Driftsun 10′ Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Review

Driftsun 10' Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle BoardYou might have encountered some of the Driftsun products that are made to target some summer activities. As I think that they are reasonably priced, the Driftsun 10′ Stand Up Paddle board is one of those items you’d like to check out if you are considering paddling for this spring or summer.

Driftsun presents you with a total package that includes everything you would possibly need to handle and deal with a stand up paddle board, and that, if I may say, is what anyone would be looking for in an inflatable paddle board.

The Driftsun SUP is 10 feet long and 30 inches wide when fully inflated, and here is where I would usually recommend an electric pump; it’s just faster and it saves you a lot of energy. Anyway, the package provides you a hand pump with PSI gauge if you are used to working out.

This inflatable board is made to carry up to 350 pounds, however, like any other inflatable board you might notice that the board dips a little  more into the water when you carry someone else with you on board. Nevertheless, the Driftsun is 6 inches thick which, unlike thinner inflatable paddle boards, provides a great performance when it comes to rigidity and balance.

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Let me tell you that an inflatable board is never like the hard one, it’s true that we are looking for a strong and rigid inflatable board, but you should always keep in mind that any inflatable board is way too light compared to an authentic one. Thus, standing on a solid board might feel way firmer and sturdy. Nonetheless, the Driftsun is quite strong and doesn’t bow due to weight neither in nor out of the water.

It comes with an anti-slip pad to maintain the maximum amount of stability while standing on top of it, and the provided grab handle is always of a great help when you are trying to get back on top of the board. Furthermore, this board comes with 2 additional grab handles; one at the front, and the other at the back. Those handles are great in case you can’t carry the board on your own when it’s inflated.

Driftsun 10ft Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Review 3Moreover, the Driftsun SUP comes with 4 D-rings that are connected with a bungee cord for the days where you want to take anything on board with you. It’s a really well thought idea that of providing some space on the board to carry what you need on it without losing it to the water. Another aspect of this board is the 3 detachable fins, I have to say this; I love how it feels when you slide them in, also, when deflated, it’s way easier to fold the board without them.

Now honestly speaking, inflatable boards have so much to offer, they are extremely portable, lighter, and they don’t need much to be handled. The Driftsun’s paddle is a deluxe fiberglass one, it is 7-foot long, it’s adjustable and light, and you can easily adjust it to suit you.

Additionally, this stand up paddle board comes with a repair kit in case you ever needed it; which reminds me to mention that the Driftsun SUP is made of military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction as it is noted in their website, and as you can notice the nose of the this stand up paddle board is quite round, however, it does not affect its performance, and it is strong enough to take up a beating without failing. Still, I would never recommend anyone to go hard on their inflatable boards, simply because durability matters are greatly related to the way you deal with your board and how often it is used.

Driftsun 10 ft Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board bagNow we got to my favorite part, with the Driftsun SUP you don’t have to worry about storage or portability; this board comes with a good, if not great, looking back bag to pack the board and all its equipment within.

This is what I meant when I said that inflatable paddle boards have so much to offer; you just role up the deflated board, pack it along with the other tools, and  now  you are ready to carry your board on your back and walk ( if it’s not too far) to the nearest lake or beach, and still look good. The Driftsun is relatively light compared to other inflatable paddle boards, and that is just great if you are willing to take it with you anywhere during not only the whole summer, but the whole year.


Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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