Aqua Marina Vibrant Inflatable SUP Board Review

Aqua Marina Vibrant inflatable SUP BoardIf you have had any sort of experience with inflatable stand up paddle boards before then you must’ve encountered an Aqua Marina no doubt. This brand is too radiant and it’s only growing bigger for many reasons. Quality is obviously a prominent factor behind the rapidly escalating reputation of this brand but so is availability.

Aqua Marina has gone beyond quality at the moment because once you establish a reputation, you must provide constant reassurance and progress to maintain it and that is why this brand has invested in creating various products that would fit the needs and preferences of as many users as possible.However, should that be compelling enough for you to get the Vibrant Aqua Marina?

Well, interest is a very important factor in the process of purchasing any product because you feel like you found a match to your needs but you shouldn’t rush it before you take a closer look at your pick.

To start with, the Aqua Marina Vibrant is 8’7″ long which is usually compatible with kids, teenagers or young adults at best.

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Aqua Marina Vibrant inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewSo, if you do not match the previous categories then you might want to consider looking at larger boards (Ex: 10′ to 14′ long) One more reason which makes this board perfect for young people is the colourful body and fun shape.

This board is 24″ wide which is very suitable from small to medium sized individuals and 4” thick to make sure you stay floating at all times. The reason I say is because any inflatable board under that thickness is prone to being submerged under the weight of the user.

When it comes to quality, I personally think that this brand puts a lot more effort than many others into making the most durable and sustainable boards. Hence, this board is strictly made of military grade PVC material which is then reinforced by an industrial drop-stitch construction and that makes it virtually indestructible. Not only that but it also increases the weight limit to reach up to 155 lbs which is more than enough for the targeted category.

Still on the surface, the basic features of this Aqua Marina inflatable SUP board are one more reason to put it on your purchase list.

First thing you spot when looking at the deck are the 4 stainless steel D-rings that are connected by a bungee cord which can serve as a practical cargo holder and carry anything from your paddle to your shoes.

Aqua Marina Vibrant Stand-Up Paddle Board ReviewAlso, the board has one more D-ring at the end of the deck that will help you tow or secure your board when in need. Moreover, the unique design of the gripping pad is very interesting. However, I personally consider it to be a little bit less practical compared to the standard gripping pad design on most boards because it allows more room to move on the deck freely. Nevertheless, I can see how this design can be fun for young users which is more important in this case.

Moving on, the board has a carry handle right at the center of the deck and that will make it possible for one individual to carry it effortlessly, especially since it weighs 15 pounds max.

Aqua Marina vibrant inflatable SUP Board ReviewThe package in which any board comes has a great influence on purchase ratio and for all the right reasons. Accordingly, I would argue that this board’s package is extremely beginner friendly and includes everything you will need to maintain this board for a long time.

First things first, the pack includes a high pressure hand pump which is crucial for any iSUP user although it can be a little bit of a challenge to pump the board to 15 PSI. The back pack carry bag is just great because it will make carrying, transporting and storing this board a piece of cake; all you have to do is deflate it, roll it up, bag it and you’re ready to go.

Last but not least, the package also includes the board’s central and lone fin which is extremely helpful to navigate in calm water but less practical in stronger currents or waves.



  • This iSUP board belongs to a series of reputable products made by a reputable company and that is always a valid reason to trust a product.
  • The Aqua Marina Vibrant inflatable SUP board is uniquely designed for a special category and that makes it a perfect gift / purchase for kids and teenagers.
  • The board is inflatable and that already says so much. Not only is it very durable but also very practical to use and transport and at that it beats the standard hard board.


  • The hand pumping might be a bit of a bother especially for young users. Thus, you might want to get yourself a little electric pump and save the day.

Aqua Marine Vibrant Inflatable SUP board in Action

Aqua Marina Vibrant inflatable stand up paddle board

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