ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable

The ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable is definitely one of the most popular inflatable paddleboards! With its versatile design that’s made for fun in every way, the sleek and classy design suits riders of all abilities. If you’re looking for a board shape that’s perfect for shallow waters such as rivers, smaller waves, and everything else, this one will fill that gap while leaving you with space in your car for your luggage or even your pets!

So many reasons this is a great board…

Lighter weight and stable design: Drive over it with your car if you want, the Issyauto stand-up paddle board inflatable is made from military-grade PVC which makes it stiff enough for all paddle board activities and tough enough to survive a round with the family. This inflatable paddle board is 6 inches thick and helps you keep your balance while paddling (that’s a good thing!).

ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable - ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP 10'6

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Includes some great accessories: The ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable comes with a complete package that includes an adjustable lightweight aluminum alloy leaf paddle; carrying backpack; high-pressure pump; spiral belt; repair kit; instruction manual; and center fin.

What size is it?

It weighs approximately 17 pounds when inflated, and the 31-inch width provides stability for family activities, fishing, yoga, whatever you can imagine; The non-slip traction pad on the rhombic EVA deck provides additional comfort for another person (or dog!), as well as space for equipment; With up to 300 pounds of weight capacity!

Why would you buy an iSUP? The ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable is one of the highest quality paddleboards that has been conceived, constructed, and tested by people who surf and paddle every day! They even offer a 2-year warranty on materials for peace of mind.

This inflatable paddle surfboard is a superstar when it comes to functionality. It’s perfect for those looking for a super stable paddleboard, you can enjoy a variety of SUP sports and is great for taking your dog, kids, or extra passengers for those romantic adventure holidays (the what now? Nevermind…).

This inflatable SUP is perfect for all skill levels to enjoy.

Built with the latest technology it’s strong and stiff! As I’ve already said, this paddle board is made of several layers of military-grade PVC. The drop-stitch is coated with a special seal and adhesive layer and then fuses a machine-laminated PVC layer with a higher density (yup, go tell your significant other that mouthful!). This process eliminates human factors or errors in the connection, creating a unitary and unique connection that traditional hand-held gluing simply cannot achieve, resulting in a panel that is hard-wearing but still lightweight.

ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable - ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP 10'6

The ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable is versatile, durable and easy to transport! When it’s deflated, this board can even be rolled up to the size of a sleeping bag and fits into the supplied backpack (super-handy!). This way, you can take your paddleboard anywhere you can imagine. Just throw it in the back and you are ready for your next expedition.

Made for:

  • General Paddling
  • Fitness and Yoga
  • Relaxing Fishing
  • Pet Paddles!
  • Stand-up Surfing

Additional Features:
6-POINT FRONT BUNGEE: Equipped with a front bungee system to accommodate all of your gear and makes it easy to attach your belongings.
PADDLE MOUNT: Two straps along the board rail provide secure paddle attachment points for when it’s not in use.
TAIL, NOSE AND GRIP: Reinforced handles make it easy to transport your board with loaded equipment along river beds, piers or breakwaters. It can also be used as lashing points for docks or as a strap.

What comes in the box?

This pack contains everything you need to get out on the water. Complete package includes:

  • 8 Inch Spiral Leash
  • Nylon Center Fin
  • Hand Pump
  • Travel Bag
  • 3-Piece Hybrid Sup Travel Paddle
  • Repair Kit
ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable - ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable SUP 10'6

The manual pump is work, but these pumps work really well and will have you sorted and in the water in around 5 minutes. And there are just a few extra features like the straps to hold the paddle in place while you meditate on the board carefree.

One of the most common reasons people want an inflatable board seems to be because it is extremely easy to transport and the ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable won’t disappoint in that department either.

They are compact and small when deflated and fit well in a large tote bag or backpack. You can easily carry them in the trunk of your car, an RV, in a boat, or even on an airplane!

In general, they are very practical to take with you wherever you go. I have even heard of people who took them on a cruise which is pretty amazing!

It can be very difficult and expensive to travel with a fiberglass board. The inflatables make it easy. You can often check them on the plane at no extra charge as they don’t weigh much or take up a lot of space. Taking a board with you on your travels opens up a world of opportunity.

You can have the opportunity to row in waters that you would otherwise never have been able to navigate.

Everyone falls at some point while paddling on a stand-up. Hopefully, the water will be warm for you, but a fall is inevitable. Thankfully, the ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable gives you a softer landing pad when you do. I find that while ISUPs can be extremely stiff, they don’t have the same hard surface as a fiberglass board. Therefore, if you fall, you are less likely to feel the impact which is great for beginners and children as well.

I’d mostly say that inflatable SUPs are more stable than a rigid board. They can be a lot easier to learn and, overall, simply more stable to ride.

This has almost been said to death, but you’ve got to love that they stow so easily in a small space with no garage or storage shed required!

These boards can be emptied, rolled up in their carrying bag and stowed in a closet.
For this reason, they are ideal for people who lack storage space.

These boards are not thin and while a fiberglass board can be damaged if hit by rocks, an inflatable board will just bounce. They’re tough, and unless you really abuse them by poking them into sharp objects, repairs are unlikely.

Ideal for Dogs – Dogs tend to love being out on a paddle board! A board with a wide stance like the ISSYAUTO Stand Up Paddle Board Inflatable is perfect. It’s stable and the surface allows your dog to sit without its legs slipping like on a fiberglass board. They are the ideal option for anyone who wants to SUP with their puppy!


  • Best for travelling with
  • Super-easy storage
  • Dog-Friendly!


  • Stiffness: If you inflate the inflatable board to the correct level of air, they will be extremely stiff and work well. It’s still an inflatable board, however, and won’t be as stiff as a fiberglass board.

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Like many others, I’m sure you’ll read a ton of iSUP reviews before you considered settling on this one. Personally, I think you’d definitely be glad that you chose this one. The colors are brilliant, the quality of the materials is the same, if not better, than other boards that cost twice as much.

You won’t be able to wait to get it in the water.



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