Wakooda LA132 11′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Wakooda LA132 Inflatable SUP Board ReviewIn the realm of inflatable paddle boards, quality is an essential feature to get noticed. Frankly speaking, inflatable SUP boards are not like hard ones. However, they are definitely not worse. A great example of that is the LA132 which is the newest addition to a rich line of quality inflatable boards that go by the name of Wakooda.

Wakooda is relatively speaking a new face to this industry. However, it has already managed to establish a strongly rooted reputation amongst both paddling and surfing communities due to its reliable products and variety of choice.

So, their LA132 inflatable SUP board seems to have caught your attention and that is no coincidence.

This inflatable paddle board is known to be extremely rigid as it is strictly made of military grade PVC material which is thereafter reinforced by an industrial drop stitch construction, making this board virtually indestructible.

That is to say, you don’t have to worry, where you store the LA132, where you ride it nor how wild you can go because it has been tested that this board can handle getting ran over by an SUV. So, beat that.

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Quality is a fundamental criteria but what is quality if the size doesn’t fit? This Wakooda LA132 is 11 feet long on 32 inches wide which is a perfect fit for teenagers, young adults and adults alike.

Wakooda LA132 11' Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board ReviewIn fact, this board is so big that it can handle one more passenger in addition to the rider (Advisably: a child or pet).

Speaking of capacity, the LA132 has an astounding weight limit of 250 lbs and that’s without affecting performance at all.

When it comes to thickness, this board measures 6 inches which is significant for one very specific reason; most inflatable paddle boards that are 4 inches thick or under are more prone to getting submerged at the center under the weight of the paddler and that’s something you will never have to worry about with a 6 inches thick board.

Wakooda LA132 inflatable stand up paddle board review

The basic features of this board are one more reason to seriously consider putting it on your purchase list.

First things first, the board’s deck is literally decorated by stainless steel D-rings which serve many purposes. To start with, the 4 D-rings that are connected by a bungee cord on the nose of the deck are meant to serve as a permanent cargo holder which will help you transport anything from your paddle to actual fish if you’re into fishing.

Then, there are 3 more D-rings on each side of the body and these are there to help you install your kayak seat if necessary.

Last, the board has two more D-rings, one on the very top and one on the very bottom which are there to help you secure or tow your board easily.

Nonetheless, there is something more important than D-rings and that is the anti slipping pad which covers 50% of the deck.

This feature will make it a lot easier for you to maintain balance and also help you distribute your weight properly on board.

Wakooda LA132 11' Inflatable SUP Board- finsLast but not least is the dynamic fin system on the board which includes 2 permanent side fins and a central removable one for convenience. (It is advisable to remove the central fin in shallow water and in strong current)

I’ve tested and reviewed tens and tens of inflatable SUP boards over the years, and I can tell you that there is one thing which has always helped me make up my mind about a product and that is the package in which it comes as it can make the difference between a memorable experience and a pain in the back.

Fortunately, the Wakooda LA132 comes in a very satisfying package which includes a backpack to help you transport and store the board, a collapsible BRAVO paddle which is essential for every paddler, an ankle leash, a high pressure hand pump which is equipped with a pressure gauge and a basic repair kit which I’m certain you’ll never need unless you’re purposefully trying to damage this board.



  • Wakooda is a well reputed brand which is always a reliable state as it is the manufacturer’s prime concern to maintain that reputation and that necessarily means making quality products.
  • The basic features of this board make it a lot more practical and reliable. These features also grant you many more options to discover along the way. Hint: This board can be used for fishing, kayaking, yoga and most importantly surfing.
  • The package in which the board comes is beginner friendly as it includes everything you’ll need to maintain this board and that isn’t very common in the industry.


  • I really can’t think of anything I would change about this board except that it would be a lot more practical to use an electric pump instead of a manual pump which could take you up to 10 minutes of hard pumping every time you need to use your board.
Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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