Aqua Marina 9′ 9″ SPK-1 inflatable SUP Board Review

Aqua Marina SPK-1 Stand up paddle board review

The Aqua Marina 9′ 9″ SPK-1 all around inflatable paddle board is one of the brand’s most intriguing creations. To begin with, Aqua Marina has quite the reputation in the industry which is one of the hardest things to achieve in a business based on inflatable gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that inflatable paddle boards are not reliable but trust me; you can easily be disappointed by different brands in the field. Hence why, before you make your purchase, you must first make sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at this Aqua Marina SPK-1 inflatable stand up paddle board:

First things first, this board is relatively big, not too big but just enough to ensure a smooth cruising experience. At 9′ 9″, riding this SPK-1 board will feel stable, very stable which makes it perfect for users who intend to enjoy easy sails and uninterrupted meditation sessions. However, do not be fooled by that profile because, although relatively large, this board can go wild.

Aqua Marina SPK-1 Stand up paddle board review

Its 4 inches thick body will provide you with enough support to ride strong currents and even surf medium to small sized waves at ease. Now it’s true, 4 inches might not be thick enough to carry more than one person over 200 pounds but you can definitely give your pet a ride without a concern as long as it’s not a bear. Although considerably huge, this board weighs under 30 pounds which will come in extremely handy once you start moving this thing around.

Still on the surface, the Aqua Marina SPK-1 is a beautifully designed inflatable stand up paddle board and believe me, it looks even better up close. The board has a quality gripping pad which covers almost 2/3 of the surface to ensure more stability while standing/sitting and also to make it easier for you to jump right back on top after you jumped in the water. On the nose of the SPK-1 , you will find 4 stainless steel D-rings that are connected via a bungee cord which can be used to secure anything from your shoes to your paddle.

Aqua Marina SPK-1 Stand up paddle board review

Additionally, there are two more D-rings near the back and those are meant for installing a kayak seat which is a completely different experience and one last D-ring right at the end which is used to toe or secure the board.

When it comes to durability, this SPK-1 all around inflatable stand up  paddle board is easily one of your top options. The body is strictly based on military grade material which is then reinforced by extra layers of post inflation lamination which makes the board extra stiff and prevents any sort of air leakage.

Accordingly, you may crash this board on rocks, pebbles or any hard surface without a concern, just don’t do it intentionally because you’re more likely to get hurt before the board does.

Aqua Marina SPK-1 review

I know what you’re thinking right now: hard boards are definitely stronger than an inflatable one. Well, not really. This board might be inflatable but it’s definitely as strong as any hard board plus it doesn’t break. Not only that but inflatable paddle boards in general are extremely more practical than hard stand up paddle boards on various levels.

Inflatable means you can deflate your board, roll it up, bag it in a small hand-bag or backpack, and carry it to the beach on foot. Also, forget about finding storage room because once deflated, this Aqua will fit in a drawer instead of a garage.

One remarkable feature is that the SPK-1 board comes in a comprehensive package that will make your life as a beginner or a professional a lot easier.

The most useful complement to the board in my opinion is the carry bag which will make storing and transporting your board a piece of cake.

Second item is the aluminium adjustable paddle which is light but very durable (note: make sure to hook your paddle to one of the D-rings on the board because it may sink).

Also, the Aqua comes with a high pressure hand pump which is great but it’s also a little bit of a bear, especially if you’re not into manual labor.



  • The Aqua Marina SPK-1 inflatable stand up paddle board doesn’t only look great but it’s also very durable and reliable, making it one of the few boards that managed to balance both looks and strength.
  • The all inclusive package is a life saver and it will certainly make your experience a lot smoother.
  • The SPK-1 is inflatable and I believe that should stand for itself because I would choose inflatable over hard boards in any world.


  • The hand pumping can be a little bit of a challenge. So, I recommend you get yourself a nice little electric pump if you don’t already have one and save yourself the trouble.
  • The only thing missing in the package is a basic repair kit which can be useful but to be honest, I don’t think you’d even need it if you treat your board well.

Aqua Marina 9′ 9″ SPK-1 inflatable Stand up Paddle Board In Action

Aqua Marina SPK-1 Stand up paddle board review
Aqua Marina SPK-1 All Around Inflatable SUP board review
Aqua Marina SPK-1 All Around Inflatable SUP board review

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