to be virtually unbreakable as well as impressively portable.

If I had to pick some criticisms for it, I’d have to say that it’s super fast, but it’s not designed to be stable. However, considering its size and shape, the Weekender tracks quite well, is fast and easy to balance on.

See our list of the top 10 SUP boards as of April 2021

I would choose an inflatable paddle board over a rigid one any day of the week. Inflatable boards are simply genius and they are the real reason why I fell in love with this sport.

Aqua Marina Monster 12ft Inflatable SUP Review 1

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the regular paddle boards, all I’m saying is that I tried both and you really can tell that there is a huge difference between the two.

I tried many inflatable boards and it’s true that not all of them are great nor would they all reach up to your expectations but there’s always some degree of an advantage that is associated with inflatable paddle boards. (My opinion)

Lately, I have been acquainted with the new edition of the Aqua Marina Monster paddle board through a friend of mine who happens to be as enthusiastic as I am about the sport. You know how it goes: we exchanged boards, I lent him my theWeekender inflatable SUP by Ten Toes and he lent me his new Aqua Marina MONSTER, and I must admit that it is one of the most memorable inflatable boards I’ve ever tried.

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It’s neither gigantic like the TOWER XPLORER nor too small. The Monster is a 12 feet long, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick which does a great job keeping the board floating. It’s worth noting that maintaining balance on the board also depends on the weight of the user, and ensuring enough pumping to get the right air pressure.

Accordingly, the weight limit on this board is around 352 lbs so I could bring my dog with me.

Aqua Marina Monster 12ft Inflatable SUP Review 2

Also, when I tried this board, I could sense that it’s very durable. So, I went online and did some research and it turned out that the makers of the board fortified the body with a double-wall drop-stitch PVC construction. Not only does that make the board strong but also suitable for advanced riders.

Moreover, a rigid board means less worrying and that is exactly the point behind stand up paddle boarding. If you cannot cruise peacefully and just go with the flow then you’re missing on the experience! Therefore, durability is definitely one of the top qualities you need to look for in an inflatable paddle board.

On a side note, I could never review a SUP without stressing the practicality of these things and I think that most people don’t realize that inflatable boards are much more rigid and practical than you imagine. Also, they are inflatable, which means that you can deflate, roll up and store or transport them easily. Another great feature of inflatable boards is that they are remarkably lighter than regular boards and the Aqua Marina MONSTER is quite the example of this, weighing something around 22 lbs.

The body of the monster is slim and looks really attractive at first sight. I loved the color and body design because not only are they beautiful but also unisex and is perfectly suitable for both male and females. Also, the deck of the board is mostly covered by a big gripping pad which helps you maintain balance on top of the board and also makes it easier to get back on top of it when you fall in the water.

Inflatable Paddle Board by Aqua Marina - Monster - 12ft

The nose of the board is marked by 4 small d rings connected by a bungee cord where you can store your paddle or basically anything that would fit. The board also has a bigger D-ring on the tail that can facilitate towing or securing the board but it can also be used to install an ankle leach (which I strongly advise). And lastly, the manufacturer provides one single central removable fin for this board, unlike the common 3 fin systems. However, that doesn’t make much of a difference if you ask me because I could easily maneuver on this board when I personally tried it.

This board is beginner friendly as it comes with everything you’ll need to maintain it. That includes an (1) high pressure hand pump equipped with a pressure gauge on top to let you know when to stop (The regular PSI for these board is somewhere between 13 and 15 PSI) The package also comes with a (2) collapsible paddle which gives more points to practicality, (3) a repair kit which is never a bad thing and last but not least, the MONSTER comes rolled in a nice bag which is my favorite accessory because it saves you a whole lot of trouble when transporting or storing the board after you’re done using it.



  • The MONSTER is beautifully designed and is very appealing but also very rigid as it is fortified with a double wall drop stitched PVC construction.
  • It’s as user-friendly as it comes with everything you will need to maintain this board and keep it up and surfing. Manual high-pressure pump – Repair kit – Paddleboard – Bag.


