Tower Xplorer 14′ Inflatable SUP Review

Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable SUP ReviewThe TOWER XPLORER is a gracious 14 feet tall inflatable Stand up paddle board. Just like the name indicates, this board is huge and with huge boards come huge responsibilities because everyone will try to climb up your board and join you. But do not worry because this board can get the job done.

The company claims that the weight limit is 700 lbs but last time I went to check the coral in our local beach, I got a bunch of my friends to join me on top of the board and I would say they weigh fairly more than 700 lbs and that didn’t affect the performance a bit.

The XPLORER is a big sturdy boy and when you stand tall on top of it, it feels as if you’re sailing a little boat of yours, the only difference is that the TOWER XPLORER is far more swift and glorious. However, unlike other boards, this one is perfectly pumped at 10-11 PSI which is guaranteed to save you a lot of struggling. Nevertheless, if you’re not into manual pumping, you can switch to an electric pump as I did and relax while it gets the job done.

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On a side note, you don’t want to ride this big boy without an ankle leach because it will keep cruising without a second thought. The board might be big but it is nowhere near being slow. In fact, if anything, the size of this monster provides more stability and helps it gain steady speed.

If there’s anything you should know, it is that the XPLORER is not a racing board. So, do not expect matrix speed but then again I could easily trade that for a firmer, more stable platform and this board delivers.

Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable SUP ReviewJumping off of the board feels like cliff diving which feels amazing to say the least but you might be expected to put a little effort to get back on top of this thing which is logical, considering it is 8” thick. However, that shouldn’t be a problem because the deck is 32” wide and is equipped with a huge traction pad that is very grippy and can help you a bunch to get back on top of your board.

This is a common feature amongst Stand up paddle boards but it has never seized to convince me to take an inflatable board instead of a normal one any day of the week. This thing can be deflated!!! Which means it can be rolled up and easily stored anywhere you want, unlike a big normal board which will kill you one day, unless if you have a big empty garage where you can store it. However that still doesn’t fix the transportation problem.

On the bright side, the TOWER XPLORER is great quality product. It is designed to take a beating as it is made up from military grade materials and manufactured with great care. I have the habit to scan every purchase of mine for defects because that is always a sign of cheap manufacturing but I failed hard to find anything on this board that is worth emailing the company for.

Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable SUP Review 2

On the down side, the company in charge does not provide a bag for the board to store when deflated. But that is by no means a deal breaker because you can shove this thing in any sitting bag in your house.


  • It is a big rigid bad boy and it guarantees a fun experience either for you alone or when you want to take your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/friend on board or even all of them at once which might get messy considering the fact that you’re arranging a mid sea meet up for your wife and girlfriend.
  • The XPLORER tracks very well and that is supported with its not so humble size and the big fin underneath. It might take some time to acquire the techniques in order to manipulate this board the way you want but it will come with time.
  • The traction pad is high quality stuff and it will always be there to support you whenever you try to get back up on your feet or at least on your knees; unlike your EX.


  • It’s a big board, so it requires some pumping which doesn’t go over 10 minutes but it is still a good workout.
  • It’s a bit over 35lbs, as you might have expected considering its size.
  • No storing bag is included.


Insider’s Tip

Do not use this board without an ankle leach because it will not stand still and wait for you to retrieve it.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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