XTERRA Boards 10 Foot Inflatable SUP Review

XTERRA Boards 10 Foot Inflatable SUP Package Review

The XTERRA is a familiar name in the whole inflatable paddle board scene and that is for a good reason. These guys go way back to the genesis of the inflatable board and beyond. In fact, they made hard boards for a while before investing in this new trend which infested the paddle boarding industry.

Recently, the XTERRA introduced their new 10 foot long touring board as a successor of the older 12 foot long edition. This new board is significantly smaller in size but still very compatible with user who are 6 feet tall or under.

Also, the board at hand is rounder at the edges, which gives it that original hard board look. It is 30 inches wide which allows you to stand comfortably with your legs apart in order to maintain stronger balance.

The XTERRA is 5.5” thick and that’s pretty significant, considering that boards which are not as thick would slightly duck under water at the center and submerge your feet in water at all time. Therefore, a thick board is pretty significant if you’re planning on using it throughout seasons and not worry about your shoes getting soaked.

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This board weighs something around 29 pounds but don’t let that fool you because it has a weight limit of 250 lbs. I personally enjoy cruising on my own most of the time and enjoy the calm but often times than not I end up enjoying company just as much and this board can definitely afford company. With such weight limit, you can pretty much take on a companion, be it your significant other or your pet, without influencing the performance of the board. 

When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, people’s first concern is durability. You’re thinking to yourself that it’s just a big balloon but that is not the case. Most these boards are made specifically to endure a beating and they end up performing just as good if not better than a strong board. Take the XTERRA as an example; this board is fortified with rigid drop stitch and double sided reinforcement. Also, the board is based on military grade materials and that’s the kind of stuff bullet proof vests are made of.

The deck pad of the XTERRA is very comfortable even though that isn’t its primary purpose. The pad will prevent you from slipping off the board and help you get back on top of it easily.

Also, the board has 4 stainless steel d-rings connected by a bungee cord on its nose and it serves as storage net for basically anything.

Unlike most inflatable boards, this one actually has a head D-ring which is great for toeing or securing your board but it also has another D-ring at the back and that’s where you’re supposed to install your ankle leash(comes with the board). Also, the board has a seamless carrying handle at the center to make lifting it alone possible (it’s only 29 pounds).

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Moreover, a great feature of this board is that it comes with everything a beginner would need to maintain the board at best shape. First things first, the package includes a high pressure hand pump and let me just warn you ahead of time: you won’t mind pumping your board for 10 minutes the first couple times but it will begin to get on your nerves eventually. Therefore, I would advise you to get yourself an electric pump because you will need it sooner or later.

Second, the company supplies you with 3 slid-in fins: A central one and two smaller fins on the sides. The fins will help you gain significant control over the board in steady currents but try avoiding shallow water when using them.

Third, the XTERRA provides you with a basic repair kit in case of emergency.

Fourth, you will also be equipped with a collapsible aluminium paddle.

And last but definitely not least, the whole thing comes in a sliding roller bag which makes this board much more practical and less annoying to transport.

Inflatable paddle boards can perform just as good as your generic strong board but it is much more practical and that’s something you should keep in mind. When you get the XTERRA, you won’t have to worry about making space for it in your garage nor renting a van to transport it to the beach because it fits in a bag with the rest of the equipment.



  • The XTERRA is a reputable company with a rich history in the business of inflatable paddle boards and that’s always a reassurance.
  • The board comes with everything you will need to maintain. Therefore, it is beginner friendly but also great for pros.
  • The board is a perfect size with a great limit which guarantees more fun and amusement.



Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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