  • The weight limit always gets to me because as much as I enjoy paddle boarding on my own; I would like to share my experience with someone else.

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Airhead Pace 1030 Inflatable SUP Board ReviewSpeed sometimes is all you are looking for in an inflatable stand up paddle board; however, the Airhead provides you with more than just that; portability, strong performance and durability are three essential things that this company is promoting when they are making those awesome inflatable SUP boards.

I had the chance to try the Airhead Pace 1030 and I was really pleased with what it has to offer. It’s 10.6 feet tall, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick.

It comes in a combination of bright colors which makes it special and visible, and it’s mainly designed for paddlers who are interested in speedy paddling as you can tell looking at its long tapered nose and slight tip rocker.

The Pace 1030 delivers a smooth performance on flat water as it is easy to control and maneuver.

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With a weight capacity that goes up to 240 pounds, the Pace 1030 is capable of maintaining a great degree of balance and sturdiness. Add to that the military grade material of which it is constructed to from a 6 inches thick platform for you to stand tall on it confidently and comfortably. Speaking of which; two thirds of this board’s back is covered with an extra thick (4mm) EVA traction pad which is beautifully colored as it does its job perfectly preventing your feet from skidding off the board while paddling.

Additionally, the Pace 1030 is a very functional inflatable SUP board if you look at its features; it comes with 6 stainless steel D-rings that are meant to provide you with more ability to carry extra cargo on board using the bungee cord that connects 4 of them.

Airhead Pace 1030 inflatable stand up paddle Board Review

One D-ring is underneath the tip of the nose and it’s ideal for towing while the last one is on the board’s tail and it is meant for attaching a safety leash to it. It’s always a great add to any SUP and it is actually what makes inflatable paddle boards go beyond what authentic, rigid boards can afford.

Further, you’ll find included a high pressure hand pump along with an anemometer and a valve wrench for easy and safe inflating and deflating anywhere and anytime. Being mentioned; the Pace 1030 is featured with an EZ Push Hi Pressure valve which makes it almost impossible for air to escape even if when the cape is not inserted; but on the other hand, air will safely and quickly come out through it in no time once you push it and watch the board go flat.

Airhead Pace 1030 iSUP Board ReviewMoreover, the Pace 1030’s designers didn’t forget about the importance of a good fin to the board’s straight tracking; a central removable fin of 9 inches is included to help with stability and picking up speed; all you have to do is slide it in place and use the featured screw to secure it.

Airhead Pace 1030 inflatable stand up paddle Board ReviewFurthermore, and like most SUPs out there; the Pace 1030 has one central carry handle and it is a good one; it has rubber padding around which makes it very easy to carry the inflated board around.

Now looking at everything that is included in the package it’s very easy to tell that a paddle is missing; yet, it’s not a bad thing because you can always order a paddle that will fit your style and need.

Finally, the Pace 1030 is featured with the awesome mesh backpack which Airhead is known for; the front loading zipper makes it very easy to get the board in and out of it and it is quite functional as the mesh sides allow the board to breathe when stored away. Also, there is an inside pocket for storing the fin. It might not be the strongest backpack out there but it does the job.



  • The Airhead Pace 1030 is a board of a perfect size for speedy paddling.
  • It’s stable and glides on flat water quickly and smoothly.
  • It featured with an extra thick EVA traction pad with a bright colorful design.
  • The EZ push Hi pressure valve is easy to use and prevents air from escaping even when the cape is not on.
  • The mesh backpack is a great choice for keeping the stored board dry and ventilated.


  • The Pace 1030 comes without a paddle and without a repair kit.


If you are willing to travel with the Airhead Pace 1030 and have the taste of adventure then you better get a stronger bag to protect it.

Airhead SUP SS Camouflage Inflatable SUP ReviewI’m pretty sure that when you’re looking for an inflatable paddle board you put in mind three essential points; portability, durability, and performance which are all what SUP”ing is about.

