Viniie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you travel a lot and just want to be able to take your board with you, thanks to their compact size, Viniie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are easy to take with you wherever you go.

Then again, if you are an adventurous rower and need a durable board – inflatable boards are the most durable type of paddle board. Dropping it won’t hit or scratch it.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) offers a fun way to play in the water, with the added benefit of a full-body workout (without really feeling like one!).

Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the adventure of inflatable paddle surfboards? That would be the perfect choice for our Viniie paddle surfboards. Viniie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are manufactured from 10 years of high technology and professional designers from Europe and Japan. They are perfect for things like yoga, fishing, excursions, exploration and cruising in the lake, river, or even the ocean.

They’re made of three-layer military-grade PVC and have a core of composite fibers sewn with ultra-reinforced seams that provide high resilience and a waterproof seam. With a maximum load of 330 pounds, the SUP board is 10’5 ” long, 30 ” wide and 6 ” thick to improve balance and stability when standing.

The 3-piece folding paddles are ergonomically weighted and float perfectly on the water surface and won’t sink (apparently, they’ve been through thousands of rigorous tests) and by using the latest scientific technology, they’re made 50% lighter than traditional rowing paddles on the market. These paddles are height adjustable with easy-to-connect parts.

The Viniie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is equipped with 1 large removable fin and 2 fins attached to the board, which offer the best steering, stability and maneuverability for long glides and glides on the water.

The double-acting hand pump is supplied with an airtight hose and an accurate pressure gauge, so that it only takes 3-4 minutes to inflate, although the pressure gauge can’t read under 5 psi.

These Viniie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards come with a 3-piece paddle pack, fins, hand pump, a waterproof 5L bag, a cell phone pocket, a more robust backpack, a strap and a repair kit.

I’m sure you already know these, but some of the benefits of an iSUP:
• Easy to carry
• Easy to store • Can stay inflated for any length of time
• Can be taken to places inaccessible by car
• Great choice for a beginner
• Great for white-water
• Great for yoga
• More hard-wearing than hardboards
• Lower entry price
• Safer and softer for landing on
• Ideal for children
• Easy to learn in shallow water
• More comfortable stand for long sessions Paddle
• Ideal for taking a dog a walk
• Now make inflatable sup boards specifically designed for yoga, fishing, hiking, night expeditions, racing, and surfing.

For most recreational rowers, paddle boards Inflatable paddles are the best option.

Inflatables eliminate all of the storage problems you would have with a hard board. Or, you have the room, but you don’t want a large, bulky paddle board to clutter your garage or shed. You can keep your iSUP on a shelf, in a closet, under a bed, or even in the trunk of your car if you use it that often.



  • Less than 5 minutes to pump up with the manual pump
  • Better grip for a dog
  • Great choice for a beginner


  • If you are serious about surfing or racing, you probably want a sturdy, hard paddle board.



The inflatable SUP industry is growing rapidly and consequently, there are a lot of different types of boards available from all-around versatile SUP’s that can be used in any type of water to fast touring boards to whitewater and surf paddle boards and even race-specific ISUP’s.

Regardless of what type of board you choose (unless you choose a race-specific board) I find they are quite versatile (meaning they can be used by any person of any age).

Viniie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are 6″ thick making them quite stable.  They are great for paddling with kids as well as dogs.  They are definitely something the whole family can enjoy and can be used on flat water lakes, winding rivers, whitewater rapids as well as on ocean bays and surf.

How long do ISUPs last?

The big question that a lot of people have is how durable are inflatable paddle surfboards? I mean, they’re just full of air, aren’t they? The truth is that inflatable paddle boards are more durable than hard paddleboards. The exterior of a good inflatable paddle board is made up of several layers of military-grade PVC (like this one is!). Viniie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards are sturdy and durable units.

A good-quality, well-maintained inflatable paddleboard will last for many years.
Even if you use your paddleboards more than the average paddler, you are unlikely to get a leak. Of course, you should only buy good paddleboards and then take good care of them (Keep them out of the sun when not paddling, blah, blah, blah).

And by the way, a dog’s claws are fine for an inflatable paddleboard. In fact, an inflatable paddle surfboard is a great option if you want to take your dog for a ride. The iSUP deck surface allows a better grip for a dog than a hard/composite paddle board.

Inflatables can be slower and less responsive than a hard board, but they work really well for most paddlers and for fun paddling anywhere, most rowers won’t notice that much of a difference.

The inflatables are stable enough for beginners in calm water, but when the wind comes up the inflatables can be a bit more difficult to handle than hard boards. However, in fast flowing rivers, whitewater inflatables work better than hard paddle boards.

If you are serious about surfing or racing, you probably want a sturdy, hard paddle board. But for some serious family fun, or solo adventures, inflatables like the Viniie Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board are the way to go.



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