Solstice Tonga Inflatable SUP Board Review

Solstice Tonga Inflatable Stand Up Paddle board Review

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are one of the things that are meant to make our lives better and easier; they are extremely portable, they fit anywhere, they are suitable for anyone, and they come in all sizes and designs to cover all of the popular water activities.

The Tonga is one of these great all-around inflatable stand up paddle boards which are designed mainly for cruising and touring; it is presented to us by Solstice and these are its dimensions: 10.8 feet tall, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

In my opinion, this board is of a perfect size be it for beginners or advanced paddlers because 10 feet is not too big nor too small.

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With a weight capacity up to 325 pounds you can only imagine the balance and sturdiness that you are going to experience with this iSUP board. Add to that the fact that it is made of reinforced drop stitch 1000-denier 3-Ply PVC and multi-layer drop-stitch construction that reduces board flex; all together make the Tonga a tough inflatable SUP board which will definitely take a beating.

Solstice Tonga iSUP Board Review

Like the entire good inflatable SUP boards out there; almost two thirds of the Tonga’s back is covered with an EVA deck-pad which does its job beautifully; it’s made of soft material as to keep your feet comfortable, and it is anti-slip as to prevent your feet from skidding off the board while paddling or changing directions. Also, you will find a strong carry handle right in the middle of board which will help you carry the inflated board around as it’ll support you when you need to get on top of the board when you’re in the water.

Further, the Tonga is featured with 5 stainless steel D-rings; 4 of which are on the front of the board while the fifth is on the tail so you can attach a safety leash. Those D-rings will allow you to carry any cargo on board with you once you connect them with a bungee cord; but speaking of which, it’s a little awkward that the latter is not included with the SUP, yet, it shouldn’t be difficult to get one because bungee cords are available almost everywhere.

Moreover, the Tonga comes with a high pressure hand pump that is going to inflate it up to 15 PSI which is enough to turn it into a hard and rigid platform from which you can cruise the water with maximum equilibrium.

Furthermore, you’ll find central fin included for better tracking and smooth water knifing as it is also removable for easy packing. Also, a repair kit is included in case you ever needed it even though I think it’ll be a far thing to happen if you are a friendly user.

Solstice Tonga Inflatable SUP Board Review

Now in addition to the bungee cord that is not included, you’ll also notice that the Tonga’s package lacks a paddle which might be a sad thing to many of you who needs a complete set of items. Yet, everything has a bright side; you can separately order a paddle of your choice so that you make sure it’ll fit your height.

Finally, you’ll find a finely made backpack which will make transporting the deflated iSUP board a fun easy thing; it’s great for traveling as it’ll save you so much space to store the whole thing.



  • The Solstice is an all-around, strong and rigid inflatable stand-up paddle board.
  • It comes with a well-made and practical backpack.
  • Its size if perfect for all paddlers’ levels.
  • Weight capacity is up to 325 pounds.


  • There is no paddle included in the package.
  • A bungee cord also is not featured.


  • Make sure to order a paddle that floats because they’re lighter and more practical.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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