Airhead Rapidz 1138 Inflatable SUP Board Review

Airhead Rapidz 1138 Inflatable SUP Board ReviewAirhead is a brand that is mostly known for creating unique or most appropriately special inflatable stand up paddle boards that are meant to fulfill the preferences of various users. More specifically, this manufacturer has managed to produce a variety of smart boards that are meant to cope with the basic needs of beginners primarily.

The Rapidz 1138 is consequently the latest addition to a prosperous line of vastly successful boards made by this company. However, how competitive is it when it comes to quality? Well, durability has been one of the company’s strongest claims and this board is no exception.

The Rapidz is an example of what inflatable SUP boards should be like as it is strictly made of military grade PVC material which is then joined by an industrial drop stitch construction, making it extremely rigid.

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In other words, it does not matter where you store this board, how you ride it or how wild you can go because it’s almost impossible to permanently damage it within its purpose.

In fact, it was tested that this board can handle crashing against hard rocks, being dragged on any surface and even getting run over by a car.

Yet, what is quality if the board isn’t your fit. When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, size does matter and that is something you should always keep in mind while picking your purchase.

Airhead Rapidz 1138 Inflatable stand up paddle board review

The Airhead Rapidz 1138 is consequently 11 feet 6 inches long and 38 inches wide which is a great size for teenagers, young adults and adults alike.

Actually, this board is so big that it can handle more than one passenger at a time (you can pick up another medium-weight adult, a child or a pet without affecting performance a bit.)

When it comes to thickness, this board measures 4 inches which could have been better; however, the side floaters make this board a lot more reliable than you’d think, allowing it to take up 330 lbs.

Airhead Rapidz 1138 iSUP boardFrom the way it looks, it is no surprise that the Rapidz 1038 was designed with a beginner in mind and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Truly, this board might not be suitable for professional riders. However, it is exceptionally practical for people who are new to the sport and that is because of many reasons.

The basic features of this board are very interesting as is the case with the 6 stainless steel D-rings on the head and 4 more on the end which are meant to help you transport a small cargo easily. Also, these D-rings can be used to install a removable kayak seat if you want to try something new.

Another prominent feature of the board is the extended gripping pad which covers most of the deck and for a very good reason too. A pad this size will make it much easier for you to maintain balance and distribute your weight properly on top of the board but most importantly, it’ll come in very handy when you’ll need to climb back up on board after falling in the water.

Moreover, the dynamic navigation system on this board is definitely worth a strong mention as it comes with 3 removable fins.

Airhead Rapidz 1138 inflatable Stand up paddle board Review

If there’s anything that has helped me make up my mind about any of the 1xx boards I have reviewed already, it would be the package in which they come as it can make the difference between a great experience and a persevering headache.

Fortunately, the Rapidz 1138 comes in a nice little package which includes most of the things you’ll need to maintain this board.

First things first, the board comes with a convenient mesh backpack which will make storing and transporting the board a piece of cake.Then, there’s also a high pressure hand pump which is essential for every inflatable board.

Last but not least, the package also includes a standard repair kit which I’m certain you won’t need unless you’re purposefully trying to wreck this board.



  • Overall, the Rapidz is a splendid beginner friendly inflatable paddle board whose strongest feature is quality. So, if you’re trying to find a board that is ever lasting then you hit jackpot.
  • The basic features of this board make it a lot more practical and a lot safer for beginning riders specifically. Nonetheless, even more experienced users can enjoy this board.
  • The rigidity, steadiness and reliability of this Airhead make it one of your best options in the industry, especially when compared to other poorly made, poor quality boards in the same category.


  • The only thing which I didn’t appreciate is that the package doesn’t include a paddle of any sort. If you decide to purchase this inflatable SUP board, you’ll have to buy a paddle separately.

Airhead Rapidz 1138 Inflatable SUP Board in Action

Airhead Rapidz 1138 inflatable stand up paddle board review

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