Vilano 12′ 6″ Inflatable Touring/Race SUP Board Review

Those of you who are close to biking as a sport as well as the bikes’ brands out there might have heard of the Vilano bicycles that are quality bikes at great prices. Now the Vilano is here to make more quality items but this time it’s an inflatable stand up paddle board that is big enough to make you rethink all of the water activities you were used to.

Vilano 12' 6The Vilano Inflatable touring/race stand up paddle board is 12 feet long, 31 inches wide, and 6 inches thick with a design which is dedicated to give you the best possible paddling touring and race experience.

A big inflatable stand up paddle board like this one is great for anything; recreational paddling, SUP yoga, paddling in river rapids, fishing, racing… and so much more, thanks to its design that allows maximum speed over flat water.

The sharp deck’s design is meant to make water cruising smooth and fast, and with the slide-in detachable fin you’ll like how swift it feels.

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This board is very rigid; it feels quite strong when you stand up on it especially if you inflate it appropriately. It’s also meant to simulate a hard board since it’s made of military grade materials consisting of ultra-durable PVC/Korean drop stitch construction; it’s rock hard when it’s inflated up to 12.5 or more psi (14 psi max) as it can take up to 350 lbs which means that two people can comfortably get on top of it, however, it’ll be challenging to have complete control over this big guy if you’re a beginner – though it will be a great workout if you ask me.

Vilano Inflatable Touring Race Stand up Paddle Board ReviewThe Vilano Inflatable Touring/Race stand up paddle board comes in a complete package which means you’ll find everything you’d need to handle it. The first thing I’d like to point is the pressure gauge that might be of use if this board was smaller; because pumping up 12 feet board is not an easy duty; therefore, an electric pump would do the job and save you a lot of trouble.

Another thing is the 3-piece Aluminum non-adjustable paddle which breaks down and adds up to the portability of the whole package; however, you’d like a lighter paddle if you’re used to swift and speedy paddling.

Moreover, the Vilano features a diamond groove traction that covers two thirds of its back which is just amazing; it’s comfortable to stand on it, it enhances the paddler’s equilibrium on board, as it helps reduce and avoid probable slippage.

Further, a hand grip is located in the middle of the board so to help you carry it around when you’re still on the land, as it’ll also help you get on top of the board in case you got into the water.

Vilano12' 6Now if this is your first paddle board purchase, what I would like to advice you is that you take it easy with a board like this one because it’s big and it has so much potential as it needs a good deal of effort to be well managed in the water, however, using a kayak seat is always a friendly option for those of you who just want to enjoy swift and smooth paddling.

This inflatable stand up paddle board features 7 D-rings for gear tie down, optional kayak seat attachment, and leash attachment.; 3 are located at the back, while the other 4 are connected with a bungee cord and are fixed at the front deck.

vilano touring race inflatable sup board reviewThose D-rings come really handy with a large board like this one; you can carry your dry clothes with you, you can fix the paddle to the bungee cord when you’re taking a break, or you can just take a cooler with your on board for when you get hungry or thirsty.

Finally, the Vilano comes with a carry bag that will allow you to fold it up like a sleeping bag when it’s completely deflated. The best thing about these inflatable paddle boards is that they’re never too big to be taken anywhere especially with a bag where you can fit the whole thing in it.



  • The Vilano is a big board (12 feet) that is meant for speedy paddling and swift cruising thanks to its sharp design.
  • It has so much potential as to please different tastes: yoga, touring, racing… thanks to its large sharp size.
  • It’s extremely portable and easy to store since it’s inflatable and made to be folded up like a sleeping bag.


  • The paddle is non-adjustable which might a problem for some of you.
  • There is no repair kit included. You won’t need one as this inflatable stand up paddle board is very well-made.

vilano inflatable touring stand up paddle board review

Darren Stokes

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