Airhead Cruise 930 Inflatable SUP Board Review

AIRHEAD Cruise 930 inflatable SUP board review Airhead is one of the most prominent names in the industry of inflatable paddle boards and for all the good reasons too.

This manufacturer has managed to quickly establish a strong reputation due to its quality products and continuous upgrade to match the user’s preferences no matter how diverse.

Speaking of quality, the Airhead Cruise is one example that stands out as it is strictly made of military grade PVC material which is then reinforced by an industrial drop stitch construction, making it extremely rigid.

In more understandable measures, this board does not require careful treatment as it is capable of handling rough terrains, strong currents and wild riders. Consequently, it has been proven through a variety of tests that the Airhead Cruise can manage literally all kinds of circumstances within its purpose without damaging the board beyond repair.

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Diversity is another strong pole for the Cruise 930 and that has to do with more than just the way it looks. Undeniably, this board looks very appealing and that can’t be said about most inflatable boards. However, there is something more important than design and that is size. When it comes to inflatable paddle boards, size does matter because of an abundance of reasons.

Accordingly, this Airhead is 9 foot long and 30 inches wide making it more suitable for children, teenagers and young adults but not adults. It might seem that a 9 feet long board can handle a full grown adult but that would affect performance to a great extent.

AIRHEAD Cruise 930 inflatable SUP Board

Speaking of which, performance is also affected by the weight of the user which is why it is advisable to bear in mind that the weight limit on this board is only 180 lbs. Moreover, the Cruise measures 4 inches in thickness which is more than fair for the designated category.

The basic features of this board are very interesting to say the least. The Cruise 930 iSUP board is designed in a way that guarantees the preservation of that authentic hard board woody look. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t include all the benefits an iSUP can offer.

AIRHEAD Cruise 930 inflatable SUP Board Review

Hence, the board is equipped with 4 bungee connected D-rings on the head of the deck to help you store and transport any kind of cargo from your sandals to your paddle.

The Airhead Cruise 930 is also hooked with two more D-rings on the nose and tail of the board which will come in very handy when you’ll need to tow or secure the board.

Additionally, a mention worthy feature is the extended gripping pad which covers most of the deck to help you maintain better balance and also to help you get back up on board after falling into the water.

Further, the dynamic navigation system on the Cruise 930 is excellent as it consists of 2 permanent fins on each side and a central removable one for convenience. (Tip: It would be smart to remove the central fin when riding in shallow water or on waves to reduce the risk of damaging it)

AIRHEAD Cruise 930 inflatable SUP board reviewThere is one element which has always helped me make up my mind on any purchase and that is the package in which the product comes as it can make the difference between a very nice experience and an unplanned disaster.

Luckily, the Airhead Cruise comes in a holistic package which includes almost everything you’ll need to maintain this board.

First item in the package, which I think is the number necessity for every rider, is a mesh backpack and that will make transporting / storing the board a piece of cake.

Further, the package also includes a high pressure hand pump which is equipped with a pressure gauge so that you can make sure to pump the board to the right amount (15 PSI.)

Last but not least, the board also comes with a board strap and a basic repair kit which I honestly don’t think you’ll ever need unless you’re purposely planning to wreck the board.



  • The biggest advantage that this board has compared to others in its category is the virtue of quality. Truly, this manufacturer has managed to establish a solid reputation in the industry because of the quality of its products down to the smallest features.
  • The authentic look of this iSUP board is definitely something to prize as it is common amongst inflatable boards to look like goofy bubbles for the most part and that’s one more reason to seriously consider putting this board on your purchase list.
  • The measurements and design of the Cruise make it very suitable for beginners but also very convenient for more experienced riders.


  • The only thing which raised my eyebrow is the fact that the package does not include a paddle. Nonetheless, paddles are also the least expensive item on these packages (12$) and getting a separate one won’t cause you harm.


Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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