Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP Inflatable SUP Board Review

The Outdoor Tuff presents their customers with a variety of choices to fit all ages and capacities; thus, you’ll be more than glad to know that you can upgrade to a bigger board whenever you feel like it, however, I must tell you that a size like this one for an inflatable board is conveniently suitable for anyone unless if you’re planning to tour the world on a board.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP inflatable stand up paddle board reviewWhat we have here is the Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP which comes with every item you could possibly need to handle it in an all-inclusive package; it is 9 feet tall, 31 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. This board is featured with many details and aspects to make the time spent on the water worth the purchase and effort.

The OTF-94314SUP comes with a large EVA anti-slip pad that covers almost 2 thirds of its space; it’s comfortable to stand on it so the bottom of your feet or your knees don’t get swollen. The main reason why the anti-slip pad is praised is that it’ll support you with more balance and control while paddling and changing directions.

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Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP inflatable SUP board reviewIn addition to that, this board is made to maintain a strong performance thanks to its puncture resistant triple-layer PVC Korean drop stitch air chamber; you’ll be surprised of how firm and hard it turns to be when fully inflated, you’ll find a repair kit included if anything bad ever happened. This Outdoor Tuff’s board is designed to take a weight capacity that ranges from 150 lbs up to 225 lbs which is great for both beginners and advanced users.

Further, the OTF-94314SUP is featured with a high pressure hand pump which you can take with you anywhere with the board; it does a great job inflating it but if you’re willing to use your inflatable board often you might like to use an electric pump.

Another item that features this board is the light 3 piece Aluminum paddle that can be adjusted from 61.5 inches to 80 inches to fit exactly your height and help you find your best rowing position.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP inflatable stand up paddle board reviewNow when you get an inflatable paddle board you aim for portability, durability, and performance; this latter is something I have to exalt. The OTF-94314SUP delivers a sturdy and an equilibrated performance on flat water that you can practice yoga on top of it. It’s true that the thicker the board is the more stable and balanced is its performance, but with a 9 feet board you’ll like what it has to offer especially that it is also featured with 3 thin fins that add up to its speed; 2 are small and fixed, while the larger fin is a central slide-in detachable fin that can be easily used.

Furthermore, you’ll find a set of 5 d-rings that comes really handy when needed; 1 D-ring is located at the tail of the board as to attach the included leash to it if desired, while the other 4 are fixed at the front and are connected with a bungee cord. This bungee cord is a great add to those inflatable paddle boards because it will allow you to take more items with you on board; I always love to have my snack with me while doing some recreational paddling, it helps a lot and it’s something you can’t do with an authentic board.

Finally, the Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP comes with carry back bag which will enable you to pack the whole thing in it, carry it around easily, or just store it anywhere in the house since it deflates and fits in the bag.



  • The OTF-94314SUP comes in an all-inclusive package with everything you need to hit the water.
  • The paddle is light and adjustable.
  • A carry bag is included to pack and carry the whole package.
  • It’s firm, rigid, and durable.


  • As for cons, we couldn’t think of any.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP Paddle Board in Action

Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP Stand up paddle board review

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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