Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

By reading this, I’m guessing that you’re either a water sporting enthusiast or just looking for a good paddleboard to revamp your tropical beach experience. In case you’re both, then allow me to tell you more about the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

But first, I know that you wouldn’t want to settle for a board that isn’t safe, efficient, and long-lasting. Well, the paddleboard market is flooding with thousands of new entrants each day and this generally makes it hard for paddling lovers (like yourself) to find the best paddleboard for their use.

I’m I really hitting the right buttons yet?

If I am, then you must already be wondering if the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board could be the one that you’re looking for. Well, here’s everything that you need to know about this particular model before you decide to go ahead and buy it.

What’s its Measurement?

The Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is an all-around paddleboard option that measures 10.5 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. With such measurements, you can widely expect this board to be extra stable and balanced in the water.

The extra-wide deck design measuring up to 30 inches sets it apart from many of the other boards that measure less than 11 inches in width, allowing users to bring their pets and kids along when exploring the “deep” blue waters.

I’m particularly happy to let you know that its 6-inch thickness plays a very fundamental role in ensuring that you and your extra “cargo” stay afloat at all times. The only thing that you have to keep an eye on is its overall load capacity of 330 pounds.

What’s Its Quality?

As for quality, the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is largely made of military-grade PVC material. For added strength, the manufacturer further combines this quality construction with a triple layer design and tightens things up using a core of composite drop-stitched fiber to reinforce the overall build to the outer skin.

In simpler terms, this kind of heavy-duty construction is particularly good for preventing air leakages along the seams, ensuring that the board is durable enough to last a long while, and generally provide paddlers with excellent air-tightness throughout its lifetime.

What Features Does It Have?

Touted as one of the best models for releasing souls from the dilemma, the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board mainly stands out as the perfect SUP option for youths as well as a couple of other paddling skill levels.

Borrowing from the previous section, the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board has a high-quality design that generally features an ultra-reinforced impervious seam for great stability and air-tightness. Additionally, it’s a very lightweight option, so getting around with it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

To my favorite feature now, the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board features a thermos-sealed, fully cushioned, non-slip EVA pad that enables it to sustain up to a whopping 6-year pressure without bursting or getting deformed. How cool is that, right?

To add to that, all its paddles are unsinkable thanks to the amazing modern-day technology and thousands of stringent tests. So, you needn’t have to worry much about dropping your paddles in the water. Also, note that the 3 paddles are additionally height adjustable and are made of premium aluminum alloy combined with nylon to provide the perfect floatation effect.

The Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board equally comes with a set of 3 bottom panel fins that promises to never fall off. This is particularly good because it assures you of the best maneuverability, stability, and steering effect when gliding, surfing, or just skimming through the water. The large rear fin is completely removable, while the other 2 are permanently board-fixed.

For added convenience, the included double-action manual air pump comes with an accurate pressure gauge and an airtight hose for fast inflation and deflation. Also, note that the gauge sometimes only reads until a pressure range of 5 PSI.

What Its General Performance?

It’s generally obvious that the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is mainly built for outdoor water sporting activities and lifestyles. That said, you’ll certainly love to know that the overall blend of extra-wide design, high-quality construction, and inclusion of height-adjustable paddles makes it more usable during paddling.

I specifically love that it’s equipped with 3 functioning bottom fins for extra speed especially if you’re considering using yours for snorkeling or kayaking. Otherwise, these inclusions are generally good for stable steering and maneuverability.

Another notable thing is that this paddleboard is widely easy to use, making it a perfect choice for most beginners and experienced paddlers who’re looking for a high-performing option. No matter your paddling skill level, you can easily adapt to this one. Otherwise, this model is most suitable for fishing, snorkeling, casual water cruises, board yoga (for slightly advanced paddlers), and open water sightseeing.

What’s in the Package?

The Ciays Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board packaging includes:

  • A double-action hand air pump
  • A package of 3-piece adjustable paddles
  • Bottom panel fins
  • A 5 liter waterproof bag
  • A phone bag
  • Studier backpack
  • Safety leash
  • Repair kit

Now, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of buying the Ciays Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board:


  • A very rigid option
  • Provides great stability
  • Comes with extra space
  • Height adjustable paddles
  • Backpack for easy transport and storage
  • Premium soft handle for portability


  • The maximum load capacity is slightly limiting



By now, you must already have figured out whether the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is perfect for you. Consider this review as a quick buying guide and ensure that you carefully match its features with your paddling needs before buying it. If it matches, then start preparing yourself for one of the best outdoor water sporting experiences of your life. The good thing is that it’s a high-quality option and you won’t likely be looking to buy another one soon. Overall, we believe that the Ciays Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is worth every cent, so don’t hesitate to consult with the manufacturer in case you happen to have more questions about it. Their customer service is not only responsive but also humane. Enjoy!

Gerald Kelly

Gerald Kelly

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