The Airhead SUP do know what a customer is looking for, thus, you’ll be glad to know that their SS (Super Stable) Camouflage inflatable SUP board goes beyond portability, durability and great performance to embark on adventure and great looks.

The Airhead SUP SS Camouflage is an outstanding inflatable board which is 10.8 feet tall, 38 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

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The SS Camouflage as you can read and see comes in a skin cover that will push you to imagine battle fields and jungles; it looks militarily awesome and if it is to say anything at all it would scream “adventure”.

The SS Camouflage is designed with a hard-tip nose that is ideal for punching through waves; it’s a nice feature that adds to its strength as it makes it suitable for beginners, intermediates as well as larger riders; it’s great for all different water activities including fishing, touring, whitewater paddling, yoga… you just name it and you won’t be disappointed.

Airhead AHSUP-3 SS Camouflage Inflatable SUP Review

If you’re an advanced paddler you’ll appreciate how stiff and how professionally this board is made; most inflatable SUP’s have only one main air chamber while this one has three; one for the main body and one on each side chamber. It does make the board a bit heavier but it is extra wide, stable and sturdy.

Additionally, the Airhead SS Camouflage is featured with an anti-skid EVA pad which is large enough to cover the zone where you stand with enough traction to prevent any probable slippage, as it is soft and comfortable to stand or kneel on.

Also, you’ll find 3 carry handles with rubber padding that are so comfortable to use; one handle is central, the other is a front handle and the last one is on the back.

Further, 5 D-rings are attached to this board; 4 of which are on the front deck and are connected with a bungee cord for extra cargo and fixing certain items to the board, while the last one is on the tail so you can attach a safety leash.

Airhead SUP SS Camouflage ReviewThis tie down bungee system comes really handy for anyone who likes to paddle for long distances or fishing… you can always be well equipped using it to carry your material.

Moreover, the SS Camouflage is featured with 3 fins; one of which is a larger central and removable one which really helps with tracking while the other 2 are fixed to the board.

Now as part of the package, a high pressure hand pump is include with the board so you can inflate it anywhere and anytime as part of it being extremely portable. It can pump the SS Camouflage up to 15 PSI which is more than enough to turn it extra stiff and hard. You’ll also find an anemometer and a valve wrench for safe inflating/deflating.

Finally, this military grade SUP comes in a bag that matches its awesomeness; the SS Camouflage can be fitted in a mesh backpack after you deflate it and roll it up.

This bag is made to help the SUP dry up faster to avoid water stamps or smell; your board will always be well ventilated as the bag will always be ready to use, to pack and store the SUP and all accessories.

If there is anything to complain about concerning the SS Camouflage it would be the missing paddle which you will have to separately purchase; it’s not that big of a deal but it would have been really nice to have the complete package.



  • The Airhead SS Camouflage is an outstanding SUP with 2 extra air chambers on the sides.
  • It’s extra wide and stable.
  • It’s designed with a hard-tip nose which makes punching through the water smoother.
  • It comes with and awesome mesh backpack.


  • The package does not include a paddle nor a repair kit.
  • The 2 extra air stability chambers make this board a bit heavier than ordinary inflatable SUP boards.


  • Always remove the central fin if you’re going for some whitewater paddling.

Airhead SUP SS Camouflage Inflatable SUP Board in Action

Airhead AHSUP-3 SUP SS Camouflage inflatable stand up paddle board Review

Airhead Bliss 930 inflatable SUP Board ReviewSome sports and activities are trespassing all boundaries and expectations to reach a greater level of entertainment and exercise; yes, I’m talking about Yoga, the most modern and coolest sport for relaxation and stress release.

Since you are here reading this; you’re probably or must be a yoga person, and even if you are not I can’t really blame you for being here because the Bliss 930 is an awesome inflatable stand up paddle board which has a lot to offer.

The Bliss 930 is 9 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 4 inches thick, and as you can see in the picture it comes in a colorful design which takes white, pink and shades of gray as its colors; it’s quite the perfect inflatable stand up paddle board for girls if you ask me.

