ISLE Airtech 10’4 Yoga Fitness Inflatable SUP Review

ISLE Airtech 10'4 Yoga Fitness Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board reviewThe ISLE Airtech 10’4 Stand up paddle board is a really well done inflatable board which is not what I would say for most inflatable SUPs out there. This thing supports users who weigh up to 200 lbs easily which is really decent for a board in this category. For 600 bucks, this board is debatably amongst the best boards in its range because not only is it beautifully designed but it is also suitable for people of all levels.

The ISLE Airtech 10’4 is rugged and it serves many functions for not only is it very reliable on water but it can also be used for next level yoga routines and various fitness exercises which can be easily found online nowadays.

I said this once and I will say it a thousand times: Inflatable boards are the future of paddle boarding because they are simply so much more practical than regular boards. The board at hand measures 10’4, its platform is 31 inches wide and it is 6 inches thick when inflated.

On the other hand, it measures some 1ft in diameter x 31 inches width when deflated and that is the magic of owning an inflatable board. I mean, with ‘a click of a button’, you can transform this thing from a monster to a little rolled up carpet which can be stored easily under your bed. Add to that the fact that it is ten times easier to transport when travelling or on vacation. You simply cannot beat that.

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This board is perfect for beginners because it comes with everything you will need to maintain your board. Unlike most SUPs, the ISLE Airtech 10’4 comes with an aluminium paddle that breaks down into 3 parts and mounts easily which makes it easier to store and move. Also, the company includes a manual pump that is equipped with a pressure gauge to help you pump up your board to the perfect PSI which is somewhere around 15 (The pumping gets a little difficult after 10 PSI but the overall operation wouldn’t overpass 10 minutes).

ISLE Airtech 10'4 Yoga Inflatable SUP board review 2

The ISLE Airtech 10’4 SUP board has 3 fins in the back which are very useful on calm water and slow currents. However, I would advise you to consider removing the central fin in strong currents or shallow water to avoid damaging your board. And last but not least, the company includes a quick repair kit which would save you a lot of labour if ever needed. However, if you used the board responsibly, I doubt you’d ever need the repair kit because this thing is strong.

I’ve been out on this board on a few occasions and one thing which impressed me most is the quality of this thing. I am not what you’d call an easy going dude and I like to squeeze the juice out of my toys and this board was not an exception. I just throw it in my car, drive off to the nearest local beach, I pump it and do not give a second thought to where I throw it; Be it rocks, pebbles, sand, you name it, yet this thing has proven to be very durable and up till now, I haven’t needed the repair kit.ISLE Airtech 10'4 Yoga Fitness Inflatable SUP board review

What made me feel safer with this board is the fact that the company trusts their product and there’s nothing that shows trust more than a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty. These guys are willing to replace any of their products if defected under the given time period and if this thing lasts more than two years with me then I couldn’t really ask for more because most things I own don’t survive past the first year.

Also, a few days ago, I looked up the material out of which this board was made online and turned out it is high military grade quality but that wasn’t a surprise because if you use these things commonly, you can tell it is a good quality board just by running your palm over it.

The ISLE is also really stable which should be your first concern when purchasing an inflatable board because the last thing you want is a malfunctioning board. This board is shaped nicely to help you maintain balance easily when you’re on top of it, as long as you pumped it sufficiently. It has a large traction pad which covers almost two thirds and a carry handle situated in the center of the board to facilitate carrying it out of water.


  • This board is of great quality and that means you don’t have to treat it like a fragile baby and actually enjoy using it.
  • The traction pad on the deck is huge and roomy enough to fit two people comfortably. But you want to keep that weight limit (200lbs) under check.
  • The package is all inclusive and equipped with everything you need to maintain the board.


  • Again, and like a few companies out there, this company doesn’t provide a bag to carry the board when deflated which would’ve been perfect.
  • I am not really a fan of the color but clearly this board was designed with a woman in mind.


Final Thoughts 

The manual pump is great but pumping for 10 minutes can be demanding sometimes. So, I would advise you to invest in an electric pump and save yourself the trouble. After all, you always needed one but haven’t found a good reason to up till now.

If you’re a beginner and you want a really nice and durable board, the ISLE is definitely where you want to start.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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