Airhead AHSUP-2 SS Super Stable inflatable SUP Board Review

AIRHEAD AHSUP-2 Super Stable inflatable SUP board ReviewThe Airhead AHSUP-2 Super Stable inflatable SUP board is obviously a unique stand up paddle board and that’s not only because of the way it looks. Evidently, the Airhead AHSUP-2 Super Stable doesn’t really resemble a standard iSUP because it is designed to be more than just that.

Airhead built this board to solve a very common issue that hinders mainly beginners but sometimes even more experienced users and that is stability.

The company’s designers sought a simple solution for the issue but it turned out to be more practical than they could imagine.

The idea was to simply install tapered inflatable rails on each side of the board to induce stability to an unparalleled level in order to make riding it a lot easier. However, that is only one way to benefit from the extra stability.

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Fishing, yoga SUP, kayaking, exercising or even dancing are some of the several ways that you can exploit the unique engineering of this inflatable paddle board but what is design without strength.

Quality is another thing which makes this super stable inflatable SUP board exceptional as it is strictly made of military grade materials which is then reinforced by an industrial drop stitch construction, making this board extremely rigid.

Airhead AHSUP-2 SS Super Stable inflatable SUP board ReviewThat said, you can pretty much ride this Airhead AHSUP-2 iSUP board wherever you desire without the constant concern of damaging it or crashing it against hard rocks. In other words, this board will endure anything from wild surfing to being run over by a car and that’s one of the reasons which makes it a smart pick.

Size definitely matters when it comes to inflatable stand up paddle boards because not all boards are suitable for all users. The AHSUP-2 SS is 10 foot, 8 inches long, and 38 inches wide, making it perfect for children, teenagers and young adults.

When it comes to thickness, the board measures 6 inches which is significant for one very specific reason; most boards that are 4 inches thick or under are more perceptible to getting submerged at the center under a lot of weight but that’s almost impossible with 6 inches. Speaking of weight, the weight limit on this board is around 250 lbs which means it can handle a user + a child or pet.

Airhead ASHUP-2 SS Super Stable iSUP Board Review

As for the basic features of the AHSUP-2, it becomes obvious that the board is equipped with everything you need to enjoy your ride.

First thing which caught my eye were the 4 stainless steel D-rings that are connected by a bungee cord and all the ways in which it could be used. Accordingly, this installment will make a great cargo holder from your paddle to your shoes.

Further, surrounding the 4 D-rings are 3 small handles meant for securing an additional kayak seat which is definitely an upgrade. Still on rings, the board also has one D-ring on the end to help you tow and secure it easily.

Moving on to the center, you can see that the board’s anti-skid EVA gripping pad is taking over most of the deck space which will make it a lot easier for you to distribute your weight properly and maintain an even stronger balance. Also, the anti slipping pad will prove to be very practical once you’ll try to climb back on top after falling in the water.

Airhead AHSUP-2 SS Super Stable inflatable SUP Board ReviewAnother important feature which deserves to be reviewed is the three dynamic fins of which two are permanently glued to each side and a central removable one for specific use. (PS: the central fin is very useful in steady currents but it’s advisable to remove it in shallow water or on waves.)

One element which has always helped me make up my mind about almost every inflatable paddle board I ever reviewed is the package in which it comes as it can make a whole lot of difference.

Luckily, this Airhead AHSUP-2 Super Stable inflatable SUP board comes in quite a comforting pack and that will make maintaining this board a piece of cake.

First item you’ll find is a high pressure hand pump which is equipped with a pressure gauge so you can make sure to pump it to the right degree (15 PSI), a standard repair kit which I doubt you’ll ever need if you take care of your board, a valve wrench which is essential in my opinion and a back pack carry bag so that you can transport and store the board easily once deflated.



  • This board is unique and that will guarantee that you actually enjoy using it as a beginner.
  • The package in which the board comes is certainly everything you’ll need to make peace with this sport.
  • The quality of this board is definitely worth a strong mention and that can’t be said about most inflatable boards out there.


  • The Airhead AHSUP-2 SS (Super Stable) is a bit pricey.
  • The hand pumping might get a little bit challenging with time. So, my advice for you is to get yourself a nice little electric pump and save yourself the trouble.



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AIRHEAD AHSUP-2 SS inflatable SUP Board Review

AIRHEAD AHSUP-2 SS inflatable SUP Board Review

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