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This iSUP Board’s back is completely covered with an EVA pad traction which means you can practice all of your favorite routines safely and comfortably all over the 9 feet space as the pad will prevent your feet, knees, arms or hands from skidding off the board’s back, add to that the fact that it is really soft so it doesn’t hurt any of your body parts.

Now the Bliss 930 might seem like a little soft fellow, but in fact, it can take up to 180 lbs.; it’s made of extra rigid X-Cross drop-stitch construction which makes a stiff and sturdy inflatable board out of it.

Airhead AHSUP Bliss 930 inflatable SUP Board

The Bliss 930 is a very well-made all-round inflatable stand up paddle board. It can be used for flat water cruising, white water paddling, fishing, and for just having fun on.

In addition to that, you’ll find that the Bliss is featured with 9 stainless steel D-rings, 4 of which are connected with a bungee cord and are on the front of the board. The other 4 are distributed on the sides of the board which makes 8. The last one is to be found attached to the board’s tail. It’s like a whole system from which you can benefit using a kayak seat or carrying any needed cargo on board with you.

Airhead Bliss 930 inflatable SUP Board Review

The fin being mentioned is a central removable one which will boost the board’s tracking, as it’ll make packing the deflated board an easy thing to do.

AHSUP Airhead Bliss 930 inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Package The Airhead Bliss 930 is featured with a high pressure hand pump and its gauge to help you inflate your board anytime and anywhere; even though I usually recommend the use of an electric pump but it’ll always be a good workout to pump your own board.

Additionally, you’ll find a valve wrench for easy and safe control of the valve for when you need to open it and let the air come out. Moreover, a repair kit is included in the package which is a good thing in case anything accidentally happened to the board.

Coming to an end of this review I’m a little sad to tell you that the Bliss’s package does not include a paddle which is quite usual to be honest with many other inflatable stand up paddle boards’ packages. You can always order a paddle which will fit your height and why not match the board.

Finally, the Bliss is featured with an awesome mesh backpack which will allow you to carry the deflated board with you anywhere and anytime once you detach the fin, roll the board up and use the included strap to wrap it up and fit it into the backpack. The good thing about this backpack is that it has the best ventilation a bag could have, so the board dries up quickly and leaves no wet marks or smell.



  • The Bliss 930 is an all-round inflatable SUP board.
  • Its back is fully covered with an EVA pad traction.
  • It’s featured with 9 stainless steel D-rings and a bungee cord.
  • It comes with a mesh backpack which is awesome to keep the SUP dry and clean.


  • A paddle is not included.

Yolo Inflatable Paddleboard White Nose ReviewYOLO Boards is a relatively new face in the realm of inflatable paddle boards. However, this brand has already exceeded everybody’s expectation and that is due to many influences. The most prominent signifier of the YOLO boards is quality and that is how this company managed to quickly established a solid reputation in the industry.

Speaking of quality, the White Nose is a great example of what the company has to offer. Accordingly, the board is strictly made of marine grade PVC material which is then fortified via an industrial drop stitch construction, making this YOLO significantly rigid.

In the real world, this board can handle anything from rough terrain, strong currents to wild riders without causing it permanent damage. In fact, the company ran a bunch of tests which include running the board over with an SUV just to prove how rigid this item can be.

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Quality is always a good sign. Nevertheless, when it comes to inflatable paddle board, size matters most. The YOLO White Nose is 10 feet long and approximately 36 inches wide which make it perfect for children, teenagers and young adults but not so perfect for adults. Subsequently, the board has a reasonable weight limit of 200 lbs which is not bad at all for the designated user.

Yolo Boards White nose 10 inflatable SUP BoardWhen it comes to thickness, this board measures 6 inches and that is significant for one main reason. The rule is that a cheap inflatable SUP board that is 4 inches thick or under is more prone to getting submerged at the center under the weight of the user and that’s something you’ll never have to worry about with a 6 inches thick board.

