Aqua Marina Perspective Inflatable SUP Review

Aqua Marina Perspective 2016 inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ReviewAqua Marina is basically the god father of the inflatable paddle board industry. This brand has managed to engrave its name in the boarding scene due to its dependency on client satisfaction and gradual upgrade in both the quality and performance of its inflatable paddle board line.

Hence the question which occurs is: Does that mean I should blindly trust the AQUA MARINA perspective beginner board?

Simple answer is absolutely not. The thing with stand up paddle boards in general and not only inflatable ones is that it does not matter how good they are as much as how compatible they are with you specifically. So, let’s take a closer look at the board at hand and hopefully that would help you determine whether it’s your match or not.

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Paddleboard Aqua Marina Perspective inflatable SUP Board ReviewThe Aqua Marina perspective board is easily one of the most beautifully designed inflatable SUP boards out there. Believe me, how a board looks is important because you’ll be stuck with it for the rest of your life (assuming you take good care of it).

Most people think that inflatable boards are fragile while the truth is completely different. In fact, most quality brands such as Aqua Marina produces inflatable SUP boards of unbelievable durability.

Accordingly, this Aqua Marina Perspective is strictly made of military grade PVC material that is then reinforced by an industrial drop stitch, making it virtually indestructible. What that means is that you won’t have to worry about where you ride the board nor how you handle it outside the water because it will endure anything from crashing into rocks to being run over by a car.

Paddleboard-Aqua-Marina-Perspective inflatable SUP ReviewThe Aqua Marina Perspective board is 9 foot tall and 38 inches wide making it a perfect match for teenagers, young adults and adults as well. The ample surface of the board makes it appropriate for smooth calm water sailing as well as surfing small waves.

The board is 4 inches thick which is exactly what you need to keep your board floating, especially that it has been documented that boards that are less than 4 inch thick are prone to give in under the weight of the user and dip under at the middle. Consequently, the weight limit on this Aqua Marina exceeds 200 pounds slightly which is more than enough for one user + a pet.

Beside design and quality, this board possesses a list of features that would easily rank it amongst the best beginner boards out there.

Aqua Marina 9ft 9in Perspective inflatable SUP Board Review

The first thing you spot while looking at the board are the 4 stainless steel D-rings which are connected by a bungee cord that serves as an excellent cargo holder then one more D-ring at the back end of the board which is meant to help you secure or tow your board when needed.

Moreover, a unique feature of this board is the independent side chambers which will help increase stability and safety to enable beginners to actually enjoy their experience instead of struggling to stay on board.

Additionally, the board is equipped with a diamond cut EVA anti-slipping pad that will help you maintain your balance in stronger currents and also make it easier for you to get back on top of the board if you try to climb up from the water.

aqua marina perspective 9' 9Last but not least is the removable solo fin on the bottom of the board which is very useful in slow currents but not so much on strong ones.

One final aspect to keep in mind is the package because sometimes, it’s the only thing that makes or breaks a deal when it comes to these boards.

Luckily, this board comes in an all inclusive package which will make taking care of this board a piece of cake especially for beginners.

This Aqua Marina Perspective comes with a practical back pack bag which will enable you to store and/or transport the board easily once deflated. Also, the package includes a high pressure hand pump which is necessary to pump the board to your regular 15 PSI (not more, not less). And last but not least on the list is the removable fin which is very useful on steady currents but it is advisable to simply remove it in stronger currents and shallow water.



  • The AQUA MARINA Perspective is the descendant of a quality brand which has earned solid reputation in the industry and that is the best guarantee you can ever get while making any kind of purchase.
  • The quality of this board is unmatchable when compared to similar boards in the same category and most importantly within the same price range.
  • The basic features of this board make it highly recommendable especially for beginners but also for everyone else.


  • The hand pumping can get a little bit frustrating with time. So, my advice is to go fetch yourself a good electric pump and save yourself the trouble.

Aqua Marina Perspective in Action

aqua marina perspective

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