Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable SUP Review

Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable Standup Paddleboard ReviewThe Ten Toes theWeekender is an inflatable stand-up paddle boards that is designed for people of all skills and levels. Specially made of military grade PVC, the WEEKENDER is almost indestructible with an astounding weight limit of 250lbs-275lbs.

The beauty of the WEEKENDER is that it is an inflatable board which makes it that much lighter and easier to store as it can be rolled up inside a medium sized bag when deflated – Forget about struggling to find space for your board – This board Measures 10’x30x6″ when inflated and it is just as firm and sturdy as any SUP.

The best thing about this SUP is that it comes with everything you’d need whether you’re a beginner or an old fish. The WEEKENDER includes an indestructible iSUP, an adjustable aluminium paddle which breaks down to 3 parts for storage, 3 fins (2 small 1 big), a manual pump, and a repair kit and if that’s not enough, it also includes Ten Toes’ 1 year warranty!

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This board is designed to adapt to the user’s requirements as it is very stable and just as rigid as non inflatable boards, especially for beginners who desire to experiment with their new board. The deck pad is a textured foam for comfort and added stability/traction. It also prevents slipping off the board and helps you maintain and fixed up posture.

This board has 4 d rings on the deck connected with a bungee cord which can be used to stow your equipments and paddle. But sadly, there’s no D-ring on the nose of the board which would’ve been perfect. However; the WEEKENDER has an additional D-ring on the back of the board for you to tow or secure it which ‘slightly’ covers up for the missing one up front.

Ten Toes theWEEKENDER Inflatable Standup Paddleboard ReviewThe WEEKENDER comes with 3 removable nylon fins that are there to improve your control over your direction especially in calm water. On the other hand, it’s slightly more difficult to manoeuvre with the fins attached in running water. Therefore, when it feels like it’s harder to control, you might want to remove the fins. Speaking of which, you should consider removing the fins also when you’re trending in shallow water or rivers (start by removing the central-big- fin then remove the other two if you think you may be risking them) and stow them up front.

This board comes with its own manual pump which is not as good as an electric pump but on the bright side, pumping your board manually would serve as a great warm up before you jump in the water. Inflating the board doesn’t take longer than 8 minutes and it doesn’t really require much of an effort. The pump is equipped with its own pressure gauge so that you do not over or under inflate your board for maximal stability.


  1. Take the board out, unroll and inflate it.

  2. The valve is a Halkey-Roberts style valve which means you must make sure to push the spring and have it in a popped up position before you start to inflate and push it in and twist to deflate.
  3. Secure the valve, install your fins and off you go.

Putting it away is just as easy which is exactly why I prefer inflatable boards to normal boards. They are just so practical.


  • The WEEKENDER is fairly light and comes with a strap installed at the center of the board in order to maintain balance when carrying it.

  • It is worth the money, considering the positive reputation this company has and the overall great quality of the board and kit.

  • This board’s characteristics are suitable for all kinds of users and it doesn’t take long to master its techniques.


  • This board is not the fastest board but that shouldn’t come as a surprise because it is not a competitive board.

  • An extra D-ring on the nose of the board would’ve been great.


Final Thoughts

The WEEKENDER is a great inflatable SUP which is designed craft-fully to fulfil the requirements of the standard user. Like most inflatable SUPs, this one is no exception when it comes to practicality of use and storage. The board is also equipped with everything you’d need for maintenance. And on top of all, it is the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing how JESUS felt when he walked on water.


Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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