Red Paddle Co Max Race 10’6 Inflatable SUP Board Review

Red Paddle Co Max Race inflatable SUP ReviewThe Red Paddle Co is the brand which will not stop impressing you at any point; all of their products are to be praised, as they’re also introducing a range of new models updating almost all of their standup paddle boards for 2016.

Standup paddle boards are designed to suit our needs be it for recreational paddling, yoga, touring, or like this awesome board we have here; racing.

The Max Race is a 10.6 feet tall inflatable board, 24 inches wide and 4.7 inches thick. It is mainly designed for young people who do not surpass 155 lbs; thus, it is the perfect size for anyone around that weight limit.

fLooking at this inflatable SUP you can’t not notice the amount of details and sharpness put into its design; the pointy and narrow nose and tail are perfect for water cruising as they makes the board move really fast especially in flat water. Also, the Max Race is featured with a removable fin and double nose runner fins which help making knifing the waves so smooth and natural.

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In addition to that, the Max Race is constructed with anti-slip pad which covers almost half of it which is just great because racing needs that more than anything else. Yet, you’ll be pretty happy with the stiffness and rigidity with which the Max Race is presented; and here comes the best part: this board is features with the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) which comes in the form of stiffening battens along the rails of the board; those patterns are removable just like the fin in order to facilitate packing.

Red Paddle Co Max Race inflatable SUP ReviewPersonally speaking, it makes me so happy when I tap on my inflated board and hear that sound which is very similar to knocking on a wooden platform; the Max Race can be inflated up to 22 psi which is enough to turn it rock hard and rigid.

Additionally, and thanks to the Tec Air build quality, Red Paddle Co makes sure that their boards are strong, stiffer, durable, and professional. Further; which only adds to the awesomeness level delivered by this board, the Monocoque Structural Laminate (MSL) which refers to fusing a second layer of hard-wearing polymer to the drop-stitch core at the raw material stage makes the Max Race up to any beating.

Now of course the rigidity and performance of any inflatable stand up paddle board rely on many things, one of which is the right amount of air pumped into to it, and for that you’ll find a titan pump included in the package. It does a great job inflating the board as it comes with a bonus pressure gauge to read the pressure instantly without having to attach to the pump; it’s specifically designed for SUP valves so no adapter is required.

Red Paddle Co Max Race inflatable SUP ReviewBefore coming to an end for this review, I’ve got to mention, first, the 3 carry handles which are of great use whenever you need to move the inflated board or get on top of it when you’re in the water. Second, the included waterproof phone case so you’d be able to take you phone with anywhere, and third, which is a total blast; most of the new Red Paddle Co SUPs are featured with an amazing roller back bag which makes packing the Max Race a fun thing to do after every race, simply because you know that it’ll be so easy to move around with your board packed and dragged.

Finally, if there is anything that might bug some of you or that might be considered as a drawback it’ll be the fact that there is no paddle included in this package, however, I believe that it won’t be a waste to order a Red Paddle Co paddle as you order the SUP on Amazon because the company makes a variety of paddles for different activities as they deliver a professional performance. Also, if you’re used to D-rings and bungee cords; I’ll be sorry to inform you that you won’t find any on the Max Race, yet it’s not that big of a deal since this board is made for racing.

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  • The Max Race is constructed with a variety of technologies that make it stiff, rigid, and extremely durable.
  • It comes with a very practical roller back bag which is well-made and great looking as it’s so comfortable to use.
  • It comes with a repair kit, a titan pump, and a waterproof phone case.


  • The Max Race has no included paddle.
  • No D-rings or bungee cords.

Red Paddle Co Max Race in Action

Red Paddle Co MAX RACE SUP Review

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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