Starboard 10′ Astro Whopper Inflatable SUP Board Review

Starboard 10' Astro Whopper inflatable SUP Board ReviewStarboard inflatable stand up paddle boards are what you’d call a mystery. This manufacturer has recently appeared without further notice and it has been collecting positive reviews since but the question is “How?” How did this relatively new born brand build such a thick reputation in the industry?

Well, there are two answers to that question. The short answer is “Quality is the mother of all criteria” and the long answer is as follows:

When it comes to the build quality, the WHOPPER has established a firm foundation in the domain due to its simple yet unbreakable equation.


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In other words, this board is strictly made of military grade PVC material that is reinforced by an industrial drop stitch construction with uni-directional connecting yarns which in English stands for “Indestructible.”

Starboard 10' Astro Whopper Inflatable SUP Board Review

Starboard 10' Astro Whopper inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewA board this strong is going to relieve you from constantly worrying about external damage and that is a quality necessary to enjoy paddle boarding in general. Consequently, the WHOPPER is made to withstand harsh circumstances, wild currents and even rocky beds. As long as you do not intentionally try to wreck this board, it will remain intact for a life time.

One mistake which most beginning paddlers commit is that they completely neglect the size aspect; the problem is that when it comes to paddle boards, size is as important as quality.

Accordingly, this board is 10 foot long and 19 inches wide which makes it a perfect fit for beginning children, teens and young adults. Further, the WHOPPER is 6 inches thick and that is significant for many reasons but most importantly because thickness is the only thing between you and drowning.

Commonly, inflatable stand up paddle boards are 5 inches thick or under which is okay but often times when the build quality is low, the board gives in at the center and dips in the water under the weight of the user which is why any board above 4 inches is reliable.

Starboard 10' Astro Whopper inflatable SUP Board ReviewThe most important features of this board are another reason to scratch a place for it on your serious purchase list.

To break it down to you, this iSUP board is equipped with 4 stainless steel deck D-rings on that are connected by a bungee cord to help you carry cargo and secure your findings easily.

Also, there are two more D-rings on the tail and head of the board that serve to tow or secure your board when needed.

Moreover, the futuristic design of the traction pad enables you to maintain better balance and distribute your weight properly over the surface of the board. Not only that but the gripping pad will also prove to be extremely useful once you’ll need to get back on top of the board after you fall into the water.

Starboard 10' Astro Whopper inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewUnsurprisingly, the WHOPPER comes with 3 directional fins and these will be your sailing system especially on steady currents. However, they are technically useless on waves and dangerous to use in shallow rivers, so don’t forget to remove at least the central fin before you cruising in shallow rivers and water with strong waves.

An aspect which has always helped me make up my mind about every inflatable paddle board I have inspected so far is the package in which it comes because it can easily make the difference between a fun joyful experience and a headache.

Accordingly, the best thing I can call the package of the WHOPPER is ‘fair’; it’s simply not the best package I’ve ever seen but then again it’s not the worst.

Positively, this board comes with a magic carry bag which is essential for every iSUP board owner and which can be dragged or carried depending on your preference.

The bag will make it so easy for you to manage the board, all it takes is for you to deflate, roll up, insert inside bag and carry it on your back to the nearest body of water and it is as easy to store it.

Moreover, the package also contains a high pressure hand pump that will get your board pumped up to the necessary 15 PSI in less than 10 minutes. Nevertheless, it is still a demanding process which might become annoying with time. So, my advice to you is to get yourself a nice little electric pump and save yourself the trouble.



  • The Starboard Whopper is one of the top quality boards in the industry thanks to its build quality and the materials which go into the process of making it virtually indestructible.
  • The size and design of the board is more than appropriate for a wide range of users making it possible to use it interchangeable amongst your friends and/or family members of different ages and sizes.


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