When it comes to body design, the basic features of this board are one more reason to seriously consider ranking it on your purchase list.

The first thing which sets this board apart from most is the 6 stainless steel D-rings on the head of the board and another 4 near the end. These D-rings are connected by bungee cords and that makes them perfect for carrying cargo or storing anything from your paddle to your sandals.

Further, another prominent feature of the White Nose is the extended gripping pad which will make balancing yourself on the board a piece of cake. Also, the pad will prove to be very practical once you’ll need to climb back on board after falling into the water.

Yolo Inflatable Paddleboard White Nose 10 ReviewMoreover, This YOLO inflatable stand up paddle board is equipped with 2 dynamic permanent fins on each side and a central removable one to help you navigate easily. (it is advisable to remove the central fin when riding in shallow water and strong currents).

If there’s anything that helped me make up my mind about a stand up paddle board, it would be the package in which it comes because it can seriously make the difference between a memorable experience and a huge pain in the back.

On the bright side, the YOLO White Nose happens to come in a very comprehensive package which includes almost everything you’ll need to maintain this board.

For starters, the package includes a high pressure hand pump which is essential for every inflatable board owner (15 PSI is the exact pressure degree you need to pump the board to).

Further, the package also includes a board strap and the large removable fin for convenience. Last but not least, the board comes with a generic repair kit which I’m certain you’ll never need unless you plan on purposely damaging the board.



  • The quality of material and build of the White Nose should be your main concern as it is not so common that inflatable paddle boards are made to be as rigid and durable as this board.
  • The fact that this manufacturer is a new name in the industry places it under the spot light and to maintain its growing reputation, it must keep delivering reliable products and that is one thing I can trust.
  • The package in which the board comes will prove to be very practical especially for beginners who will need more assistance to maintain their board.


  • The only thing which I would like the company to consider is including a paddle in the package as it is a significant element of every board.

RAVE Sports Outback Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewOne of the best things that inflatable stand up paddle boards can provide us with is the quality time you get spend with family and friends using them. An inflatable SUP is made to be practical and easy to transport in order for everyone to comfortably use it anywhere.

The RAVE Sports is here with their Outback inflatable paddle board which comes in a combination of 3 colors to fit the water spirit (blue/black/white) and which also comes in an all-inclusive package with all the necessary items to handle an inflatable SUP board.

The Outback is 10.8 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 4 inches thick; it’s a great size whether for female or male paddlers as it’s also really good for taking a little companion on board with you unless if you weight something over 200 lbs because that’s the board’s weight capacity.

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The Outback is made of highly durable drop-stitch PVC fabric construction and it is designed to simulate a traditional surf-style board. It’s ideal for beginners who want maneuverability and stability for recreational paddling, yoga workouts or even touring as it is best for calm water and rocky shorelines.

RAVE Sports Outback Inflatable SUP Board ReviewYou’ll find that the Outback’s back is covered with an EVA foam pad which is quite appealing compared to other SUPs; it covers more than two thirds of its back and it is designed in a way to look more like a skin to the board than just a pad.
Add to that the fact that it’s made of soft materials to keep your feet comfortable and help you stay balanced on top of the board by preventing your feet from skidding off.

Also, in the middle of the board you’ll find a carry handle which makes carrying the inflated board around an easy mission because it’s well-made and strong.

Additionally, a hand pressure pump is included so you can carry it with you anywhere and inflate your board under any circumstances. Once the Outback is fully inflated, you’ll notice the stiffness of its five drop-stich layers and PVC materials. It’s a rigid board which will let you experience a great deal of strength in its performance as well as balance and sturdiness.

Further, this board is featured with its own paddle which is a good thing since you won’t have to separately look for one; it’s a 3 piece adjustable paddle so you can find the perfect size for your stroke, as it is designed with a T head shape for a firm grip and maximum control.

Moreover, the Outback’s design took into consideration the water tracking matter and put 3 removable fins to make water cruising smoother and swifter than ever. Beside that; the fact that they are removable adds up to the portability of the board because once you detach them you can easily roll up the deflated board.

