Outdoor Tuff OTF-10326SUP Inflatable SUP Review

Outdoor Tuff OTF-10326SUP Inflatable SUP ReviewOutdoor Tuff isn’t by any means a major brand in the paddle board industry. However, they offer a few great, reasonably priced inflatable stand up paddle boards.

The Outdoor Tuff 10ft inflatable stand­up paddle board linked to to below is one of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards that Outdoor Tuff has to offer. It’s a very well­-made SUP board, all things considered.

This 10ft inflatable sup board is quite sturdy and rigid and has a weight capacity of up to 275 lbs. With such weight limit, you can pretty much take on a companion, be it your significant other or your pet, without experiencing any problem at all.

If you’re a seasoned paddleboarder who’s into advanced paddleboarding, I’m afraid, the Outdoor Tuff 10ft inflatable stand­-up paddle board might not be a good option for you, however, if you’re a newbie or an intermediate paddleboarder, this board is worth considering.

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The Outdoor Tuff 10ft inflatable stand­up paddle board  comes with a large non­slip pad that facilitates standing on top of it, and a grab handle which always helps get back on top of it after you went for a swim, or in cases where you just fall into the water. And even though I’m not a yoga person; I saw some friends who really enjoyed their spiritual bubble on this board.

The board also comes with an ankle leash which will save you the trouble of following the board away. Furthermore, it comes with three fins; two are fixed on the sides, and the third is a central slide­-in removable fin.

Now, in my opinion, getting on an inflatable board and finding that your weight pushes it down where you actually can see your feet drowning is not comfortable. I really don’t mind but it’s not what you’d be looking for in a board.

The Outdoor Tuff comes with a high pressure hand pump that makes inflating it just a matter of minutes especially if you don’t mind a little workout, and with the right amount of air pumped into it you are ready to rock the water like you should. It’s really important that any inflatable board is well pumped in order to enjoy a full paddling experience; however, you should know that when it comes to stability matters, the thicker the board is the better. The Outdoor Stuff is 6 inches thick, which, compared to other thin inflatable boards, is really good not to only keep you floating but also help you maintain a great equilibrium.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-10326SUP Inflatable SUP Review 2

Additionally, the triple­-layer VPC which the board is made of helps maintain a great deal of durability and rigidity. However, the durability of any inflatable board relies in the way you deal with it, how often it is used, and most importantly how. In other words, the Outdoor Tuff is made to endure a certain level of pressure and use just like any other inflatable board, and to expend the durability of your board, or any other item, you just have to treat it well.

In addition to the anti­-slip pad, the Outdoor Tuff comes with five D-­rings that are used according to need, and the bungee cord that connects them is quite useful when you need to store anything on board, it’s actually my favorite part; the paddle, diving tools, and the sandals… all can be attached to the board while you’re in the water. The paddle that this board comes with is built to float. It can also be adjusted from 61 inches to 80 inches to fit the your height.

It’s an inevitable fact that inflatable boards are what a lot of you out there need; I mean think about it, they’re portable, easily packed, and they come with everything you need to handle it.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-94314SUP inflatable stand up paddle board reviewThe Outdoor Tuff comes in an all­-inclusive package which is guaranteed to please you; I have told you about the floating paddle and the hand pump, so remains the repair kit which I’m pretty certain that you wouldn’t need it unless something really sharp got into your inflatable board.

Moreover, this board comes with a back bag which is designed so that the board and all of its equipment fit perfectly in it; the bag is always a plus because it means that you don’t have to worry about where to store the whole thing; you’ll just be up and ready any time and any day to hit the water.



  • Try to use an electric pump if you have one, it’s faster, and it’ll save you some effort.
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