Red Paddle Co SPORT 11’0″ inflatable SUP Board Review

Red Paddle Co SPORT 11' inflatable SUP Board ReviewThe Red Paddle Co is a relatively young brand to the inflatable paddle board scene but it has already attracted more attention than some of the oldest brands in the field. Some of the reasons behind the almost immediate sprout of this manufacturer is the interactional relationship that it carries out with its clients as well as an unprecedented devotion to upgrading their products regularly.

The Red Paddle Co has managed to put out a wide variety of inflatable boards out there already and it will carry on producing different models because the thing with boards generally and inflatable ones specifically is that it doesn’t matter how good they are if they’re not compatible with you. Therefore, you must bear in mind that the most important thing when making this purchase is that you get a board which matches your profile perfectly.

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So the Red Paddle Co SPORT seems to have more appeal than the other boards you’ve seen so far and you’re not wrong; this is one good looking board but not only that, it is also one of the best quality inflatable SUP boards in the whole industry.

2016 red paddle co 11 sport inflatable SUP Board ReviewIn fact, the Red Paddle Co places so much emphasis on quality that I could safely argue it ranks amongst the top 5 quality boards in the industry. In this respect, the Red Paddle Co SPORT is strictly made of military grade PVC material that involves fusing a second layer of hard wearing polymer to the drop-stitch core, making the board virtually indestructible.

When it comes to paddle boards, size does matter and quite a lot actually. Accordingly, this Red Paddle Co Sport is 11 feet long and 30 inches wide which make it most adequate for teenagers, young adults and adults alike.

The board is 4.7 inches thick and that is significant because it makes the difference between floating and sinking under. You see, inflatable boards that are less than 4 inches thick are prone to give in under your weight and dive under at the center which makes 4.7” extremely reliable. In fact, this allows the weight limit on this board to reach up to 90 kg/198 lbs.

When it comes to the basic features of the Red Paddle Co SPORT, you can clearly tell that a lot of time and effort was dedicated to make the smallest details look as sharp as possible.

First thing that catches your eye while looking at the deck of the board are the 4 stainless steel D-rings that are connected by a bungee cord to make a practical cargo holder + one more D-ring at the back end of the board which serves for towing or/and securing the board when needed.

Red Paddle Co SPORT 11'0

Then comes the gigantic anti-slipping pad which covers 2/3 of the deck making it much easier for the rider to maintain control and evenly distribute his or her weight on the board. Unlike the common 3 fins which are found in most inflatable boards, this Red Paddle Co iSUP Board comes with one huge central fin instead for improved agility and control.

2016 Red Paddle Co SPORT 11 0 inflatable SUP BoardA huge signifier with any inflatable board is the package in which the board comes because it sometimes makes the difference between a memorable experience and a constant headache.

Luckily, this board comes in an all inclusive package which will make maintaining it a piece of cake.

First, the bag is great; it’s just splendid as it will save you so much trouble when you will need to transport the board or store it.

To do that, you simply need to deflate, roll up, bag it and simply carry it on your back or in your car to the nearest body of water and same goes for storage. Also, the package includes a high pressure hand pump which is undeniably better than most generic pumps you receive with inflatable boards as it will help you inflate the Co SPORT faster to the required 15 PSI (PS: not more, not less).

Moreover, you also get a standard repair kit which I know for a fact you won’t need unless you intentionally want to break the board.


  • The RED PADDLE Co SPORT is a first class inflatable paddle board. Simply put, you cannot do better when it comes to quality as this is the kind of purchase that’d last a lifetime.
  • The package is user friendly as it includes everything you’ll need to maintain the board for a long time and give you the best experience money can buy.


  • The price tag might be a bit of a bear for some of you but I personally would rather go with a expensive product that would last longer and better than buy something cheap and end up changing it several times.

Red Paddle Co SPORT 11’0″ inflatable SUP Board

Red Paddle Co SPORT 11'0Red Paddle Co SPORT 11'0Red Paddle Co SPORT 11'0Red Paddle Co SPORT 11'0

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