Red Paddle Co 10’8 Activ Inflatable SUP Board Review

Red Paddle Co ACTIV inflatable SUP Board ReviewThere is no time left for any of you out there to waste; summer is almost here and standup paddle boarding is the season’s spirit; and to deal with that, the Red Paddle Co provides you with a variety of strong and stylish options to suit your needs and personalities.

What we have here is the new inflatable standup paddle board Activ which is a 2016 model that is made to rock this summer; it’s 10.8 feet long, 34 inches wide, and 5.9 inches thick. It is a big guy as you can see in the pictures, but to me; a standup paddle board that is between 9 and 11 feet is of a perfect size.

The Activ is an all-round board which is designed mainly for those of you who want to work-out and practice yoga in the water, therefore, you can only imagine how stiff and rigid it is.

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The Red Puddle Co introduces the MSL fusion technology, which stands for Monocoque Structural Laminate; it reduces hand-gluing errors and the amount of glue being used. Also, The Activ comes with a titan pump which inflates it smoothly; it puts the volume into the board faster and reduces the effort required to reach a higher pressure.

Red Paddle Co ACTIV inflatable SUP Board 1The Activ can be inflated up to 25 psi but only at 22 psi it’ll turn to a wooden platform thanks to its high density drop stitch technology; that way, you’ll experience a great deal of equilibrium and rigidity.

In addition to that, a big guy can take a big weight; this board can take up to 265 lbs (120kg) allowing you to stand tall and balanced all the way, and if you’re a light weighted person you can always take your dog or your kid with you on board in complete comfort.

Speaking of which, the Red Paddle Co Activ’s back is all covered with a soft anti-slip texture which will not only add up to your balance on the board, but it’ll also make standing, sitting, or exercising as comfortable as ever.

Before I finish talking about the Activ’s design and construction, I’d like to point out the very catchy and stylish colors in which it comes; they’re extremely convenient for summer, as they’ll be a pleasant view anywhere.

Red Paddle Co ACTIV inflatable SUP Board ReviewNow like most inflatable standup paddle boards, the Activ comes with 3 irremovable fins and 4 carry handles that are quite useful when it’s inflated. It also comes with a new bag with the most significant developments yet seen with inflatable board bags. It has integrated wheels that make travelling through airports a pleasure, while the hidden back pack system can be stowed when not in use as it is super comfy when you need to put the board on your back. The front loading system makes packing and unpacking extremely simple.

If I may say this: not everything is perfect; the Red Paddle Co Activ comes with only one D-ring to attach the leach from beneath, while there are no D-rings on its back or a bungee cord; those were always a great add to any inflatable paddle board since they allow you to carry any cargo you might need in the water, however, when I think about it; a yoga person will need the whole space to exercise freely rather than loading some cargo.

Further, you’ll notice that a paddle is not included and that’s for a reason; the Red Paddle Co has a large platform of different paddles for every paddling activity and for everyone, therefore, they tend to let you choose the best paddle for you without including it in the package.

Finally, a repair kit is included in case ever needed, however, I don’t think you’ll need it with this board, and if you’re a friendly user, the Activ will just last longer than you could think.


  • The Red Paddle Co Activ is a big, strong, rigid, and durable SUP.
  • It delivers a professional performance.
  • It comes with an advanced roller back bag which is amazing for traveling and moving around.
  • It comes with a strong revolutionized titan pump.


  • The Activ does not come with a paddle, thus, you’ll have to buy one separately.
  • It also comes without any D-rings or bungee cords.

Tip  :

  • If you’re willing to get a new paddle for the Activ, get it right from the Red Paddle Co to suit it perfectly.

Red Paddle Co 10’8 Activ Inflatable SUP Board in Action

Red Paddle Co ACTIV inflatable SUP Board

Darren Stokes

Darren Stokes

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