Vilano Voyager 11′ 6″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Vilano Voyager 11' 6The first thing I have learned about summer was that “summer is time to have fun and relax”; I’m a water person, and I really need to spend the summer near the water, thus, and like every year, I had to think of something that’ll make this year special and fun. Two words; “standup paddle-boarding”, some of you might say it’s 4 words, anyway, I really think that this summer will turn to be a standup paddle-boarding’s season.

If you’re new to this sport, all you need to know is that these inflatable boards have so much to offer; they’re good for anyone, they allow for a wide range of activities, and they’re extremely portable.

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Vilano Voyager Inflatable Stand up paddle Board ReviewThe inflatable standup paddle board we have here is the Vilano Voyager; it’s a 11 feet long board, 31 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. Size matters a lot when it comes to those stand up paddle boards because with a board like this which is made of military grade materials consisting of ultra-durable PVC/Korean drop stitch construction, 11 feet will allow you to do so much more on board; you don’t have to paddle alone if you ask me, a partner or a pet will always find space on it. Also, the fact that it is 6 inches thick is a plus to its stability because the thicker the board is the better.

The Vilano Voyager is an all-around inflatable stand up paddle board that’s designed to perform quite well in lakes, rivers, beach…you name it. This makes one of the best beginner friendly inflatable stand up paddle boards out there.

Vilano Voyager ReviewThe aesthetics of this board are quite appealing; most of its body is red while the diamond groove traction is black, those 2 colors together are always a killer in my opinion. Now since I mentioned the diamond groove traction, the dedicated space for it covers almost 2 thirds of the board to provide more comfort and balance to the paddler while standing or moving on board. In addition to that, you’ll find a hand grip right in the middle for when you want to carry your inflated board, or when you want get back on top of it when you’re in the water.

Now the Vilano Voyager comes in an all-inclusive package with everything you need to handle it except for the repairing kit which I’d tolerate because I usually take good care of my stuff and hope I don’t need it. You’ll find a 3-piece non-adjustable Aluminum paddle included; you can break it down and it’ll fit perfectly in the back bag. Moreover, a pump with an integrated pressure gauge is part of the package for those of you who’d like to use it; it’ll pump your board up to 18 psi, however, since the Voyager is a big guy I’d recommend the use of an electric pump to save you time and effort.

Another aspect of this board’s functionalities is its storage abilities; it comes with 7 D-rings, 3 are located at the front and 4 at the back, those at the back are connected with a bungee cord to facilitate the process of fixing the stuff you need with you to the board. It’s very useful, and with a board size like this one there is just so much you can take with you, however, it’s not my thing to have my board loaded with stuff, but trust me sometimes you’ll need to and you’ll be glad that the Vilano Voyager is your buddy.

Vilano Voyager Inflatable SUP Board Review 2Finally, the Voyager comes with a back bag as mentioned before which is perfect after you remove the slide-in  removable fin,  deflate your board, , fold it up like a sleeping bag, and fit it in the bag with the paddle. This way, you can always find place for it anywhere in your house or car. It needn’t to be mentioned, but deflating those boards is so easy and quick you’ll enjoy looking at it becoming flat and ready to go back home.




  • The Vilano Voyager is a big standup paddle board (11 feet) which will be great for any kind of activities you want to try.
  • It’s very stable, extremely portable and can be easily stored.
  • It’s rigid enough to take up to 300 lbs.


  • The included paddle is not adjustable and it’s 75 inches straight. So, It’s better to invest in a quality paddle.


Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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