VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board can hold up to 360 pounds! But it only weighs about 20 pounds fully inflated. It is equipped with bungee cords to keep your belongings with you on the board, not in the water. The deck has an easy-to-carry handle and the deck pad is nice for easy support and grip for your feet on the board. Three fins for added stability and the middle one is removable for easy folding.

This board comes with an emergency repair patch and an ankle strap, so you don’t have to worry about losing your board in a fall.

VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (11'×33

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It comes with a hand pump that can be easily connected and inflates the board in about 5 minutes with continuous pumping (the last 5 pounds is work!).

It also comes with a waterproof cell phone pocket and a huge pocket that holds the board with straps to carry it on your back to and from the lakes, ocean, river, wherever! The VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is big, beautiful, and easy to use!

The paddle board measures 132″ x 33″ x 6″. It weighs about 22 pounds. It is made of a thick, durable PVC and as I said, it does not take long to inflate with the supplied pump

VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (11'×33

The board can be easily stowed in the supplied backpack. You can SUP anywhere you want to with easy transportation on buses, trains, and planes (when possible to travel!).

The Special longer design offers enough space for couples… or your dog!

This is a standing inflatable surfboard perfect for people who want to stay stable and balanced. With the 6″ depth and the 33″ width, the wide platform and longer shape (132″) are a gift for surfers and fun-seekers to open the door to nature, have fun and take adventurous risks that go beyond themselves and help you to unwind. Made with 3 layers of military-grade PVC fabric to ensure the outer skin is virtually indestructible, it can support a maximum weight of up to 360 pounds.

VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board - VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (11'×33

It also comes with non-slip EVA splice fabric, which allows the user to stand more stable on the board, relax and enjoy surfing. The VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board offers the most complete support accessories, including waterproof cell phone cases, waterproof backpacks, special Aluminium paddles, tail fins, tool kits, inflatable tubes, foot ropes and more accessories.

All accessories and surfboards can be stowed in the waterproof backpack. When folded, it is 36″x 15″ x 10″ and weighs only 22 lbs. Whether you are surfing, fishing, adventure-seeking, travelling or enjoying your yoga, the backpack takes care of all you need with you. The design of this board is based on the Indian style – mysterious and wild.

The wood grain style is closely related to nature to help you enjoy a more stylish ride and a free-feeling life with the VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Inflatable boats can also be an excellent choice for intermediate to advanced users. It all depends on what you will be using your paddle board for. If you plan to only use your SUP in lakes, calm waters, paddling in white water or rivers, then a VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is the best choice regardless of your skill level.


  • More durable than rigid paddle boards.
  • The inflatable SUP board requires only 5 minutes to inflate
  • Great accessories included


  • It’s a good idea to buy an electric pump (the manual works well, but can be hard work)

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Ultimately, inflatables can do anything that hard boards could, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is common to find inflatables at a cheaper price than hard paddleboards. However, it is not always that way. On average, you can save a few hundred dollars by buying an inflatable paddle board instead of a rigid one. For this reason, if you are new to paddle surfing, an inflatable boat is an excellent first purchase and the VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is right up there at the top of my list.

Advantages of inflatable boards

As stated, an average size inflatable SUP board requires only 5 minutes to inflate. Inflating is easy. All you must do is:
1. Connect your hand pump or electric pump to the valve. 2 – Pump until you reach the PSI recommended (11-13). 3 – Close the valve and you can enjoy that glittering water that your floating in.

If we were to time a person on their SUP from packing their car to jumping in the water, an inflatable boat would beat a hard board in a race.

Here’s why:
Getting ready for the beach: Packing an inflatable paddle board consists of putting the rolled up iSUP (the size of a sleeping bag) in the trunk or back seat of your car and driving to the beach.

Packing a rigid SUP board consists in grabbing your SUP and transporting it carefully, then you have to tie it down tightly and drive slower than normal due to the huge SUP on your roof. If your boards are tied down, the person who had the inflatable is already 5-10 minutes ahead.

When you get to the beach: As soon as you arrive at the beach with your inflatable paddle board you have to inflate it (it takes 5 minutes), but when the person with a hard board arrives at the beach, it takes a good few minutes while they unbuckle the board and remove it from the roof.

The inflatables are actually more durable than rigid paddle boards. Modern inflatable paddleboards are super sturdy and can withstand heavy hits without major damage.

Drop an inflatable into a parking lot as many times as you want. Conventional wisdom would lead you to believe that something that is inflatable must be easy to pierce, but the truth is that a good-quality inflatable paddle board like the VWB Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, is actually very durable and puncture resistant. These virtually indestructible beasts are much more durable than you think! I can admit that hard paddleboards have more performance-based capabilities than inflatable ones. In fact, someone did a speed comparison of rigid and inflatable paddle boards and there was only a 5% speed difference.



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