YOLO Inflatable Paddleboard White Nose 10′ Review

Yolo Inflatable Paddleboard White Nose ReviewYOLO Boards is a relatively new face in the realm of inflatable paddle boards. However, this brand has already exceeded everybody’s expectation and that is due to many influences. The most prominent signifier of the YOLO boards is quality and that is how this company managed to quickly established a solid reputation in the industry.

Speaking of quality, the White Nose is a great example of what the company has to offer. Accordingly, the board is strictly made of marine grade PVC material which is then fortified via an industrial drop stitch construction, making this YOLO significantly rigid.

In the real world, this board can handle anything from rough terrain, strong currents to wild riders without causing it permanent damage. In fact, the company ran a bunch of tests which include running the board over with an SUV just to prove how rigid this item can be.

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Quality is always a good sign. Nevertheless, when it comes to inflatable paddle board, size matters most. The YOLO White Nose is 10 feet long and approximately 36 inches wide which make it perfect for children, teenagers and young adults but not so perfect for adults. Subsequently, the board has a reasonable weight limit of 200 lbs which is not bad at all for the designated user.

Yolo Boards White nose 10 inflatable SUP BoardWhen it comes to thickness, this board measures 6 inches and that is significant for one main reason. The rule is that a cheap inflatable SUP board that is 4 inches thick or under is more prone to getting submerged at the center under the weight of the user and that’s something you’ll never have to worry about with a 6 inches thick board.

When it comes to body design, the basic features of this board are one more reason to seriously consider ranking it on your purchase list.

The first thing which sets this board apart from most is the 6 stainless steel D-rings on the head of the board and another 4 near the end. These D-rings are connected by bungee cords and that makes them perfect for carrying cargo or storing anything from your paddle to your sandals.

Further, another prominent feature of the White Nose is the extended gripping pad which will make balancing yourself on the board a piece of cake. Also, the pad will prove to be very practical once you’ll need to climb back on board after falling into the water.

Yolo Inflatable Paddleboard White Nose 10 ReviewMoreover, This YOLO inflatable stand up paddle board is equipped with 2 dynamic permanent fins on each side and a central removable one to help you navigate easily. (it is advisable to remove the central fin when riding in shallow water and strong currents).

If there’s anything that helped me make up my mind about a stand up paddle board, it would be the package in which it comes because it can seriously make the difference between a memorable experience and a huge pain in the back.

On the bright side, the YOLO White Nose happens to come in a very comprehensive package which includes almost everything you’ll need to maintain this board.

For starters, the package includes a high pressure hand pump which is essential for every inflatable board owner (15 PSI is the exact pressure degree you need to pump the board to).

Further, the package also includes a board strap and the large removable fin for convenience. Last but not least, the board comes with a generic repair kit which I’m certain you’ll never need unless you plan on purposely damaging the board.



  • The quality of material and build of the White Nose should be your main concern as it is not so common that inflatable paddle boards are made to be as rigid and durable as this board.
  • The fact that this manufacturer is a new name in the industry places it under the spot light and to maintain its growing reputation, it must keep delivering reliable products and that is one thing I can trust.
  • The package in which the board comes will prove to be very practical especially for beginners who will need more assistance to maintain their board.


  • The only thing which I would like the company to consider is including a paddle in the package as it is a significant element of every board.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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