Zray X1 9’9″ Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

Zray keeps presenting us with a variety of options to suit our needs and expectations when it comes to inflatable paddle boards which are everyone’s “want” for this summer; they are extremely portable, easily stored, and convenient for anyone including children.

An inflatable SUP board can be used for racing, touring, relaxing and even yoga… you just name it; Zray has it all and those inflatable paddle boards are absolutely up to the mission.

This Zray X1 inflatable paddle board is 9.9 feet tall, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick; it’s the perfect size for any activity that you’d like to practice because it’s not too big nor too small whether for beginners or advanced paddlers. It can take up to 264 lbs and since it is 6 inches thick, you will notice that it’s really stable and rigid when completely inflated.

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Speaking of which, this board comes in an all-inclusive package which will save you the trouble of looking for any item that you might need to handle it.

The Zray X1 9’9″ inflatable SUP board is featured with a hand pressure pump which will do the job and inflate the board up to 15 PSI, and that’s where you will get to witness your board turning into a really hard and stiff platform which will allow you to sense its strength; it’s made of military grade material and PVC drop-stich double layers which are meant to extend its durability protecting it from possible damages and enhance its performance.

In addition to that, half the ZRay X1’s back is covered with an EVA pad traction that is meant to boost your stability while paddling because it is anti-skid and it will help you to maintain a solid and firm posture while maneuvering or changing directions, add to that the fact that it is soft and comfortable for your feet which is really important for long distance paddling.

ZRay X1 9'9" inflatable SUP Board Review

Further, you’ll be glad to know that this board comes with a professional floating paddle which means that you will never lose it to the sea, river, or lake. You can adjust it somewhere between 65 and 85 inches to suit your height and you’ll enjoy how easy it is to stroke the water using it since it’s made of light aluminum.

Moreover, the Zray X1 9’9” iSUP board is featured with 5 stainless steel D-rings; 4 of which are located on the front of the board and are connected with a bungee cord that comes really handy when you need to carry some extra cargo on board with you, while you’ll find the fifth on the tail so you can attach a safety leash.

Another thing that is left to mention is that this iSUP board comes with one central removable fin which you can easily attach/detach it; it’s thin and it’ll knife the water swiftly as you paddle.

Last but not least, this well-built 9.9 feet SUP will easily be fitted in a backpack after you deflate it, detach the fin, and roll it up; it will allow you to carry it with you anywhere you go, and this is what I always praise about inflatable paddle boards; they have so much to offer when it comes to portability matters, choice of activities, storage and durability.

One thing that is a bit unusual about the Zray X1 package is that you won’t find a repair kit included, thus, I’ll just hope you won’t need it if you took good care of your SUP.



  • It’s budget friendly.
  • The Zray X1 9’9” iSUP board comes in all inclusive package.
  • Its size is perfect for all paddlers.
  • It comes with an adjustable floating  professional paddle.
  • The featured backpack is very practical and comfortable to use.


  • As for cons, it’s really difficult to think of any. If anything, I’d say that the no repair kit is included. You won’t need one if you take good care of your board.

Zray X1 9’9″ inflatable SUP Board in Action

Zray X1 Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review
Zray X-1 Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review