Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP Inflatable SUP Board Review

Inflatable stand up paddle boards are arguably the future alternative of hard boards of all kinds and for all the good reasons too. If you’re an owner or a common user of hard boards (surf or paddle boards) then you already know the joy of riding smooth currents, strong ones and even huge waves but you also know that the struggle of owning a hard board is real.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP Inflatable SUP board reviewInflatable paddle boards on the other hand are just as strong but most importantly they can be deflated, rolled up and stored in a small drawer. Whereas, a hard board usually requires you own a garage where it can fit. Moreover, inflatable SUPs are so much easier to transport compared to hard boards.

Technically, you can fit a deflated stand up paddle board in a back pack carry bag and literally walk to your designated location without even being noticed. Hence, these are some of the few things why inflatable SUP boards are better but the question which still stands is “Which inflatable stand up paddle board is meant for you?”

Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP Inflatable SUP Board ReviewApparently, you already have a pick that interests you enough and that is the Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP. However, you still have some doubts. So, let me help you out with that.

The Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP is one of the few inflatable boards which stand out as rigid and reliable. We have reviewed and tested over 30 inflatable SUP boards by now and I can tell you that at this price range, most boards would not compare to quality of the Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP. This thing has a puncture resistant triple-layer PVC body which is then reinforced by a solid drop stitch construction, making it as solid as a hard board. Consequently, the board will feel stiff but still soft under you feet which is just about right.

Size is also really important because it denotes the difference between a beginner friendly board and a professional competitive one.

Outdoor-Tuff-OTF-8254SUP inflatable stand up paddle board reviewThis Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP is 8 feet long which makes it perfect for youth and teenagers but not so much for adults. Worth noting, this board comes in 3 different sizes. Therefore, if you weigh over 220 lbs then I would advise you to check out the adult or professional size.

The board is 25 inches wide which is more than enough to balance yourself appropriately on top of the board and 4 inches thick which could’ve been better in my opinion.

Accordingly, this Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP is basically designed with a teenager in mind or even a slim adult who is under 220 pounds. Therefore, it’s very important you get the right size for you because it will shape your experience in every way possible.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP inflatable Stand up paddle boardStill on the surface, the Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP is one of the boards which project quality in their smallest details. You can really tell it’s a well done board by taking a closer look at the minor features such as the slide in fin. Speaking of which, this board comes with two smaller fins and a large slide in central fin which is extremely useful on smooth and medium currents but not so much on waves. Thus, you’re better off without the central fin in case you’re planning on taking the high way.

Another significant feature of the Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP is the quality gripping pad which covers 2/3 of the deck to grant you more space and more balance. Also, the anti slippage pad is really helpful when you need to climb back on top of your board after you dive into the water.

Moreover, this inflatable stand up paddle board comes with 4 stainless steel D-rings that are connected by a bungee cord on the nose of the deck which serves as a practical cargo holder and 1 more D-ring on the back of the deck which is meant for securing or toeing the board when in need.

And to make carrying the board easier for you, the manufacturer installed a carry handle right at the center of the deck to enable you to balance the board single handily.

Note: this board weighs 30 lbs which is extra light.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP inflatable SUP Review

Since this board is meant for beginners, it is only reasonable it comes in such a comprehensive package. The aforementioned package includes a high pressure hand pump which enables you to pump the board in under ten minutes at 14 PSI precisely, an adjustable aluminium paddle which is very light and swift, a carry back pack to enable you to transport and store your board easily when deflated and a generic repair kit which you won’t even need unless you intentionally want to break your board.



  • The Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP is a quality board and you can easily tell the difference when comparing it to most inflatable paddle boards out there, making it a great choice.
  • The all inclusive beginner friendly package is simply epic and it will make maintaining this board a piece of cake.
  • It’s inflatable! I don’t think that requires an explanation. It is simply so practical and much easier to live with.


  • The high pressure hand pumping can get a little bit annoying after the first week of doing it. Therefore, I advise you to get yourself a nice little electric pump if you don’t already own one and save yourself the trouble.

Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP Inflatable SUP Board in Action

Outdoor Tuff OTF-8254SUP

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