Ten Toes theGLOBETROTTER Inflatable SUP Board Review

Ten Toes theGLOBETROTTER inflatable stand up paddle board review

Standup paddle boarding is one of these sports that allow you to discover the water in a new way; it’s true that surfing on an authentic board is like nothing else, however, an inflatable paddle board like the Globetrotter has a lot to offer as it will enable you to enjoy your water time gracefully.

Presented to you by Ten Toes iSUP, the Globetrotter is a big guy of 12 feet tall, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick which is introduced to you in an all-inclusive package. It comes in 2 different colors: gray, and black/red, and each one of them is available in 2 versions: 2015 and 2016.

The Globetrotter is made with a touring-style design which will let you cruise the water easily, swiftly, and smoothly thanks to its thin pointy nose. Also, even though it’s 12 feet it’s light to carry around and deal with; it comes with a central carry handle to facilitate that, and it’s constructed with military-grade PVC materials which makes it nearly impossible to damage.

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Ten Toes theGLOBETROTTER inflatable sup board - gray reviewLike most good traditional inflatable paddle boards, almost half the Globetrotter is covered with a non-slip, textured foam deck pad; it’ll help you avoid any probable slippage as it’ll make standing on the board so comfortable, it’ll also provide you with more balance whenever you try to make a quick turn or maneuver.

Now when you want to inflate the Globetrotter you’ll find the included hand pressure gauge to do so, but as far as I am concerned, my advice to you would be to use an electric pump to inflate it; I’m not saying that the hand pump is not good but you might want to save some time and effort and use it on other activities since this board is a little big.

Also, you will definitely like how hard it turns when it’s fully inflated; it’s rigid, strong, and made to last. However,  it’s always possible that something might go wrong at a certain point that’s why you’ll find a repairing kit included in the package, yet, being a little friendly using your board would save you the need to use the repair kit for once and for all.

Further, you’ll find a 3 piece adjustable aluminum paddle which extends to a little less than 9 feet and collapses to less than 3 feet; it’s light weighted and it’s extremely easy to pack and store.

Ten Toes theGLOBETROTTER inflatable stand up paddle board review Additionally, the Globetrotter is featured with 5 stainless steel D-rings that will serve you just right since it’s made mainly for touring and long distance paddling; one D-ring is fixed on the tail of the board to attach a leash if needed, while the other 4 are a little ahead of the central carry handle. Those 4 are connected with a bungee cord which is meant to help you fix and attach any items or tools that you’ll need on your tour, and as mentioned, be it almost at the center of the board, the Globetrotter will maintain its balance and performance as easy as ever with a weight capacity that goes up to 250 lbs.

Ten Toes theGLOBETROTTER inflatable stand up paddle board review Furthermore, this tall board is designed with 3 removable nylon fins that are really thin which adds to its swiftness in the water, as they’ll make storing it way easier after you detach them.

Last but not least, deflating the Globetrotter should be a fun thing to do because you only have detach the fin, open the valve, let the air come out in no time, then fold it like a sleeping bag and wrap it up with its black nylon strap. One thing is missing though; a carry back bag is not included which is a little sad for a board like this one.



  • The Globetrotter comes in a complete package with everything you’ll need.
  • It’s 12 feet tall with a thin pointy nose which makes it great for touring and long distance paddling.
  • It’ll allow you to carry the items and tools you’d need on board easily thanks to the featured D-rings and bungee cord, and its 250 lbs weight capacity.
  • It’s rigid, strong, and stable.


  • The Globetrotter’s package does not include a carry back bag.
  • The Globetrotter is designed and built with experienced users in mind.
Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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