Red Paddle Co RIDE 10’8″ SUP Board Review

Red Paddle Co RIDE 10ft 8in inflatable SUP Board ReviewThe Red Paddle Co is a relatively young brand in a category that is relatively new. Quality inflatable stand up paddle boards are considered to be a modern invention and today you can safely say that they are actually reliable.

Not just that, in fact, inflatable paddle boards are actually as rigid and durable as hard boards and a lot more practical now that we’re talking about it. However, you can’t really say that all inflatable boards are reliable and the same goes for every product out there. So, the next logical question is: Is the Red Paddle Co reliable?

Brief answer is DEFINITELY! Long answer is:

The Red Paddle Co Ride is definitely one of the best built models produced by the brand. Not only does it look good but it’s also dynamically designed to enhance performance in most environments.

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Red Paddle Co RIDE 10 8 inflatable SUP BoardSpeaking of which, this board is 10’8” long making it perfect for smooth stable sailing on light currents and agile enough to manoeuvre through strong currents and even surf medium size waves.

The RED is also 34” wide but most importantly it is 4.7” thick and the reason why that’s significant is because it makes the difference between surfing and diving under.

Boards under 4 inches thick will eventually give in to the weight of the rider and dip at the center which affects the performance of the board. Accordingly, this RED has a weight limit of 265 lbs/ 120 kgs, making it suitable for almost every rider + a child or a pet.

After size and shape, next most important criteria is quality and this board has set an example for just that.

Being a young brand, Red Paddle Co is definitely on the right path because a quick look at the small details on the body of this board is enough proof that quality is definitely a priority here but first let’s talk about the construction.

red paddle co 2016 Ride 10-8 inflatable SUPThe body of the Rider is strictly made of military grade PVC material which is then reinforced by an industrial drop stitch construction, making this product virtually indestructible. Thus, you won’t have to worry about where you ride the board or how you handle it because it can literally take a beating without leaving a mark on the body.

The basic features on this board are another reason to seriously consider putting it on your purchase list.

First thing that caught my attention are the 4 stainless steel D-rings on the nose of the deck which are connected by a bungee cord to serve as a cargo holder as well as a base for a kayak seat.

Another stainless steel D-ring is found on the end of the deck by the carry handle which will come in very handy when you need to toe or secure the board.

Additionally, the anti-slipping pad which takes over 2 thirds of the deck is definitely a useful feature as it will make balancing yourself and moving around on the board a lot easier.

Red Paddle Co RIDE 10'8One last feature that is worth mentioning are the 3 fins on the lower end of the board which will help you gain better control over the board on slow currents but not so much in a wavy environment.

A deal maker for me is usually the package in which the board comes because it makes all the difference.

red paddle co ride 10'8Luckily, this RIDE 10’8″ inflatable SUP board comes in a very comprehensive package which will make maintaining the board a piece of cake.

First things first, the board comes with a nicely designed bag which will be extremely helpful while transporting and storing the board.

Additionally, almost every inflatable board comes with a generic cheap hand pump but this one comes with a high pressure quality hand pump that is guaranteed to make pumping easier and quicker (It won’t take longer than 10 mins to pump it to 15 PSI).

Moreover, this board also comes with a mini repair kit which in my opinion would hardly ever be necessary unless if you intentionally try to destroy your board.


  • The Red Paddle Co is an aspiring young brand which is well aware of its competition and that pushes it to put a lot more emphasis on the quality of its products.
  • This board comes in a beginner friendly package which contains all you need as a novice to actually enjoy your board without second thoughts.


  • Although the hand pump that comes with this board is better than most hand pumps out there, it is still a hand pump and it can become a bit of a bear especially if you use your board regularly. So, my advice is to get an electric pump and save the day.

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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