Aqua Marina Super Trip 12’2″ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Aqua Marina Super Trip inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board RebiewAqua Marina is one of the companies which keep in mind that their customers are of different ages, different needs, and different interests; thus, the chances that you’d find what you’re looking for are really high with their large platform of choices from individual to family SUPs, racing, yoga, wind surfing… and more.

Today’s inflatable paddle board is the family guy Super Trip which is 12.2 feet tall, 34 inches wide and 6 inches thick. This board can carry up to 463 lbs which means ultimate fun since you’ll be able to ride it with your family members, or with your friends for those of you who are into such light and colorful designs.

The Super Trip is a great mixture of a quick, agile, and stable SUP which will serve you just right whenever you wanted to enjoy some quality time; it’s covered with an EVA dot groove which will help you avoid slippage and maximize the board’s traction and boost your balance. Not only that; such design is really awesome when it comes to kids because they can sit on it comfortably without hurting their knees or elbows.

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I can’t help but praise the colors and design of the Super Trip because I couldn’t find something better to use while spending time with my kids; it holds a childish spirit; however, do not let that fool you; this board takes up to 15 psi using the included high pressure pump, and when it does; you’ll witness the inflation of a rigid, stiff, and sturdy board. Speaking of which; you’ll be glad to know that the top and bottom high tensile rail bands along the outline creates a stiffening system for maximum rigidity.

Aqua Marina Super Trip 12'2Also, not only the shape is what matters; the Super Trip is constructed with a double-wall drop-stich PVC which is perfect for cruising, exploring, and fitness activities on any flat-water surface; it’ll be a pleasant thing to do to practice yoga on this large and stiff board.

In addition to that, you’ll find that the Super Trip is featured with 3 removable fins which do great knifing the water, and also the fact that you can detach them make packing the deflated board way easier.

Further, which I think is great for long period or distance paddling; this board comes with 4 solid stainless steel D-rings that are connected with a bungee cord as to allow you to carry on board any extra cargo that might be needed, while another D-ring is on the tail so you can attach a safety leash.

Aqua Marina Super Trip ReviewMoreover, there are 6 rubber carry handles that are located on every side of the board including the nose and tail; they are of great help for when you want to carry around the 12.2 feet Super Trip you might need a hand or two to do that.

Now since this board is a big one you’ll need at least 2 paddles to handle it when you have a partner on board; but the thing is that the Super Trip comes with none; therefore, you’re obliged to separately purchase them to complete the package.

Another thing that is missing is the usual repair kit which might come of use one day, yet; if you’re a friendly users like I am; I can tell you that you won’t need it and that this board will last long and preserve.

Finally, and like most of the Aqua Marina’s boards, you’ll find the Magic backpack where you can put the deflated SUP after you roll it up; this way, you’ll be able to enjoy paddling and surfing anywhere since a big SUP like the Super Trip can shrink to fit in back bag.



  • The Super Trip is a family SUP par excellence.
  • It’s 6 inches thick and it is stiff enough to take 463 lbs.
  • The top and bottom high tensile rail bands along the outline create a stiffening system for maximum rigidity.
  • It comes with 4 D-rings and a bungee cord for extra cargo.


  • The Aqua Marina Super Trip doesn’t come with a paddle, so you’ll need to buy one separately.

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Aqua Marina Super Trip inflatable SUP Board Review

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