FITPULSE Inflatable Paddle Board Review

The FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board is one of the best stand-up paddleboards that promises to help you reach new horizons. The manufacturer, FITPULSE, has created and maintained a solid reputation in the water sports industry over the years with a constant supply of excellent paddleboard picks for every situation.

They are a hard-working team, and the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board ranks among the world’s top inflatable SUP boards in any marketplace.

We understand that the waterboard market is constantly flooded with multiple choices to choose from, making it hard for you to identify the right fit for your waterboarding needs. That’s why we’ve decided to do all the heavy lifting for you and provide you with a thorough review for FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board.

What’s its Measurements?

As one of the primary variables topping your SUP search checklist, the size of your preferred paddleboard will generally influence and determine the board that you’ll pick to buy. Without much ado, here’s a detailed measurement report for the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board.

Right out of the box, the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board generally measures up to 11 feet at hand. That’s more than enough to cut through from entry-level options to expert-level paddleboards. In other words, I’m trying to say that this length is entirely compatible with most paddling needs for both teenage and adult paddlers.

Most veteran paddlers reading this will agree with me that such lengths usually make a paddleboard a solid tracker and more poise when in action.

Unto the next most crucial dimension, the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board still manages to remain in the safe zone. With a width measurement of 32 inches, this model has one of the most comfortable length-to-width ratios – a significant factor that makes it more stable in the water, roomy for users to move around, and highly responsive to maneuvers.

What’s more?

The FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board has a constant thickness of 6″ for added strength and to keep you afloat, as long as you don’t exceed its maximum carrying weight capacity of up to 242 pounds. As a top water sports gear, this model packs the essentials to better your paddleboard surfing experience and is perfect for water yoga, fishing, and any other water adventure that you might have in mind.

What’s its Quality?

Like any other purchases you usually make, quality is always one of the most relevant factors you always consider, right?

Well’ when buying paddleboards, quality firmly tells you whether the price point for your best pick is reasonable enough or not. Like you might have suspected, the entire FITPLUSE collection goes through the same manufacturing scheme.

Like most other options in its creation line, the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board features the use of high-quality material combined with a wide-ultra light design in its making. This kind of build makes it more versatile, long-lasting, and challenging for any water adventure, meaning that it’s a premium quality choice.

What Features Does It have?

We’ll now talk about its features to the most exciting part of the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board review. Or how else do you expect to know how practical and different this pick is?

Glad we’re on the same page, so let’s get to it.

Continuing from where we had left, FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board’s overall design undeniably gives it a unique but stylish look. This design additionally makes this inflatable SUP option easy to use and store, making it excellent for those just starting and those who might be looking for a good upgrade.

The FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board further features a detachable fin, cable ties, secure D-rings, and a carry handle for more convenience and usability. Other critical features geared towards improving balance, maneuverability, and paddling stability include a non-slip EVA deck pad and triple bottom panel fins.

As you can tell, the first one increases your grip, and the latter makes it easy for you to steer the paddleboard. The inclusion of D-strings and cable ties generally widens its versatility, especially when you want to go kayaking or safely secure your SUP for transportation.

What’s its General Performance?

On performance matters, the only sure thing here is that the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board is one of the best picks for either starting or upgrading your paddling game. Its build is highly reliable, and its navigation system includes regular bungees and up to three bottom panel fins that enable it to take tight turns without compromising speed.

Moreover, its paddles include a channel system that prevents them from twisting. Depending on your preferences, these paddles are also adjustable for more convenience. That said, it’s evident that this is a high-caliber paddleboard and is ready to take your paddling experience to the next level.

What’s in the Package?

The FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board undoubtedly comes as a wholesome package, so expect it to practically come with nearly everything that you’ll need to get straight on water and even more.

Its packaging includes:

  • A spacious backpack for storage and transport
  • Adjustable aluminum-made paddle
  • A coiled ankle leash
  • Dual-action hand pump coupled with valve tool
  • Waterproof case for your phone
  • A floating strap for your sunglasses
  • Double clip hoops
  • Waterproof repair kit


  • Affordable for its caliber
  • Perfect for beginners and upgrades
  • It’s an all-round option
  • Its packaging is all-inclusive.
  • Perfect for most water adventures, including board yoga
  • Highly versatile


  • Has quality control issues
  • Has leaking problems


Well, there you have it. In case you were wondering if the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board is a good fit for you, now you know. Just remember to crosscheck its features against your list of preferences to be sure. Otherwise, the FITPULSE Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board is an excellent SUP option if you’re after taking your paddling experience a notch higher.

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