Airhead SUP SS Camouflage Inflatable SUP Review

Airhead SUP SS Camouflage Inflatable SUP ReviewI’m pretty sure that when you’re looking for an inflatable paddle board you put in mind three essential points; portability, durability, and performance which are all what SUP”ing is about.

The Airhead SUP do know what a customer is looking for, thus, you’ll be glad to know that their SS (Super Stable) Camouflage inflatable SUP board goes beyond portability, durability and great performance to embark on adventure and great looks.

The Airhead SUP SS Camouflage is an outstanding inflatable board which is 10.8 feet tall, 38 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

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The SS Camouflage as you can read and see comes in a skin cover that will push you to imagine battle fields and jungles; it looks militarily awesome and if it is to say anything at all it would scream “adventure”.

The SS Camouflage is designed with a hard-tip nose that is ideal for punching through waves; it’s a nice feature that adds to its strength as it makes it suitable for beginners, intermediates as well as larger riders; it’s great for all different water activities including fishing, touring, whitewater paddling, yoga… you just name it and you won’t be disappointed.

Airhead AHSUP-3 SS Camouflage Inflatable SUP Review

If you’re an advanced paddler you’ll appreciate how stiff and how professionally this board is made; most inflatable SUP’s have only one main air chamber while this one has three; one for the main body and one on each side chamber. It does make the board a bit heavier but it is extra wide, stable and sturdy.

Additionally, the Airhead SS Camouflage is featured with an anti-skid EVA pad which is large enough to cover the zone where you stand with enough traction to prevent any probable slippage, as it is soft and comfortable to stand or kneel on.

Also, you’ll find 3 carry handles with rubber padding that are so comfortable to use; one handle is central, the other is a front handle and the last one is on the back.

Further, 5 D-rings are attached to this board; 4 of which are on the front deck and are connected with a bungee cord for extra cargo and fixing certain items to the board, while the last one is on the tail so you can attach a safety leash.

Airhead SUP SS Camouflage ReviewThis tie down bungee system comes really handy for anyone who likes to paddle for long distances or fishing… you can always be well equipped using it to carry your material.

Moreover, the SS Camouflage is featured with 3 fins; one of which is a larger central and removable one which really helps with tracking while the other 2 are fixed to the board.

Now as part of the package, a high pressure hand pump is include with the board so you can inflate it anywhere and anytime as part of it being extremely portable. It can pump the SS Camouflage up to 15 PSI which is more than enough to turn it extra stiff and hard. You’ll also find an anemometer and a valve wrench for safe inflating/deflating.

Finally, this military grade SUP comes in a bag that matches its awesomeness; the SS Camouflage can be fitted in a mesh backpack after you deflate it and roll it up.

This bag is made to help the SUP dry up faster to avoid water stamps or smell; your board will always be well ventilated as the bag will always be ready to use, to pack and store the SUP and all accessories.

If there is anything to complain about concerning the SS Camouflage it would be the missing paddle which you will have to separately purchase; it’s not that big of a deal but it would have been really nice to have the complete package.



  • The Airhead SS Camouflage is an outstanding SUP with 2 extra air chambers on the sides.
  • It’s extra wide and stable.
  • It’s designed with a hard-tip nose which makes punching through the water smoother.
  • It comes with and awesome mesh backpack.


  • The package does not include a paddle nor a repair kit.
  • The 2 extra air stability chambers make this board a bit heavier than ordinary inflatable SUP boards.


  • Always remove the central fin if you’re going for some whitewater paddling.

Airhead SUP SS Camouflage Inflatable SUP Board in Action

Airhead AHSUP-3 SUP SS Camouflage inflatable stand up paddle board Review

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