iRocker 11′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

iRocker inflatable stand up paddle board review -BlueWhen it comes to inflatable paddle boards, iRocker is like the god father of the industry because it is on top of the game. The reason behind that is the overwhelming positive feedback that the company has accumulated due to their undisputed quality boards. Now, if that’s not compelling enough for you to seize this 11’ long iRocker then let us take a closer look at what’s this board is really made of.

First things first, when it comes to durability, you might have some concerns when you’re poking at inflatable stand up boards in general. However, what you might not be aware of is that this board is technically as strong if not stronger than regular hard boards. For beginners, this thing is made of military grade material which is then reinforced by a double drop stitch, meaning you can crash this board into rocks, drop it anywhere you wish or even roll it over with your car (but I wouldn’t advise you to try that unless you’re getting it on tape) and it would still stand strong.

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One really important thing that you should not neglect is that size really matters when we’re talking iSUPs. This iRocker is 11’ long and 6” thick which basically means that you can get two adults to lie on top of it head to toes without a concern about sinking it. Longer boards are generally steadier but less agile which makes them a perfect pick for those of you who appreciate smooth and steady cruising. Don’t get me wrong, you can still go wild with this board, you can ride strong currents and even surf manageable waves but you’d only experience the full potential of this giant on steady water. Also, this inflatable stand up paddle board is great for users who appreciate meditation, board exercise or even yoga if you wish.

iRocker 11' inflatable stand up paddle board reviewStill on the surface, this iRocker comes in two colors: blue and white which are both attractive unisex colors. Moreover, the board has 4 stainless steel D-rings on the nose connected via a bungee cord which serves as a cargo holder and 4 more D-rings around the end of the gripping pad where you can install a kayak seat if you wish. Speaking of gripping pads, the pad on this board is ultra resistant which will help you maintain strong balance on the board and also help you get back up on top of it easily after you dive off into the water.

On the bottom of the board, you will find 2 side fins and a huge central one to make control even smoother. However, I can’t say that it’s really practical in strong current.

Now one thing which you must realize when you’re in a situation where you have to choose between a rigid and an inflatable board and that is inflatable paddle boards always win.

Deflating iRocker 11' inflatable stand up paddle boardNo matter how you look at it, inflatable stand up paddle boards are undeniably a better choice. First, you can completely forget about the trouble of transporting a giant board to your designated beach because this iRocker can be easily deflated and packed into a small bag. Basically, you can carry your deflated board unnoticed to your nearest body of water, pop it out, pump it up and BAM an 11’ long SUP appears out of nowhere. Also, you can forget about owning a garage just so you can store this board because it can literally fit anywhere once deflated.

An important feature of any inflatable paddle board is how easy it is to maintain it and that depends a lot on the side kit that comes with every board.

iRocker Paddle Boards 11 6 Thick Inflatable SUP PackageIn the case of the iRocker, I believe that it almost has everything you will need to maintain it for a long time. Starting by the most important component, the back pack carry bag is an extremely useful addition which will allow you to store your board safely and transport it at ease. Second is the adjustable aluminium paddle which is both light and practical. Third is a dual action high pressure pump but sadly it’s still a hand pump (so get ready for a challenge). Last but not last is the indispensable repair kit which you’d hardly ever need unless your primary purpose is to make your board break.



  • The iRocker is 11’ which makes it stronger and steady and that’s great for beginners who wish to enjoy their paddle boarding experience instead of struggling to stay on top of the board.
  • The board comes with an impeccable kit which will make maintaining your board a lot easier than you would expect.
  • The iRocker is generally a familiar and trusted name in the industry which is why this board comes with a 2 year long warranty and that’s not bad at all.


  • The manual pumping can be a little bit more demanding than usual, especially since this is a considerably big board. Therefore, I would advise you to get yourself a nice little electric pump and save yourself the whole trouble.
Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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