Airhead Pace 1030 Inflatable SUP Board Review

Airhead Pace 1030 Inflatable SUP Board ReviewSpeed sometimes is all you are looking for in an inflatable stand up paddle board; however, the Airhead provides you with more than just that; portability, strong performance and durability are three essential things that this company is promoting when they are making those awesome inflatable SUP boards.

I had the chance to try the Airhead Pace 1030 and I was really pleased with what it has to offer. It’s 10.6 feet tall, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick.

It comes in a combination of bright colors which makes it special and visible, and it’s mainly designed for paddlers who are interested in speedy paddling as you can tell looking at its long tapered nose and slight tip rocker.

The Pace 1030 delivers a smooth performance on flat water as it is easy to control and maneuver.

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With a weight capacity that goes up to 240 pounds, the Pace 1030 is capable of maintaining a great degree of balance and sturdiness. Add to that the military grade material of which it is constructed to from a 6 inches thick platform for you to stand tall on it confidently and comfortably. Speaking of which; two thirds of this board’s back is covered with an extra thick (4mm) EVA traction pad which is beautifully colored as it does its job perfectly preventing your feet from skidding off the board while paddling.

Additionally, the Pace 1030 is a very functional inflatable SUP board if you look at its features; it comes with 6 stainless steel D-rings that are meant to provide you with more ability to carry extra cargo on board using the bungee cord that connects 4 of them.

Airhead Pace 1030 inflatable stand up paddle Board Review

One D-ring is underneath the tip of the nose and it’s ideal for towing while the last one is on the board’s tail and it is meant for attaching a safety leash to it. It’s always a great add to any SUP and it is actually what makes inflatable paddle boards go beyond what authentic, rigid boards can afford.

Further, you’ll find included a high pressure hand pump along with an anemometer and a valve wrench for easy and safe inflating and deflating anywhere and anytime. Being mentioned; the Pace 1030 is featured with an EZ Push Hi Pressure valve which makes it almost impossible for air to escape even if when the cape is not inserted; but on the other hand, air will safely and quickly come out through it in no time once you push it and watch the board go flat.

Airhead Pace 1030 iSUP Board ReviewMoreover, the Pace 1030’s designers didn’t forget about the importance of a good fin to the board’s straight tracking; a central removable fin of 9 inches is included to help with stability and picking up speed; all you have to do is slide it in place and use the featured screw to secure it.

Airhead Pace 1030 inflatable stand up paddle Board ReviewFurthermore, and like most SUPs out there; the Pace 1030 has one central carry handle and it is a good one; it has rubber padding around which makes it very easy to carry the inflated board around.

Now looking at everything that is included in the package it’s very easy to tell that a paddle is missing; yet, it’s not a bad thing because you can always order a paddle that will fit your style and need.

Finally, the Pace 1030 is featured with the awesome mesh backpack which Airhead is known for; the front loading zipper makes it very easy to get the board in and out of it and it is quite functional as the mesh sides allow the board to breathe when stored away. Also, there is an inside pocket for storing the fin. It might not be the strongest backpack out there but it does the job.



  • The Airhead Pace 1030 is a board of a perfect size for speedy paddling.
  • It’s stable and glides on flat water quickly and smoothly.
  • It featured with an extra thick EVA traction pad with a bright colorful design.
  • The EZ push Hi pressure valve is easy to use and prevents air from escaping even when the cape is not on.
  • The mesh backpack is a great choice for keeping the stored board dry and ventilated.


  • The Pace 1030 comes without a paddle and without a repair kit.


If you are willing to travel with the Airhead Pace 1030 and have the taste of adventure then you better get a stronger bag to protect it.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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