RaveSports Outback Inflatable SUP Board Review

Furthermore, which is really cool; this board is featured with 4 rings which you can use to tie a bungee cord to them; it comes really handy when you need to carry something on board with you especially for long time or distance rides.

Finally, the RAVE Sports did not forget to include a back pack for the Outback as to maximize transportation points; it’s big enough to carry the deflated rolled up SUP, and the broken down paddle along with the pump. It couldn’t get any easier with all of these features and facilitations or better with a warranty for a whole year.



  • The Outback is made of 5 layers of drop-stich and PVC materials.
  • It can take up to 200 lbs.
  • It’s a stiff and rigid SUP which is designed for touring, recreational paddling and yoga.
  • It comes with everything you need to handle.
  • It’s suitable for all-levels.


  • Only a repair kit is not included. You won’t need one as the board is very well-engineered.

RAVE Sports Outback Inflatable SUP Board in Action

RaveSports Outback Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

Solstice Tonga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board Review

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are one of the things that are meant to make our lives better and easier; they are extremely portable, they fit anywhere, they are suitable for anyone, and they come in all sizes and designs to cover all of the popular water activities.

The Tonga is one of these great all-around inflatable stand up paddle boards which are designed mainly for cruising and touring; it is presented to us by Solstice and these are its dimensions: 10.8 feet tall, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

In my opinion, this board is of a perfect size be it for beginners or advanced paddlers because 10 feet is not too big nor too small.

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With a weight capacity up to 325 pounds you can only imagine the balance and sturdiness that you are going to experience with this iSUP board. Add to that the fact that it is made of reinforced drop stitch 1000-denier 3-Ply PVC and multi-layer drop-stitch construction that reduces board flex; all together make the Tonga a tough inflatable SUP board which will definitely take a beating.

Solstice Tonga iSUP Board Review

Like the entire good inflatable SUP boards out there; almost two thirds of the Tonga’s back is covered with an EVA deck-pad which does its job beautifully; it’s made of soft material as to keep your feet comfortable, and it is anti-slip as to prevent your feet from skidding off the board while paddling or changing directions. Also, you will find a strong carry handle right in the middle of board which will help you carry the inflated board around as it’ll support you when you need to get on top of the board when you’re in the water.

Further, the Tonga is featured with 5 stainless steel D-rings; 4 of which are on the front of the board while the fifth is on the tail so you can attach a safety leash. Those D-rings will allow you to carry any cargo on board with you once you connect them with a bungee cord; but speaking of which, it’s a little awkward that the latter is not included with the SUP, yet, it shouldn’t be difficult to get one because bungee cords are available almost everywhere.

Moreover, the Tonga comes with a high pressure hand pump that is going to inflate it up to 15 PSI which is enough to turn it into a hard and rigid platform from which you can cruise the water with maximum equilibrium.

Furthermore, you’ll find central fin included for better tracking and smooth water knifing as it is also removable for easy packing. Also, a repair kit is included in case you ever needed it even though I think it’ll be a far thing to happen if you are a friendly user.

Solstice Tonga Inflatable SUP Board Review

Now in addition to the bungee cord that is not included, you’ll also notice that the Tonga’s package lacks a paddle which might be a sad thing to many of you who needs a complete set of items. Yet, everything has a bright side; you can separately order a paddle of your choice so that you make sure it’ll fit your height.

Finally, you’ll find a finely made backpack which will make transporting the deflated iSUP board a fun easy thing; it’s great for traveling as it’ll save you so much space to store the whole thing.



  • The Solstice is an all-around, strong and rigid inflatable stand-up paddle board.
  • It comes with a well-made and practical backpack.
  • Its size if perfect for all paddlers’ levels.
  • Weight capacity is up to 325 pounds.


  • There is no paddle included in the package.
  • A bungee cord also is not featured.


  • Make sure to order a paddle that floats because they’re lighter and more practical.

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