Saturn 11′ ft Inflatable SUP Board Review

Let me put this simply, SATURN is a very special board. In the realm of inflatable stand up paddle boards, this thing can be easily described as “outside the box” for many reasons. One of which is the attractive design which distinguishes it from almost every other inflatable SUP board out there.

Saturn 11 ft Inflatable SUP Board ReviewThis board is all in all orange which is very unusual for iSUPs but very common amongst hard boards. Nevertheless, the look that the company is going for exactly is that of a traditional kayak. Hence why, the SATURN is considerably long but not relatively as wide as other inflatable SUP boards which is meant to give it an authentic ‘kayaky’ feeling.

So, does that mean you should get this board? Well, if you’re worried about quality then you can take it easy because this is a very reliable board but is it your kind of board? Let’s take a closer look at it to help you figure that out.

This inflatable stand up paddle board by Saturn is 11 feet long and 30 inches wide which is meant to grant you unmatched  equilibrium and SUP”ing experience especially in calm water.

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In calm water on the other hand, this board is very well balanced and can literally carry two adults head to toes without affecting performance. Moreover, this iSUP is 6 inches thick and that is exemplary in the industry because most boards do not exceed 5 inches which will affect performance noticeably. That being said, the weight limit on this board is consequently 220 lbs, meaning it can handle all kinds of users.

Saturn 11 ft Inflatable Stand up paddle board Review

Still on the surface, the body of the SATURN is very solid and that’s because it’s strictly made of heavy duty PVC material which is then reinforced by industrial drop stitching, making it almost indestructible.

Accordingly, this board is not only great for smooth and peaceful cruising but also for heavy action in strong currents or even surfing. Consequently, this board will not be punctured if and when it’s placed on hard platforms or crashing it intro rocks while surfing.

saturn 11 ft inflatable sup board review

Additionally, the basic features of this board are another reason to really consider getting it for yourself.

First thing that catches your attention when looking at this board are the 4 stainless steel D-rings on the edges of the deck which are meant to install a kayak seat. This is a great feature for the simple fact that it feels like owning a convertible. Thus, you can surf when you’re feeling like surfing or kayak when on command and those are two completely different experiences.

This inflatable SUP board also has one more D-ring on the nose of the deck which will come in extremely handy when you need to toe or secure your board.

Moreover, it is important to note that unlike most iSUPs, the SATURN only comes with one huge central fin that will help you considerably to control the board on calm water but not so much when surfing or in strong currents.

A determining factor in every inflatable paddle board purchase is the package in which it comes in because it can change so many things for the better or the worse.

saturn 11 inflatable sup board

Luckily, the SATURN 11′ inflatable SUP board comes in a healthy package which includes a uniquely designed double headed paddle which is perfect for kayaking as well as stand up paddle boarding, a backpack carry bag which will make your experience even more fruitful because it entails the fact that you can deflate, roll up and pack your paddle board easily, a high pressure hand pump with a gauge which is very helpful but demands some effort to pump the board up to 15 PSI (required), a surfing leash to make it easier for you to retrieve or even tow your board once inside the water, a basic repair kit which you will hardly ever need with a board this rigid and last but not least a spare valve.

And these are some of the factors which make of the SATURN a smart purchase.



  • This board is not only unique but it is also very solid which guarantees you get the best out of your experience instead of worrying about puncturing it.
  • The package in which the SATURN comes is all inclusive which will make maintaining the board a piece of cake.
  • The likely-hood of you damaging the board is close to none, not to mention that this is an inflatable paddle board which means you can deflate it, roll it up, bag it and transport it at ease then store it without a concern.


  • The hand pump has a gauge and all but other than that, it can be really demanding to pump the board regularly. Thus, my advice is to invest in an electric pump and save yourself the trouble.

Saturn 11 ft Inflatable SUP Board Review

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