Tower Xplorer 14′ 8″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

I’m usually not that confident to advice people or tell them what to do according to my experience, but this time if you are willing to get an inflatable paddle board because summer is right behind the corner; I’m here to tell you that the Tower Xplorer inflatable paddle board is the choice you won’t regret.

Standup paddle boarding has become very popular lately because simply, those inflatable boards have loads of options and features to make the time spent in the water feel like nothing else before.

Tower Xplorer Inflatable Stand up paddle board reviewThe Tower Xplorer is one of these inflatable paddle boards that comes in an all-inclusive package and which will make you feel like owning the water when you get on top of it. It’s 14 feet tall which is a size that I find monstrous and perfect for anyone and for all different activities, also listen to this, it’s 8 inches thick which makes it one of the strongest inflatable paddle boards out there. You’ll feel completely balanced while on the board because with a design like this one only an outstanding performance is expected.

The space dedicated for the diamond groove traction on the Tower Xplorer is very well-made you won’t get tired of your feet making contact with it; it’s so comfy and it makes standup paddling safer as it’ll provide you with so much more confidence and equilibrium.

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Tower Xplorer inflatable sup board weight loadNot only that; those previously mentioned 8 inches are meant to take big guys on board with no difficulties or hurdles, it actually can take up to 700 lbs; you’ll feel the firmness of the Tower Xplorer once it’s fully inflated because first; it’s made with military grade PVC and industry leading drop stitch construction, and second; it turns rock-hard you won’t believe it’s just air pumped into it; I’d even dare say it’s nearly indestructible.

As you can see in the pictures, the Tower Xplorer is designed with a smooth and thick pointy nose and that’s for a reason; this board is great for speedy paddling and swift water cruising, it’s fast, balanced, and so light in the water, it’s also great for any other water activity: racing, recreational paddling, river touring, yoga and more.

Tower Xplorer inflatable sup board reviewMoreover, the Tower Xplorer is featured with one detachable fin which is really thin and extremely easy to slide in place; it’s meant to help the board float faster and smoother. I have tried the Tower Xplorer in flat water, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I was, this board is as rigid as any authentic board and it moves faster than what I’ve expected.

In addition to that, the paddle must be exalted because the better the paddle, the better paddling is; this one breaks down to 3 pieces which makes packing it so easy. Also, it’s light and very comfortable to use thanks to its ergonomically designed handle.Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable SUP Review

Now you’d wonder if this inflatable paddle board is in anyway better than an authentic one, well; I’d say it is way better on so many levels. The Tower Xplorer in extremely portable; you can easily inflate / deflate it, folded up like a sleeping bag and it’ll find place anywhere in your house or your car. Also, since it’s not hard when deflated it’ll hardly ever get any damage on it, actually; it won’t when it’s inflated either.

Finally, the Tower Xplorer comes with a hand pressure gauge pump, but since I’ve already given you an advice in the beginning; just use an electric pump if possible unless if you like more workout.



  • The Tower Xplorer is an extremely strong inflatable stand up paddle board. It feature s8 inches thick, thus it takes up to 700 lbs.
  • It is made to endure the worst expected scenarios facing a stand up paddle board.
  • The amount of balance and firmness it provides is beyond what other inflatable boards could afford.


  • It doesn’t come with a carry bag.

Tower Xplorer 14′ 8″ Inflatable SUP Board in Action

Tower Xplorer 14' Inflatable SUP Review 2

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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