Isle ‘All Round’ 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle BoardThe Isle 10ft Stand Up Paddle Board is one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards that you can get if you’re willing to invest a bit of money.This thing is beautiful. It is similar to the Tower Adventurer in many ways, and it also has all the essentials to get you started. It comes with a high pressure pump, an adjustable paddle, and a removable travel fin. They are all quality accessories and what you need to have a solid, consistent inflatable SUP board.

Isle Surf & SUP makes a great, well-rounded collection of stand up paddle boards. Isle Surf & SUP is an American company that has been specializing in all sorts of Stand Up Paddle Boards and Surfboards since 2004. They have mastered the art of providing high-end products of superior quality, and Isle 10ft Stand Up Paddle Board is no exception. It is a solid inflatable SUP for a great price. We do think you get a lot of bang for your buck with this board.

We would still consider the Isle 10ft a starter board.It is great for beginners and intermediate riders.The Isle 10ft iSUP is an affordable and actually a quality product and that’s what we like the most about it. Although it has a high retail price of around $900, you can often get it for below $700 (plus free shipping!).

That being said, if you decide to go with this board, do your pocket a favor and buy it online.You’ll save hundreds of dollars and it will be shipped for free.

Isle 10ft Stand Up paddleboard review

Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Features

Before we dive into reviewing the “Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board” in a more detailed way, we are going to pump the brakes for a little while and give you a glance at its top specs.

I could go on and on about all the cool little things I appreciate about the Isle 10ft, but I’ll distill them down to a few need-to-know basic points for the sake of this review.

  • EASY TO STORE – Rolls Up into a sleeping bag size for easy storage – Deflated Dimensions are 1ft in diameter x 36 inches wide. Inflated Dimensions: 10′ x 31″ x 6″ Weight: 24 pounds.
  • SURF STYLE DESIGN – Great for flatwater, river runs and small waves. Can support beginner riders up to 200 Pounds.
  • AMAZING DURABILITY – No need to worry about dings or damage. Run it over with your vehicle, throw it on off the roof or ram it into the rocks or pier; It’s built with high quality military grade material and can withstand extreme conditions and rigors of travel.
  • TRAVEL PADDLE, PUMP, FINS & REPAIR KIT INCLUDED – Includes paddle: 3 piece aluminum adjustable travel paddle, high pressure pump included inflates to 15 PSI. Removable travel fin and makes transport a breeze.
  • 2 YEAR MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY – ISLE inflatable boards Are covered from any workmanship or material defect for a period of 2 YEARS. ISLE offers only the highest quality products and stand behind them 100%.

We believe that the Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board will give you the best bang for your buck.

 More In-Depth Info On The Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Isle 10ft deck padWhile I think the Isle 10ft is an amazing inflatable SUP board, it might not suit everyone. Its price tag and design may make it the best inflatable stand up paddle board for some, but not others; others may prefer a longer board or more responsive adjustable knob. At the same time, those complaints feel to me like nitpicking, as this is an incredibly solid inflatable SUP board that feels as firm and tough as a traditional SUP board, and can support beginner riders up to 200 Pounds.On top of everything else, it rolls Up into a sleeping bag size so it can be easily stored and carried around.

Really, though, I can’t imagine anyone really finding a reason to dislike the Isle 10ft board – it’s a nice, solid SUP board, with deliberate construction and elegant functionality that stands up to the competition through sheer efficiency.

In the end, I think this would be a great investment for someone just starting out SUP”ing; since it is designed to be an All-Around flat water SUP board,  I’d wager that it’s easy as a pie to inflate and start paddling without having any training or experience with the practice before. To that end, this makes a great starter inflatable stand up paddle board for anyone interested in the fine art of padding.Isle-SUP-Stand-Up-Paddle-Board-Overview

Whether you’re buying a stand up paddle board for the first time or simply want to try something new for a change, I can’t recommend the ISLE 10ft inflatable SUP board enough; you won’t regret it.

As for cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I would say that the board doesn’t track straight all that well. After a few paddle strokes,the board begins curving.Granted. This will happen a little even with a hard board, but inflatables are more susceptible to this.

Furthermore,if you decide to buy the “ISLE 10ft” you will trade off speed and performance for the convenience.However, unless your name is Laird Hamilton and you’re in a competitive paddling competition between Hawaiian islands, then, this is probably not a big deal.

More On The Isle 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Q : is the paddle that comes with the board floatable ?

A : Yes, Ir does float.However, it’s not recommended to leave it in the water for extended periods of time as it will end up filled with water.And since the paddle is made with aluminum, it’s more likely to sink than the Carbon fiber paddles.It’s also a little heavy but that’s to be expected. This is not a racing board.

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