Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Are you looking for a fantastic SUP board? Maybe you are already an ardent paddleboarding enthusiast. Whatever the reason, this review will provide you with a detailed and unbiased assessment of the Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

Hope you’re ready to know if it’s worth your consideration.

Besides making quality standard paddleboards, you might already be familiar with the other Gruper products for outdoor sports like yoga mats and dumbbells. If you’re wondering what the fuss is all about paddleboarding, it’s simply because it poses as the best affordable way to have fun and keep fit at the beach.

Now, let’s see whether you’ll be impressed by the Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

What’s its Measurement?

The Gruper paddle weighs around 12 kilograms and is available in white, red, and blue colors. It is a wide paddle of 10.5 feet by 30 inches by 6 inches.

This unisex paddleboard is excellent for paddling in the sea, lakes, and rivers. Apart from paddling, you can also use the Gruber Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board for board yoga and fishing activities without any hassle.

The primary advantage of getting an inflatable SUP is that they’re highly portable and convenient compared to the fixed alternatives. What you’ll love most about this model is that you easily can fold them after use and either store or transport them without worrying much about space.

The measurements on this model are particularly very modest and are essentially good for stability while in the water. Its deck is actually wide enough and the thickness is plainly perfect for staying afloat at all times. This extra-wide design generally provides more room for carrying your gears and other light cargo, as long as you remember not to surpass its weight limit.

Unlike most boards of its caliber, you might find the Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board’s carrying capacity of 330 pounds a bit limiting, especially if you’re an extra-heavy person. But if you factor in its price tag, this SUP model is worth every dime.

Overall, the main takeaway points from this section should be that its six-inch thickness is ideal for more stability, the 10 ft length helps to increase strength, and the 30-inch wide deck is excellent for extra usable space. Rest assured floating needn’t be a problem with the Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

What’s its Quality?

The Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board generally features an aerospace-standard PVC construction, which actually blends well with the overall high-quality build and its extra-light design. For more durability, the outer covering also features the use of military-grade material meaning that this model is extra durable and strong enough to withstand a lot of pressure.

Since paddle quality is always an important consideration in the search for the perfect paddleboard, the one included in the Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board packaging generally weighs around 27 pounds. These are made of aluminum alloy and are generally hollow, meaning that you won’t have a hard time picking them up or worry that they might sink in case you drop them by mistake.

What are its Main Features?

Here’s a quick Highlight of some of the main features of Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board that might interest you:

  • A three-part detachable aluminum alloy Paddle
  • The paddles can be height-adjusted from 5.5 to 6.9 feet
  • Has a three-layered paddleboard covered with aerospace PVC
  • Features an anti non-slip deck
  • Has an anti air leaking setup
  • Has UV resistant coating
  • Doubles up as a surfboard
  • Its load capacity is enough to carry two adults or an adult and two children
  • Has an extra-wide stylish overall design

What’s its General Performance?

The Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes fitted with a triple stern fin system to ensures that you enjoy some flexibility, stability, and maneuverability in the water. Its design is widely lightweight, so you wouldn’t have problems carrying it around even at full inflation.

It’s an easy-to-use paddleboard and is perfect for those trying out paddleboarding for the first time. Actually, it’s completely kid-friendly and your teenager can easily paddle with it without much trouble. The extra deck space also gives more room for you to have family fun at the beach.

I personally like that its paddle is both detachable and ergonomic, which makes it go easy on the hand while paddling – especially if you like paddleboarding on rivers and lakes.

The manufacturer further includes a double-action manual air pump in the Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board packaging to add to your convenience. Inflation generally takes less than 15 minutes and the paddleboard feels solid stiff at 15 PSI.

On the water, you will love how stable this model feels and you can easily get on with your advanced yoga moves without worrying about balance. Otherwise, we believe that the manufacture has gone out of their way to include all the necessary paddling essentials with this one, meaning that it’s actually worth your investment.


What’s in the Package?

The Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board packaging includes:

  • Pressure pump
  • 3-piece height-adjustable stand up paddle
  • Backpack
  • Bottom panel fins
  • Repair kit
  • Safety ankle leash


  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s stable enough for board yoga practices
  • Has a stylish design
  • Features an EVA padded deck
  • Has a quick connect premium valve
  • Lightweight and very portable, featuring a center grab handle
  • Comes with a backpack for easy storage and transport


  • Storage bag is not the highest quality



From the review, it’s very evident that the Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an excellent choice for both beginners and intermediate users or anyone else who want’s a quick affordable alternative. It’s generally feature-packed and buying it means that you’ll now have the chance to go paddling with your family and loved ones without worrying about space or board stability. We’ve tried to be ruthlessly thorough in compiling this review and we advise you to keenly consider your paddling needs first before randomly buying any of the available paddleboard options in the market. Otherwise, we’re glad that now you know if the Gruper Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board will be worth your investment.

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