Blue Wave Sports Stingray Inflatable SUP Review

Blue Wave Sports Stingray Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard ReviewThe blue wave sports stingray is one of the few top notch inflatable Stand up paddleboards in the market right now. Its multi-layered drop stitched high pressure core is rigid to say the least. Add to that the double layered outer skin, increasing its durability even further.

The board measures up to 10-ft L x 30-in W x 4-in thick when properly inflated and that expands its weight capacity up to 220lbs which is significant for a board this size.

The SPORTS STRINGRAY is typically designed to satisfy users of all levels and preferences. It’s conveniently equipped with almost everything you need to keep your board on point at all times. This board comes with:

  • A dual-action high pressure hand pump.
  • A high pressure screw valve and wrench
  • Multi configuration blade/paddle with 3 uses
  • 50-in long 2-piece canoe paddle

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Like most inflatable Stand up boards, the STINGRAY comes with quick-grab handle for easy accessory storage(in the back), an anti slippage deck pad for a stronger grip which is also designed to reinforce comfort whether you’re standing, kneeling or sitting down on the board. The package also includes a paddle, and adjustable removable seat which is a unique feature of this brand, a hand pump, a practical polyethylene storage bag, and beginner friendly repair kit.

On the one hand, and similar to the WEEKENDER SUP, the SPORTS STINGRAY Inflatable SUP board doesn’t have a D-ring on the nose of the board and has one on the back instead which is a common feature flaw in the inflatable SUPs universe and one which should stop reoccurring. Although it’s not a deal breaker, a D-ring on the nose of the board is always a nice touch and can be used for towing or securing your board properly.

Blue Wave Sports Stingray Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard ReviewOn the other, another common but very positive/practical feature of the SPORTS STINGRAY is that it’s an inflatable SUP which means it is lighter, and easy stored when deflated unlike normal board which are almost impossible to transport or story somewhere neatly. The SPORTS STINGRAY fits conveniently in a portable bag, it is so easy to assemble (it doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, including the pumping), it is easily transported when inflated via the center carry-handle, and has an uncommonly larger deck pad for more grip and comfort.

The board feels amazingly stable and rigid when pumped up to 15 PSI. However, it can be a little bit demanding once you go over 10 PSI, using the hand pump. Thus, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it would take a little bit of muscle power to pump up the board to its perfect PSI.

Performance wise, the SPORTS STINGRAY is impressive for a board in this price range. It is fairly easy to control and quite swift in calm water. But don’t be deceived, it can also be very agile in running rivers and small waves when surfing.

Pros :

  • The STINGRAY SUP has basically everything you’d need to start paddle boarding which makes it extremely convenient for beginners and less annoying for experienced users.
  • Unlike other inflatable boards, the STINGRAY has a a fabric removable seat which makes it more fun to use but also allows you to experience various features when using the board, as it can be used as a kayak or even for fishing.
  • The board is very practical to say the least. The fact that it is inflatable makes it possible to roll it up and store or transport it easily.

Cons :

  • Just like every inflatable board, the hand pump is quite the task. However, investing in an electric pump isn’t a far reach idea because not only will it save you the trouble of pumping the paddle board every time you want to use it but it can also be very useful in different situations with different products.

Insider’s tip:

If you want to invest money in a paddle board, better trust a company with a history in the field and the company at hand has a great reputation for making pool equipment, meaning it didn’t just jump into the field yesterday. I trust that.


Final Thoughts

The Blue Wave SPORTS STINGRAY is a durable SUP which promises to grant you the best paddle boarding experience money can buy. Paddle boarding is a great sport because as it can be fun and exciting, it can also be calm and spiritual and investing your money in a board like this is definitely worth every penny.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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